Should A Coach Move Up With His Team, Or Let Them Move On?



You’ve seen it before, certain teams that become so dominate over a period of years, because the coaches were able to keep a nucleus of kids and coaches together on the youth level. But the question always arises; is this really good for the development of the players, or is this a display of egos of coaches who want the right to brag they coach a powerhouse team every year?

Well, I guess it all depends on how you look at it, some feel if you keep the kids together and the coaching staff that has proven to be successful with these particular kids , that these coaches are ensuring these kids are getting great coaching.

Others feel, that these kids will not always have these youth football coaches throughout their high school football careers, and by moving up with these kids, these types of coaches are just hampering young football players from learning other systems and adjusting to different coaching personalities.

The true football purest say, “If you’re a great coach, you don’t need to stack a team, and move up with them.” The coaches who I asked who I have personally known to move up with their teams say, “Those people are only saying that because they can’t beat the team they have coached for the last 3 or more years.”

What’s your opinion? Do you feel if a coach has done a great job with a particular squad, should he continue to coach them for multiple years, or should he take his great coaching skills and be willing to train and teach a new group of kids every year?

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Double edge sword Jonah in my opinion its a whole park situation if the kids are moving on to a good staff move on then but if that staff has not shown the ability to teach and be a well rounded group parents and administration would want and most likely allow the previous staff to move up. Now in youth we know kids get attached to some staff members but in some parks like our park we usually move from 120 with ur group up to 160 and then you go back down and the reason is to give the kids and coaches a group to have and develop in one system for a couple of years. Just my opinion.
I feel that if you have a good repore w/ your kids sometimes its beneficial for the kids to stay w/ a good coaching staff because the next coaching staff might not have the same connection w/ the players as the last staff did. Imagine if college or H.S. players just skipped from school to school never perfecting their skills from one year to the next. Not to mention it gives a coach an opportunity to see his hard work pay off with the improvment of the players age and mental experience.
thats a good question...... if u been with your kids 4 like 3years i think you should grow with them cause they have a better understanding and relationship with you......... i mean im not saying another coach cant get the job done.. Its that respect relation but one day you go have to let go so my answer is yes move with them.....
My opinon, if each coach keep moving up, then you will never have a stable program, the park wont get better, just that pound...
This is a situation with a lot of coaches and parks around south florida!I only feel you should move up with your team if you lose in a heart breaker in a super bowl or championship game...other than that let the kids move on and show that you know how to coach and that its not all talent that you gotta coach that talent!Plus I've seen in a situation where kids have been hurt by this type of thing where they were not getting coached anymore and they were just letting the kids do what they know how to the time they got to 120's everybody had caught up to what they were doing now that team is broke up!But my opinion its a bad thing for youth football!
Yes !!!!!!
You know I forgot one main aspect of this topic, coaching staffs. The major issue with a coach choosing whether or not to move up is whether or not the park has capable coaches that can win at every level. If every team doesnt have experienced battle tested coaches to instruct the new players coming in, then it might not be wise to just send the players up and leave a good coach behind. Basically park administrators need to KNOW that all of their head coaches and respective staffs, are capable of being successful with new players every year.
Every coaching staff has their strengths and weaknesses and kids should be exposed to as many different coaching styles as possible. Would you want your kids to have the same school teacher every year from elementary through middle? The kid may "miss" that one coach that could have had a major impact on his football career or character...I say set them free.
i agree ajb let us get new coaches cause every coach don't coach the same way if they can really coach then they wont care if any kids come to there program they will coach them up. i know two coaches like that coach sanders of lake steven 130lb and coach butch of n.m.b sun devils 140. coach butch is allways in the superbowl he doesn't move up thats a real coach check them out this year.
i say no because when i play little league in the late 80's early 90's the coaches didn't follow there team. it was a challenge to them to see what they get each season but now its turn into a recruiting war and the coaches that win the bowl with the younger players want to keep them. but i say if u a good coach u win with what u get every year not follow if they r a good team
I feel that the coaches sould not move with the kids.
I say he should let them players move up and COACH the next group of players coming up. If your truly a good coach then show it by building powerhouse teams and not a team. I moved up once only because I lost The Superbowl to Liberty City 75's & Coach Rob. I felt like we should've won that championship so I wanted one more shot at it. Unfortunately we didn't accomplish that so I let them boys move on. Now its time to rebuild, regroup and remain competitive but also COACH the next group that comes up. To keep moving up year after year is not really coaching. But thats just my opinion!





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