Should A Coach Move Up With His Team, Or Let Them Move On?



You’ve seen it before, certain teams that become so dominate over a period of years, because the coaches were able to keep a nucleus of kids and coaches together on the youth level. But the question always arises; is this really good for the development of the players, or is this a display of egos of coaches who want the right to brag they coach a powerhouse team every year?

Well, I guess it all depends on how you look at it, some feel if you keep the kids together and the coaching staff that has proven to be successful with these particular kids , that these coaches are ensuring these kids are getting great coaching.

Others feel, that these kids will not always have these youth football coaches throughout their high school football careers, and by moving up with these kids, these types of coaches are just hampering young football players from learning other systems and adjusting to different coaching personalities.

The true football purest say, “If you’re a great coach, you don’t need to stack a team, and move up with them.” The coaches who I asked who I have personally known to move up with their teams say, “Those people are only saying that because they can’t beat the team they have coached for the last 3 or more years.”

What’s your opinion? Do you feel if a coach has done a great job with a particular squad, should he continue to coach them for multiple years, or should he take his great coaching skills and be willing to train and teach a new group of kids every year?

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It depends on the actual coaches. Your statement : The true football purest say, “If you’re a great coach, you don’t need to stack a team, and move up with them.” The coaches who I asked who I have personally known to move up with their teams say, “Those people are only saying that because they can’t beat the team they have coached for the last 3 or more years.” is only partially true. If the coaches are really good coaches, they can win regardless of the talent until the face a talented team with good coaches. Also, just because they move up with the talent, it doesn't make them good coaches.

The "Jonah-G" question should be, "What constitutes a good coach?" Are all of the kids developing or just the core of talented kids? In otherwords, are they coaching all of the kids or just their core? Also, are they really improving their abilities or just learning from experience?

I don't think it matters if they move up with their team. The one caution I have is how much development does the kid get over the years once a coach feels like he knows what this or that kid can do. Does the coach really give that kid a fair shake or is the newcoming getting a better look? Kids grow and develop at different paces. You also have to look at the kids future some. When evaluating the kids, where do you see that kid playing in the next year or two. Try to develop him for the future. Especially, if he is not a starter. As a coach, you should be looking to those kids to develop for next years team, not necessarily this years team. Your job as a youth coach is to teach football.
I've read the replies and many of you make good points. What has not been addressed is that many coaches in youth football begin because their son is on the team. This is the true double edged sword. John Tasse poses the the question, "of what makes a good coach", the answer is the coach playing "Daddy Ball" or are they truly coaching up other players. The proof is does the staff produce other players besides their sons. The other factor is that staff producing starters (or solid substitutes) from the first year or developmental players. If both these factor are satisfactorily met, why not let the coaches move up with the team. It gives that team a sense of togetherness and comfortability.
i can see BOTH sides of this debate having equal merit. make NO mistake about it, a coach's PRIMARY job (as defined by the park and parents )is to WIN. EVERY student athlete and every parent on the sideline wants to win! don't believe? then listen to the conversations when your team DOESN'T win. the second priority of the coach (from a PARENT'S perspective) is for the coach to do his/her JOB, i.e. COACH!!! here's what i mean...4/5 of the way through the season, your first team should be able to compete in their next year's pound team with THAT TEAM'S current second and third string teams. ALSO, (and MORE importantly) your team's second/third stringers should be able to start and not skip a beat for your team's first stringers. in other words, EVERYBODY should be getting better, no JUST your starters. parks need to get out of the mentality of shutouts/domination of other teams. you only have to win by 1 point. how are you gonna satisfy the parents of the second/third stringers if you PRIMARILY play your first team, and win by 30 points? (go JERK OFF in the corner if that's the kind of satisfaction you need). true, coaches know personalities, styles of offense/defense if they keep the same kids throughout their park years, but that is not a realistic representation of what goes on in high school, college, and/or the pro ranks. coaches come and go, and players have to be smart, determined and talented enough to adjust to different styles of coaching, schemes and personalities. since this level of play should truly be about the kids, i suggest the following...let/make the coaches change weights each year. the parks would then be FORCED to figure out who's a coach, not someone who was good at assembling talent. by the way, if kids got different coaches every year, there would be less favortism, and more equal play amongst the positions. DADDY BALL would disappear, and kids who truly earned their position/rank would not have to worry about always being stuck behind LAST YEAR'S superstar. (((i'm just sayin...)))
The way I see it, is that the answer to this question is going to vary depending on Coaches, Parents, Players, Board members, ext… As for me, I only wanted to be coached by one particular coach but that did not happened since he moved. Now that I have been able to be coached by someone else, I’ve become a better player. The reason for that is because each coach had something different to show me.

CS Chargers 135 #81
Well my coach did in when I was in pee weed and now I'm in 105s
I think the coach can move on because he might want to see his players again from last year

yes a coach should up with his team.. IF you look at some of the best teams in the AYFL(even tho u guys dont respect us) they have their coaches for multiple years. The Weston 120S have had the coaching staff for three or four years now and we are a powerhouse. The same can b said about the West Pines 120s. If u say that it effects ur high school career than u r incorrect bcuz the players stay with the varisty and JV coaches for 4 years and use the same system.

i dont think the coach shuld move up with his players because if he has a great coachng staff he wuld be able to recruit & coach up the nxt generation of youth moving up for example: Coach Buddy for the Scott Lake Vikings 135lbs

i agree with the 2nd one a coach should move up



I think it depends on how good they did the following season if they had a winning record they should be able to move up with them if they had a bad season don't be selfish let the kids try with the next coach but then there are coaches that are good with certain age group I've noticed the older kids have more attitude and take more time to respect the coaches. Were the Lil ones show 100% respect 

yeah, i think so. because as coaches you start a foundation with those kids, you learn all there good and bad habits, you build a bond and a strong relationship with your team. plus when u put in a system wit them kids, the kids can relate to it and understand what you are looking for. when u get a new team, you have to start from square one. the florida city razorbacks 90's is a great team. me and the rest of the coaching staff been with these kids since the peewee's. we see the progress as the years go bye. and to lead this team to a pop warner championship over a great team in gwen cherry, will be hard to let go.





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