2019 Who Got Da Juice??? National Quarterback Report Volume 1

Imagine having a front row seat to Youth Football's top ranked match ups, now imagine being able to see the top prospects perform on the biggest stage. Well folks that’s the privilege I have scouting YNC and for Generation NexXt watching the NexXt wave of tomorrow's stars. Now with that being said I will bring you year 2 of “Who's Got Da Juice?? National QB Report showcasing Youth Football's NexXt wave of Field Generals. Enjoy the ride because 2019 had some pretty impressive Quarterback performances by some prospects with bright futures ready to take their future by storm.

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2019 Who Got Da Juice ?? Jr. High National Quarterback Report Vol.1

Name : Darius Curry
Measurables: 5’11”-185 Lbs
Position : QB
Team : OG Ducks ( CA)
Class : 2024

When you’re mentioning story book seasons put OG Ducks Phenom signal caller Darius Curry down for one. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Darius Curry growth over the years from a LA Ram area phenom to an OG Duck National star. Things came full circle for this kid 2019 leading his team to the trifecta that’s YNC,FBU & Ayf National Championship. Curry has put up some pretty eye-popping numbers this year accounting for over 50 combined touchdowns, most coming through the air to the tune of 41 passing touchdowns. There is a lot to like about Curry as a prospect. The first thing to evaluate with a quarterback is arm strength, and Curry definitely has that. He can make all of the throws. He is fundamentally and technically sound he uses his hips and lower body to be pretty efficient on the short & intermediate routes. Curry is very athletic and can escape the pocket and make defenders miss in open space. Defenses must account for his scrambling, and for his legs via the designed run.
Curry is an Elite Quarterback prospect who is as polished as they come. I can go out on a limb and say Darius Curry is the 1# rated Class of 2024 Quarterback. I mean he has that package that includes perfect timing, accuracy, mechanics and footwork. He elevates his arm angle releasing some of the most beautiful throws you will see dropping passes in the tightest of windows. Not to get ahead of myself but this kid will no doubt be one of the top recruits in four years from now, kid is that talented book it.

Name : Micah Alejado
Measurables: 5’10”-150 lbs
Position : QB/DT
Team : Vegas Strong (NV)
Class : 2024

If I had to give this Gunslinger of a Quarterback a nick name it would be the “Magician”. Yeah, Yeah you heard right, Micah Alejado has made a boat load of magically plays happen. Not the biggest of Quarterback’s but his game is as big as it gets equipped with a big arm to match. Alejado made magic preseason scrambling & unleashing the perfect dart to notch a Preseason win over the OG Ducks. Even though the Vegas Strong fell short on their National Championship goals, Alejado had himself a record breaking season statically all while stamping himself as one of the top Quarterback’s, in his age group. Make no mistake Alejado is not the traditional style Quarterback, he is the modern version seeing him move around, he also displays the ability to make plays with his feet and avoid trouble. Alejado has a big arm and is capable of making all the throws on the field, and he gets rid of the ball quickly. I like seeing him standing tall in the pocket, as he stares down the pressure to deliver a strike for a big play.
Alejado has busy feet in the pocket, and he knows when to quiet them down, which results in him being very good at moving within the pocket and resetting to throw with a quickness. What intrigues me so much about Alejado transition to the next level is his ability to run. In an offense that uses the threat of his feet, he'll create a lot of single-coverage opportunities down the field, and with his quick release and big arm, he could really take advantage of those opportunities which leads him to a bright future on the high school level.

Name : Jadyn Davis
Measurables: 6’2”-175Lbs
Position : QB/PP
Team : Providence Middle School (NC)
Class : 2024

You can’t look for a perfect prospect when scouting the Youth 7th & 8th graders, some you have to trust your eye because their skill-set is too much to ignore. Jadyn Davis has all the tools to be labeled North Carolina's next big time Quarterback prospect. Only thing Davis should be working on is how to handle performing on the big stage, because physically he checks all the boxes as the next big thing. has a classic over the top delivery. He has very good throwing mechanics as he transfers his weight efficiently. He utilizes his core strength and gets his lower body into his throws.
In the pocket Davis has very quick feet. When disrupted at the top of his drop, he can quickly shuffle to find an different launch point, re-set, and release the ball. Facing a rush, Davis does a nice job adjusting his arm angle to get the ball through and around defenders at the line of scrimmage. He has pretty good velocity on intermediate throws. But if you want to see Davis spin it watch him throw the deep ball it can be a thing of beauty. Davis carries nice mobility. He's a good athlete who's more quick than fast. He has good immediate burst, but his long speed tends to taper off over longer distances. He's elusive enough in the open field, as he makes defenders miss with sudden of direction. In time, Davis can be an excellent high school quarterback with the potential he possesses.

Name : Elijah Brown
Measurables: 6’0”-150 Lbs
Position : QB/DT
Team : O.C Buckeyes (CA)
Class : 2024

Not every Quarterback will have the luxury of competing for a National Champion, but most Cali Quarterbacks have the luxury of being ahead of the game from coaching alone. Elijah Brown has long been considered the next in line as far as Quarterback prospects from California go. I mean he does have all the tools that puts him in the conversation like a quick release & a offensive scheme that will make it easier to transition to the High School level. Elijah is one of those prospects that just “pop” to me, there’s some things that stick out about him First, he has a consistent, compact stroke. I like how he fundamentally holds the ball a bit higher, which gives him a consistent throwing motion that is mechanically sound and is one of the keys to good quarterbacking. His motion actually reminds me a bit of Sam Darnold's, though perhaps a bit more robotic. He also does a nice job with play fakes, which helps to hold the rush or the end on zone reads.
Elijah shows the ability to drive the ball with authority, and he is able to quickly release it to get it to his playmakers. And he moves well within the pocket, I mean shouldn’t be a surprise considering he is an dual-threat quarterback, athletic enough to make the Defense respect his ability to run. And while Brown still makes the difficult throws, It’s also a plus that he is still able to have better accuracy within the target. Once he gets in a rhythm he seems to hit his receivers in stride for some pretty big plays. The youth level is about development which Elijah Brown did which puts him on track to really have a shot at a big time High School career.

Name : Tyler Aronson
Measurables: 6’2”-173Lbs
Position : QB/PP
Team : Palm Beach Gardens Gators
Class : 2024

Sometimes not ending things the way, you see them in your head plays out for the best. I mean considering Tyler Aronson was on quest to lead his Gator team to its 3rd straight Pop Warner National Championship. But things didn’t go as planned but that doesn’t take away the fact Tyler Aronson is considered one of the top Quarterback prospects in the country, which he continued to prove thru his play. When your QB Coach is former Florida Gator QB Eric Kresser you begin to understand why Aronson technique is ahead of the curve. Aronson has a long, lanky 6'1 frame with room to grow considering he is only 14 and he is plenty athletic. He displays a big-time arm and gets the ball out of his hand quickly reaching any part of field.
Aronson surprisedly makes a ton of plays on the run. He is able to throw the ball with good velocity even when off-balance or falling out of bounds. I think Aronson could be very good on play-action passes and on bootlegs, which speaks volumes since he is labeled a pocket passer where the strength of his game is displayed. What benefits this kid in development is having a Quarterback Coach, which helps Aronson's ability to read a defense and quickly distribute the football. Almost all of his highlight plays are him keeping his composure in the pocket going downfield, repeatedly fitting the ball in Windows away from defenders. This kids skill-set allows him to fit in any offensive scheme not just the spread, which only raises this kids value on the next level.

Name : Darius “D.J” Bailey
Measurables: 5’8”-155Lbs
Position : QB/PP
Team : DFW Elite Dawgs (TX)
Class : 2024

Thank God were in the era of judging most prospects by their talent and not dismissing them because they don’t fit the prototype. Darius Bailey isn’t done growing yet so I don’t want to hear anything about size, when it’s clear this kid checks all the boxes of being one of the top QB Prospects. In a hostile environment I watched this kid show the resolve of a Quarterback twice his age, with big throw after big throw leading his team to victory in what some say was a upset.
Darius Bailey is a very efficient Quarterback he is successful because he doesn’t hand the opposing team the keys to beating him. Bailey is highly successful going vertical on deep passes either from the pocket or on the run, while showing the ability to consistently hit receiver’s dead in stride on those attempts. Overall, Bailey has a level of refinement as a passer that is not entirely common for pocket-passer quarterbacks going to the high school level, meaning that he will enter a high school program more advanced than many passers his age. A prospect like Bailey may only have to wait until a growth spurt to kick in to see his stock take off, but if Bailey can continue to improve his growth as a Quarterback, his ceiling as a prospect increases substantially no matter if he grows another inch or not.

Name : Isaiah “Zek” Marshall
Measurables: 5’9”- 163 Lbs
Position : QB/PP
Team : Southfield Falcons (MI)
Class : 2024


When you're only an 8th grader but have early offers from the University of Michigan & FAU, yet you still remain humble & hungry. Yeah, I know Isaiah Marshall is a different breed in this Social Media era, the consignment professional has the mental make-up to take him as far as his physical attributes take him. If we’re talking numbers alone Isaiah has been averaging over 40 touchdown passes since he was 9 years old, running air raid & RPO offensive scheme so the Football IQ is thru the roof. Throwing the football, Marshall has a compact delivery without wasted motion. The Southfield Falcons runs a multiple offense that works out of both the shotgun and under center, Marshall is probably more developed as a drop-back passer than most signal-callers his age who operate exclusively from under the center and also has experience with his ball-handling executing multiple run fakes on the same play.
Marshall shows evidence of being able to move in the pocket while keeping his eyes downfield, as well as the ability to get his feet set and step into those throws when he has enough time to do so, an underrated quality for a quarterback that Heisman Trophy QB Joe Burrows did as well as any quarterback which is a big reason his team is playing for all the marbles. Nothing left to prove on the youth level Marshall will thrive on the High School level simply because mentally & physically he is equipped with the right tools.

Name : Ennio Yapoor
Measurables: 5’9”-185 lbs
Position : QB/DT
Team : Miramar Wolverines (FL)
Class : 2025

Let me start off this scouting report saying “Numbers don’t lie” which is definitely the phrase you use to describe Ennio Yapoor. Yapoor had a year statically rival only to Vince Young & Cam Newton, pick your poison on the ground or thru the air. I mean 50 touchdowns passess & over 20, on the ground is big no matter what level were talking about. Aided by some pretty talented receivers like class of 2024 prospect Alonzo Carter and class of 2025 prospect Andreus Madison. Yapoor had some nice windows to throw into this year, but showed strong accuracy in many of those situations in his highlights, more often than not dropping the ball in without the receiver having to break stride.
On a weekly basis, Yapoor showed advanced decision-making process making good reads in adverse situations, opting not to rack up a high interception numbers in as many attempts, he had during the year. With one more year on the Youth Level look for this stat sheet filler to have his name mentioned as the top Quarterback in the country in the Class of 2025.

Name : Kane Archer
Measurables: 5’8”-140 Lbs
Position : QB/DT
Team : Kansas City Outlaws (MO)
Class : 2026

When we’re talking about the juice, Kane Archer squeezed all the juice out of 2019 solidifying his spot as the 1# Quarterback in the Class of 2026 in the country. You can’t teach the very things Archer possesses that separates him from the pack, which just happens to be heart & mental toughness. You come at Kane with your best shot and he will comeback at you with his, there is no lay down in this kid which is why he is arguably the best in his class. Evaluating quarterbacks as 11 year & 12-year olds is much like evaluating baseball pitchers as High schoolers -- it's tough. You have to project how much more arm strength is yet to come with the player's assumed growth and continued physical maturity, plus how will he transition to throwing bigger footballs. For a now 12-year-old, Archer has showed next level arm strength. He also showed good touch, floating the ball over the first level of defenders, but in front of the second.
Archer does have some footwork and accuracy issues to clean up, but that is true for almost all Youth Quarterbacks. But there are very few who can deliver the ball so accurately on the run, numerous times Archer was in trouble but somehow managed to place the ball in the perfect position for his receivers to make a play after the catch. He shows impressive athleticism and appears to be a true dual-threat quarterback, after all Archer could be a dangerous piece in a spread offense. As I judge him as 11-year-old, he profiled as a prospect who could develop the tools to one day be a starter at the high school level with the 5-stsr attached to his name.

Name : Jackson Jensen
Measurables: 6’0”- 156 Lbs
Position : QB/PP
Team : Riverview Raiders (FL)
Class : 2024

There is something to be said about a Quarterback that won’t stop at nothing to keep competing, that’s from FBU to FSG to leading his team to a upset victory for the Super Bowl. Jackson Jensen is 2019 version of Battle tested; in every setting I've seen this kid he has continued to elevate his game no matter the outcome on the scoreboard. Given what I've seen from Jackson Jensen in person or on film he has all the tools to excel on the next level. Jensen has a long, wiry frame with a lot of room to fill out. And once he does, his arm, which is already plenty strong, will only get stronger. It will also make him sturdier and better able to withstand shots even though he is plenty tough at this stage in his career.
There shouldn’t be any concerns about Jensen's arm talent. Because, with his feel for the game, accuracy, and decision-making. At this point, Jensen is like a baseball pitcher who is still mastering all his pitches in his arsenal which makes him a thrower more than an pitcher, meaning that he has the arm but still have room to grow on how to use it in the best way. Jensen still makes his share of good decisions and delivers the ball on the money more often than prospects twice his age, I guess you can call it an elite quarterback prospect trait.

Name : David Lene
Measurables: 5’11”-175 Lbs
Position : QB/PP
Team : Heir Academy (WA)
Class : 2024

David Lene has a skill set that can easily have you guys seeing him as a force on the defensive side of the ball. But from what I've witness this kid do as Quarterback I’m willing to bet he can very well have a bright future at the Quarterback position. Lene leads his troops into battle by not only getting his hands dirty but by leading by example, this kid has so much command over the offense and seems to always check into the right play or make the right play. David Lene looks like the classic drop back passer except he has some wiggle to his game to escape the rush. Like the select few of youth quarterbacks, Lene plays in a spread, air raid-style offense, which is perfect for showing off his skills. It's no surprise that his skill set shines thru, in a spread ran offenses that throws the football a lot

Lene has a nice arm and can sling the ball all over the field. He also shows the ability to take velocity off the football on touch throws, and can float balls over defenders at the second. Lene isn't immobile, and has the ability to extend plays with his feet and do damage, but he is disciplined enough to keep his eyes upfield and use his arm. Judging by the way he plays the game; I feel he doesn’t want to be a threat to run and would rather hurt defenses from the pocket than with his legs beyond the line of scrimmage. Big reason I say Lene is a smart player both on and off the field, making quick, sound decisions, and leading his team to victory is this prospect best qualities which leads to more success on the NexXt level.

Name : Chris Martinez 
Measurables: 5’10”-163 Lbs
Position : QB/DT
Team : S.E Dallas Wolverines (TX)
Class : 2024

Christopher Martinez Is one of those athletic Quarterbacks you want to keep in the pocket simply because he is a nightmare when he ticks that ball and decides to run. I won’t go as far as to say he is athlete playing the Quarterback position because he makes the same amount of plays through the air. You don’t just have success on the 1# ranked 13u in the Country the Miami Gardens Ravens and not be considered one of the hottest prospects. With an unorthodox sort of side arm delivery Martinez can push the ball downfield, though his deep ball does hang a bit towards the end of its flight. He’s quick footed in the pocket, and does a great job re setting when protection breaks down and keeping his eyes up field. He’s a creative and decisive open field runner. Even though he is categorized as a dual¬-threat quarterback, his instinct is to pass first, run second. Even in instances where protection breaks down, he stays composed and makes the most prudent decision whether it be to run or look to pass.

Martinez isn’t a natural power¬ thrower. That said, he’ll add velocity to his throws by using more of his lower body when transferring his weight. This would allow him to better drive his throws through the intermediate passing windows. As a pure passer Martinez best attribute might be his ball placement. He does a great job "throwing receivers open". He understands how to make throws that counter a defensive backs leverage and essentially ‘create’ a passing window even if his receiver is tightly covered upon release of the ball. All in all, Martinez has the athletic ability to change positions and be successful, but some of the tools he possesses makes him an intriguing asset on the NexXt level as far as the Quarterback position goes.

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