American Youth Football League's low seed are looking to shake things up in the second round.

The AYFL’s very formidable low seeds, are ready to work their way into the big show, and most of the low seeds in this division have the ability to get it done. Could this be the year of the Upset?

On a beautiful day at Floyd Hull Stadium in Fort Lauderdale FL, the 4 seeds faced off against the 5 seeds for a chance to play against the top seeds for an appearance in the AYFL Super Bowl. These teams put it all on the line and left it on the field.


                                                   The Pee Wee Division Plantation vs Cooper City

                      "Standing up in the Paint"

This game, Cooper City Pee Wee’s came out and looked like a team nobody had ever seen. They took it to the Plantation Wildcats early with great defense, but Coach Jake and the Wildcats proved to be too much for the Cowboys to handle, as extra points became the difference. The Cowboys fell 14-12, and the Wildcats left wiping their brow, but excited to move forward in the playoffs.

Impact Players: Wildcats #3 Jordan Lyle Played great all day and ran harder as the game went on, #8 Theopolis Paulk made a position move to DL where he effectively shut down the Cowboys’ offense, appearing in their backfield seemingly on every play.

Coach Words: Coach Bryant Defensive Coordinator of the Plantation Wildcats said his team fought hard and came out on top. He was very proud of them, as far as next week they will be prepared. “If we completely shut down the big plays and make them sustain a drive we can slow the game to our pace and if it comes down to a field position battle, I like us…We have the best kicker in all of youth football.”

Next week: It should be very interesting to see what Plantation is going to do with the horse power of the Miramar Wolverines. If the Wildcats cannot slow down the Wolverines it will be a very lop sided Miramar victory.


                                                 95 Pound Division Davie Broncos vs. Miramar Wolverines  

                            "Full speed ahead, no rearview"

Broncos were looking forward to this mismatch; they knew that Miramar, who had beaten them earlier this season would be looking to do some of the same things that worked for them in that initial match up. The broncos were well prepared. They shut down the high powered offense of the Wolverines and executed the offensive game plan. The Broncos had some favorable penalties down the stretch to end whatever momentum Miramar could build, winning easily 22-6. 

Impact Players: Bronco’s #1 Isaiah Hardges, #3 Donald Smathers, played sound football on offense. #4 Jeremiah Mankins , and #23 Fred Roulhac Held down the defense and disrupted the Wolverines offense all day.

Coaches Comment: Ron Hardges, and Charles Murphy told us that despite losing to this team earlier in the season, we have grown since then, and if anybody expected the same team they were in for a rude awakening. “We must come out and play smart and physical. We are full steam ahead right now we are on an 8 game win streak, and not looking back. Its playoff time…We are a strong family, all our players are healthy and ready. It should be fun.”


Next Week: Broncos vs. Pembroke Pines Bengals

The Bengals are like a well-oiled machine. Davie will have to stop the power running game from led by Brandon Innis. Davie has weapons and playoff-tested coaching. Ron Hodges helped struggling 145’s to make it to the Super Bowl and win, edging the likes of Pembroke pines Bengal’s, Miramar Wolverines, and the highly favored Pasadena Panthers-currently, the Carol City Chiefs top 3 ranked youth team in the nation by many experts.  This game will be very close



                                   105 Pound Division Pembroke Pines Bengals Vs the Plantation Wildcats

                                               "In Rodger We Trust"

Today was like an introduction from a Hollywood Feature Film. But for the Wildcats couldn’t get anything going on offense from the very first kickoff. It was apparent that Bengals were on another wave length as they played hard and fast. Bengals players flew to the ball on defense holding the Wildcat’s offense under 80 yards total offense. The Bengals where methodical on offense with long clock draining drives. To the Wildcats credit they stood strong on defense. Although moving in reverse for most of the game they managed to stop the drive before giving up points keeping the score at 7-0 for most of the game. The game ended looking close on the score board but for any attendees it looked like The Bengal’s would bust the game wide open any given second. The team has clearly bought what the coaches are selling and they believe they can win, they will face the Wolverines, aka the “Swag Boys” and there just might be an upset on the horizon. 

Impact Players: #9 Jayson Salkey ran the ball well, and shut it down at cornerback #2 Jeremiah McGill Lead the charge from the QB position, all around bruiser #42 Greg Kinlock opened holes for running backs, and closed holes on defense, and #20 Santana Jordan, was playing with reckless abandon Punishing anyone who dared to get in his way.

Coach Comments:Rodger was very brief with us, “Come back in the Super Bowl that’s where we will be”. Coach Jack added that his team was ready to end the hype and make a statement, with his defense playing extremely well!

Next Week: This is the game of the week for us. The Bengals take on the very popular Swag Boys, most of whom came over to AYFL after dominating in the Greater Miami Pop Warner. This game may be one for centuries as the Bengals are fully equipped to handle everything Taron Dickens and the Swag Boys can throw at them.


                                    115 Pound Division Miramar Wolverines vs Fort Lauderdale Rebels

                  "Kickin' The Back Door"

After the first few plays you get the feeling that the Rebels did not come to lay down in this one. They played physical, and they hit hard leaving it all on the field. Throughout the first 3 quarters the Rebels were in it, but the playmaking ability of the Wolverines proved too much, as they started to cut off chucks of yards in the fourth quarter to win 19-6. The Wolverines are loaded with talent starting with QB Kaheeb Wiggins. The Wolverines are the scariest team in this division for a reason.

Players of the game #7 Joshua Mathis, #3 Keyshawn Brown, and #11 Jaden Thomas showed their big play ability especially down the stretch. Mathis and Thomas also contributed heavily on defense, along with shut down #1 Cornerback Joshua Jenkins who had key interceptions, and tackles.

Coaches Comments: “My team is resilient. They fight, and they are talented. I wouldn’t want to be coaching any other group of kids at this point in the season.” Coach Kenny added that Joshua Mathis is now healthy and ready to roll. They will be war ready come Saturday.  “This game is the championship. They might as well bring the ring and trophy Saturday.”

Next Week: This is going to be a thriller. Coach Chris and the Pembroke Pines Bengals had their winning streak broken by the Wolverines earlier this season. Miramar has been inconsistant at key points this season. The Wolverines are confident and feel they can beat the Bengals again, however Coach Chris and his troops have it differently. Unsure of how this one will turn out, one thing is for certain, for either team to be successful they must play their best football.


                           125Pound Division Pembroke Pines Bengals vs Coral Springs Chargers 

          "Difference is in the trenches" 

Earlier this season Coral Springs Chargers shocked the league when they took down the Pembroke Pines Bengals 125’s. In that game there were mixed emotions as the Chargers had zero tolerance for overweight players no matter how close they were. So, the Bengal’s ended up 4 linemen short for that game. This game was different. Even without their head coach, the Bengals didn’t miss a beat. The Chargers just couldn’t find that spark to ignite them, so the Bengals rolled big, winning 36-0.

Players of the Game: The Bengals completely controlled the game on the shoulders of #6 Running back Rony Bordeaux, and the entire defense was spectacular, but upfront was the major difference. The OL/DL played exceptional all day long. Benjamin Peacock, and Jaylin Reeves made spectators take notice as they moved on the line with grace and power pulling, and getting up to the second and even the third level.  

Coaches Comments  Berman Spoke highly of his team. “We are playing our best football, and this is when it counts” he also added that although they are playing at home they still feel like the underdogs, and prefer it that way. Coach didn’t stop there he told me, “This is just the next step. We are counting down until we win a Super Bowl, and Plantation is just on the clock”.


Next: The Bengals take on the big, bad Plantation Wildcats who have dominated teams all year long with a high power offense. Bengals are confident they showed they can play with the Wildcats last time the two met. It will be very exciting to watch this game. We should see some great offense, and crushing defense from both teams.



                                         145 Pound Division Tamarac Cougars vs Cooper City Cowboys

                                                 "Put up or shut up" 

The Cougars got off to a great start and didn’t look back. Tamarac coaches did a great job of not showing too much, knowing they were taking on a pretty good team next week. Tamarac  played precise and defense looked very good. The secondary was very impressive. The cowboys tried to run the ball, they attempted to throw the ball, but all attempts at offense failed as they loss 28-0.

Players of the game have to be #1 Quaterback Marvin Thowers who made some really big plays, #2 Baris Canon played like a canon that was fully loaded.

Coaches seemed very excited to finish that game and made a point of reinforcing to their players that this was the first step, “We know who we play, we must come out and have a good week of practice and prepare.”

Next Week:The Cougars face the Pembroke Pines Bengals- its either going to be a game for the ages or a down home whoopin’. The Bengals may be the best 13U team in the nation.  It will take some elite coaching, flawless game play (no penalties), and some big plays from the Cougars to remain in the game.


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