By Steve Crawford


After a great year of football and all of the post season combines, 7 on 7 and speed and agility camps, we are now closing in on what we all love; football! With that being said, one of my favorite leagues and arguably the best run league around The American Youth Football League aka AYFL will be starting Spring football the first week of May so my competitive juices and just love for the game is rising by the thought of the games and fan interaction. Well, here is my breakdown of what to expect this season as followed:


Top divisions this year are the 120's and 135's with the usual suspects at the top of the Super Bowl pecking order. At the 120's division any Super Bowl conversations must start with the 2-time defending Super Bowl Champions Weston Warriors who will be led by Coach David Detmer. Weston reminds me of those Big Ten teams that play such physical, smart, tough football sort of like that Ohio State team that beat (controversially) UM in the 2002 National Championship game. Not overly fast but just so disciplined.


After Weston, PPO Bengals 120's which arguably were the most talented team will be led by Coach Johnny O but will have Stanford "Bootsie" Samuels II (Florida State Seminoles, NFL and CFL experience) assisting him this year with the talented Anthony "P'nut" Johnson and Stanford "Lil Bootsie" Samuels III being key contributor on that team. PPO also has some very talented kids returning and some huge off season additions coming. Other key teams in that division will be West Pines Wildcats who are the back to back Super Bowl Runners up but are adding a new coaching staff and some key talent coming over from SFYFL along with an already talented team. The rest of the division should be tough led by Cooper City Cowboys, Pasadena Panthers and Sunrise Gators should all be vastly improved. Cooper City is a darkhorse team to watch out for especially if Coach Rocky gets that team.


The 135's division should be fun to watch and look for Plantation Wildcats the defending Super Bowl Champions from 120's who pulled off the major upset beating PPO to contend and try to defend their title. PPO Bengals with a group of kids who have not lost a regular season game since they've been together looking for redemption after two back to back devastating and surprising loses in the big game. They will be coached by last year's 135 Super Bowl Winning Coach Lance Rigby and his talented staff and should be exactly what that team needs to win it all. Pasadena Panthers depending on if those kids play in their right age group could be the darkhorse team in the division and Cooper City whose very talented, Boca Jets and Coconut Creek Eagles should be in the running.


The rest of the AYFL key divisions should be 90's with Northeast Rebels the defending PW's champions adding more talent to an already stacked team competing against PPO Bengals, Pasadena Panthers and Boca Jets. 100 pound  division should see a rematch of the big game with Cooper City Cowboys going against the very talented PPO team with the darkhorse teams being Pasadena and West Pines. 110's should be West Pines Wildcats who had a major injury which kept them out of a Super Bowl appearance against Coral Springs Chargers who are the defending champs and we cannot count out PPO led by Patrick Surtain Jr and some key new additions to that team should make them an early Super Bowl Contender.


Finally, the PW's is always unknown but expect PPO, Pasadena and Plantation to compete for the title. Now, lastly the big boys, the Unlimited division will all depend on Terry "The Man-Child" Jeudy at Coral Springs. If Terry comes back, write them in the game. However, expect PPO to be fully reloaded with some new talent coming in and the young kids moving up and Coach Rich being the sheriff in that division. Cooper City is always competitive and expect them to compete and finally darkhorse is Pasadena Panthers which if the rumors are true will be coached by Devin Bush and Ryan Collins who may bring back another man-child Devante who helped them win back to back titles at 105 and 120 but played last year at Gwen Cherry 165's. Pasadena will be young but expect Devin to bring in some talent.



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Comment by Steve Crawford on December 16, 2011 at 4:50pm


Comment by Joe Ritchie on September 10, 2011 at 2:49am
Looks like nobody expected us creek Eagle Peewee's to compete... lol
Comment by Coach Jalcindor23 on July 5, 2011 at 12:18pm
Today is the day AYFL'ers
Comment by David Demeter on June 10, 2011 at 8:48am

Well put Jerry.

Comment by Jerry Boyle on June 9, 2011 at 8:33pm

David, I didn't take your comment as smack talk and I agree with your assessment :-) I believe they will be "a" team to watch not "the" team to watch. Also the 1 and 10 record isn't really a true reflection on the talent hey had. A positive play here and there along with more assertive coaching and it could have just as easily been a 5 and 6 season or better. I moved over to Davie from Sunrise to become their new offensive coordinator because I absolutely love a challenge and I want to help put the fun back into football for these kids. Its no fun to win 1 game all season and if the other new coaches and I can help these kids learn to play their positions better, get them excited and have them buy into our system I believe we have enough talent to win games. I'm sure most of you guys are in this for the same reason I am. There is nothing better to me than to see a kids face light up after learning how to move quicker, catch better, hit the h*** harder or to see the scoreboard in their favor after a hard fought game. I think most of you coaches can agree that when someone goes from a team like Sunrise who has a pretty good team and takes their son to a 1 and 10 team that it's to truly rebuild something special. These kids have heart man so I look forward to the challenges ahead. So do my kids.

Comment by David Demeter on June 9, 2011 at 7:47pm're right gotta step it up, one thing I learned last year is that being at the top you always get everyone's best.  There's been talk of a scrimmage between are parks you heard anything on that?
Comment by David Demeter on June 9, 2011 at 7:42pm
@Jerry don't take this as smack talk cause that's just not me but a 1-10 team from a year ago as a team to watch would be an amazing accomplishment.  I am all for the league getting tougher and I hope you're right.  As it looks you are the father of the QB from Sunrise that has moved to Davie and you of all people should understand that it takes alot more then offense to win ball games.  You guys played us are toughest game last year and it was your defense that kept you in it...until the end.  You were also the best team to not make the playoffs and probabaly better then at least 3 other teams that did.  Wishing you guys the best of luck this year and looking forward to Week 8!
Comment by Jerry Boyle on June 9, 2011 at 3:11pm
I give it four to five games this season for Davie's 120's to be the team to watch. Last year was pretty rough on the kids but from what I observed during spring training they appear to have plenty of speed, a couple of players snatching up everything that came close to them and plenty of size where they need it most. The new coaching staff was doing a great job and proper technique and conditioning was definitely emphasized. Their new Head Coach Brosnick looked to be a no nonsense kind of guy and you can tell right off the bat that discipline wont be a problem. I'm pretty excited to get this thing started. Crawford is right in that the 120's across the board is going to be fun to watch this year.
Comment by Steve Crawford on June 8, 2011 at 1:49pm
@David, lol about Milla. Technically, he told me he was leaving Davie and was looking at either Cooper City, Plantation and PPO so of course I encouraged him to consider PPO which at the time I was not a coach. So, he was a free agent (no tampering charges please. Lol) I think he's going to CCO not us.
Comment by David Demeter on June 8, 2011 at 1:19pm
@Steve I Gotchya just wanted to take a job at ya for the Milla Lemon comment. It is crazy though...all the player and personnel changes going on in the 120's this year. Guess I gotta step up my game this year.




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