#'s in Parenthesis () are Age/Weight Divisional Wins. The American Youth Football League has 6 divisions ranging from 8U - 13U

Pembroke Pines Bengals (6) VS Tamarac Cougars (0)

The Tamarac Cougars park wide undefeated streak was short lived as the Pembroke Pines Bengals showed why they are still one of the most competitive organizations in all of South Florida. They bested the Tamarac "Rack City" Cougars in all six matchups, limiting the Cougars scoring to a total of 20 points all day long. The 8U division was the day’s closest match, up ending in dramatic fashion, by way of a kickoff return on the opening Kickoff that proved to be the biggest play of the game. The 10U match was a lot Closer than the  score reflects. 19-6 was the end result of that Cat fight, with each team scraping for every yard. Check out the 11U matchup only here on Generation Nexxt. 12U and 13U Bengals Displayed dominance from start to finish, and demoralized the Cougars older divisions.


Plantation Wildcats (6) VS Cooper City Cowboys (0)

Plantation Wildcats put on a clinic in the AYFL wrecking every match up in a Blowout, and Shutout, the Wildcats won big with average margin of victory a stifling 37-0, Scoring 188 points on the day, and giving up nothing. The most impressive win came from the 11U Wildcats, who scored 55 points. They have the athletes to be considered a front runner in that division, the 13U didn’t have to take the field as the Cooper City Cowboys did not field a 13U this fall.

Davie Broncos (4) VS Coconut Creek Eagles (2)

The Davie came in with a chip on their shoulder after a tough opening week dropping 4 games, a couple of divisions felt they had something to prove, and the Coconut Creek Eagles were on the clock! Davie came out stagnant losing the 8U, and 9U match ups. The Eagles 8U are currently undefeated going into week three and have solidified themselves as a contender in this division, they play a very upset, and talented West Pines next week should be a big League indicator. A influential match up was expected at the 13U division, and the teams did not disappoint. 26-16 was the result of a hard fought battle of two great teams in this division, likely a prequel to an important playoff Match up later this season. Davie 10U came out to show this is a new year and they have something in store for the former state champs, Davie put up 42 points against a Creek team who Scored 34 points in a week 1 victory. !!!Watch Out AYFL the 10U BRONCOS ARE FOR REAL!!!

West Pines Wildcats (0) VS Miramar Wolverines (6)

Miramar came out in this one to impose their will on The Wildcats , and Send a message to the rest of the league, in a full park sweep. Our Cameras Caught the 8U Matchup that looked to be exciting early, with a trick play on the first play of the game that ended up changing the score six points. The rest of the Day every story was the same the 12U impressed, the 2014 ordained state champs put up 44 points giving up nothing, Coach Kenny and company Will said they “Will  NOT be overlooked” taking a backseat in the Generation Nexxt Rankings may have something to do with those words.

Weston Warriors(1)  VS Delray Rocks (5)

Weston and Delray was a game of significance for the Delray Rocks to match their ability against a lesser team in the league to really gauge where they stack up, after taking on one of the league's best last week. The Delray Rocks showed they have some talent and they will not fall to bottom of the barrel of the leagues teams. The Rocks gave supporters optimism among almost pulling the park sweep, but came up short in the 8U division giving the Warriors its First Club Victory of the season.  


Sunrise Gators (0)  VS FT Fort Lauderdale Rebels (5)

This was a great matchup for each team to be competitive and have some fun but the rebels Showed the League that they are not a Taxi cap club, and they last week was no indication on how the season will play out for the rebels organization. The Gators seem to be in last place in the league standings, with no real evidence of them being able to finish above .500 this season. The Rebels 9U Continue to be shining star and some of our analyst are picking them to raise the crown at the end of the season. The 12U Match up will take place this Monday Night and Generation Nexxt will bring you all the action! 


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