#'s in Parenthesis () are Age/Weight Divisional Wins. The American Youth Football League has 6 divisions ranging from 8U - 13U

Coral Springs (0) @Pembroke Pines (6)

Pembroke Pines Bengals, looked like the Bengals of old, They completely dominated the Coral Springs Chargers, outscoring them 181-0  in Week 1 of AYFL action. Looking most impressive were the Bengals 12U, they Scored a whopping 62 points, and took control of the 12U division by scoring more than any other team in the league. Coral Springs will have to hit the Drawing board and get ready to endure this long by week so they can prepare for their nexxt opponent.

Delray (0) @ Plantation (6)

The new kids on the block Delray Rocks tested their teams against the most productive organization in the entire league in 2014. The Plantation Wildcats seemed to not have missed a step. Plantation Gave the leagues newest team that work, winning every match up, outscoring them 163-19. Delray had no answer for the Wildcats, Especially at the 10U division Coach Swig Bange has his 2014 State Champs playing like State champs, and they have just set the 10U bar very high. The 13U who was 12U State Champs in 2014 came out and welcomed themselves to the tables and ate! Plantation Wildcats 13U sit firmly in the driver’s seat as far league rankings are concerned.


Miramar (3) @ Davie (2) - 11U will be featured, on the 1st AYFL Monday Night Matchup

Davie Broncos came out at home against the Miramar Wolverines, whom have been receiving a lot of buzz throughout this off season. Miramar came to play it was apparent early as the 8U man handled Davie, and the 2014 state Champions who are 9U, shut out their opponents. The 10U Game was the first upset of the season Davie defeated Miramar 22-18, Miramar was ranked ahead Davie in our South Florida Team rankings. Davie will comment here on Generation Nexxt this week Stay tuned to the coaches corner. Davie has a good chance to make it even on Monday night Coach Sam Madison and company will bring the highly ranked, state Champs, to face the Miramar Wolverines in the Very First AYFL Monday night Match up and Generation Nexxt game of the week.


Cooper  City (1) @ West Pines (5)

Cooper City Cowboys, and West Pines Wildcats gave each other all they had. The wildcats, brought the Fireworks out they showed, they want to be in contention for titles at a few divisions. The 8U, and 11U lead the pack the left their opponents scoreless, and put up 30+ points. West pines will be a sleeper they will surprise teams for sure this year. They have some great talent, and will be coming to your television screens in the near future. All wasn’t lost for Cooper City as they did manage one win coming at the 12U division, by a score of 12-0 the cooper city 12U are undefeated which can only be said for half the teams in the league.


Tamarac (5) @ Weston (0) - 11U game was postponed until further notice.

Tamarac visited Weston Warriors, but looked right at home, as they tore through the Warriors effortlessly. Tamarac Cougars is not usually a power house, but this year they got off to a great start handling a formidable opponent in every match up. Although the 11U match up is postponed, the Weston warriors’ shaky start has them in an uphill battle moving forward in 2015.


Fort Lauderdale (3) @ Coconut Creek (3)

The Fort Lauderdale Rebels traveled to Coconut Creek to take on the Eagles for the 2015 season opener. Fort Lauderdale went in under new management out to prove that the Rebels are for real. Creek is a sleeper program that has great young athletes, the 13U is a Program we have our eye on to challenge for the Championship. Eagles 8U surprised everyone when they put up 32, and beat the rebels who are known for the young talent they produce. The Rebels 9U Showed pure dominance as they muscled the Eagles, holding them to no points, and putting up 27 of their own. The Rebels 9U are a legit Top contender for the number one spot.

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