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October 10,2016,


With over 313, 000 views and 13,000 shares, Generation Nexxt is setting the national bar. Nationally respected South Florida is the one place in the country that Football is year around and treated as if it was a religion. Which brings me to the point that this rivalry between the Miami Gardens Chiefs versus Fort Lauderdale Hurricanes 13/14u , was a huge thing before gear was even distributed. Canes Coach Chris & Staff with this group of kids that some have gone so far as to calling this a Dream Team. If you thought the former Bengals now Canes were satisfied with what they did as a 12u team, then you would be sadly mistaken. The Canes 13/14u has outscored opponents 292-0 and has a running clock in every match up they took the field on. Don’t think for one second they were beating up on anybody with victories over the 3rd ranked team & 8th ranked team in the nation. But enough about the Canes, the Chiefs are nobodies slouch their also entering the game undefeated and battle tested. Before the season even kicked off Coach Ro defending 12u FYFL Super Bowl Champs don’t consider themselves a underdog in no way shape or form. To put things in perspective Coach Ro said he is 14 points better than the Canes and his team would prove it. Only in South Florida would you get a top match-up between the number 1# ranked team against the 5th ranked team both hailing from the same league the FYFL. Get your cameras rolling and phones charged up because this game will feature a boat load of future Division 1 talent on both teams.

Team Breakdowns

Team: Miami Gardens Chiefs 13/14u

Coach: Toro Wallace

Key Players: 0# James Williams, 1# Kitravis Geter , 5# Zuberi “Papalu” Mobley, 6#Terrance “T2” Lewis, 2# Cedquan “Backbone” Smith,7# Amahri “Hound” McCray, 8# Deonta Nairn , 9# Travis McNichols, 11# Elijah Vaugh

Record: 5-0


The Skinny:

Before you get caught up in what the Hurricanes are doing to the competition take a very close look at the Chiefs resume. Maryland Seahawks the number 1# ranked 14u team in the Country & I.E Ducks 2# ranked team in the 13/14u in the nation. One thing both of those highly ranked teams have in common is both teams barely escaped with Preseason victories over the Chiefs. With that fun fact you know the Chiefs are battle tested and no doubt come into this game with the edge in strength of schedule. Knowing what defeat taste like makes the Chiefs that more dangerous with two of the best Coaches in Youth Football in Coach Ro & Rich. One thing you better know is the Chiefs has no shortage of play-makers and has put up as much as 57 points in one game, so don’t get it twisted the Chiefs can score with the best of them. With both groups of kids being familiar with each other from league or Fbu play this will no doubt live up to the billing off the hype alone. Will the Chiefs be able to slay the mighty Canes, who some feel around the nation is the best Youth Football team to ever be assembled. One thing for sure is this is no doubt the best match-up in the nation this weekend and we at GenNexXt will be their bringing it to you live.

Keys to Victory                                                                                                       

The first thing that jumps out to you on Offense for the Chiefs is their dynamic backfield Duo in 1# Geter & 5# Papalu. Geter is the lightening and Papalu is the thunder they both complement each other and arguably considered the best duo in the nation. If you think you’re going to key on the run you better have some solid Db’s because QB Cedquan to Receiver Nairn is a lethal combination. But for the Chiefs to win this game Lb’s James Williams & Terrance 'T2" Lewis along with Amahri ''Hound" McCray have to help contain Amari Daniels. Last but not least Db’s McNichols & Elijah Vaughn has to play press coverage to disrupt the flow of Canes passing game. The Defense is the key to the win for the Chiefs; if they can attack the Canes and not play it safe they will have every opportunity to pull the “W” out in this rivalry.


Team: Fort Lauderdale Hurricanes 13/14u

Coach: Chris McGongial

Key Players: 11# Nic Vattiato, 5# Amari Daniels, 1#Jaden McBurrows, 3#Vinson Davis, 00# Laurence “ Big Baby” Seymour III, 4#Robert “Man Man” Floyd, 10# Corey Clark, 99# Tyreak Sapp, 9# Tyrique “Savage” Owens, 26# Thierry Doruilur, 17# Travis Dixon, 6# Micah “Sticks” Rolle, 8# Emile Aime

Record: 5-0


The Skinny:

Off of sheer talent alone the Hurricanes pretty much don’t have an equal that can run with this explosive offensive juggernaut. From the 1st game of the season the Canes traveled to Texas and dismantled the number 3# ranked Yellow Jackets 39-0. The Jackets hadn’t lost a game in over 3 years; they were no match for the Canes physicality in the trenches. If you thought that was a statement game to the nation that the Canes mean straight business wait to you get a load of this. Sunday night under the lights standing room audience bleachers packed to the max, the Canes took on Snoop Dogs Pomona D.V Steelers. Lead by one of the most underrated Quarterbacks in the country Nic Vattiato lead the assault on the Steelers handing Snoop his worse lose ever 67-0. There isn’t a more balanced team in the country the Canes do what they want to opposing defenses and have yet to be slowed down. But don’t think for one second their defense isn’t just as good as the offense, you won’t see another defensive line like this in a while. The dominance of this group of kids and this staff will go down in history if their able to keep beating their opponents by 50 points.

Keys to Victory

When you arguably have the best RB in the country in Amari Daniels who possesses a unique blind of elite speed & power, you have to account for him on every snap. With Daniels ability to score from anywhere on the field this opens up the passing lanes for the always sharp as a razor Nic Vattiato.  The Canes elite depth at the receiver position with McBurrows, Davis, Floyd, Spells will be a key advantage so no need to force any passes. Vattiato is a seasoned vet and his star always shines the brightest in the biggest of moments and his accuracy on the deep ball is a game changer. Enough about the side of the ball that sells tickets, let’s move on to the side that wins championships. Standing almost 6”4 Tyreak Sapp will have to live in the Chiefs backfield to stop their potent running game. Joining Sapp on that star studded defensive line Big Baby, Corey Clark & Savage will have to play their best game this season and control the line of scrimmage. 26# Thierry Doruilur is his team’s enforcer and will need to be just that if the Chiefs Backs break containment. Canes cannot afford to arm tackle or miss any tackles with the Chiefs dangerous backs because they will crib it in a split second. With Earl Little scheming with the other Defensive Coaches it’s going to be interesting to see who he task for the assignment of guarding Megatron 8#.  I’m no genius but Jaden McBurrows might be the guy for the job with him being their best Corner. Canes have to keep everything in front of them and don’t get beat deep. Last fun fact special teams plays a huge part in games of this magnitude so keep a eye out for Vinson Davis & McBurrows, because if it’s a close game either kid could change that in a jiffy. The biggest key to this game is keep it simple and don’t over think things, keep doing what has made you Youth Footballs Dream Team. Will this be another walk in the park for the Canes or their 1st true test?

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