Battle for the number 1# 11u spot in the Nation.

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October 7, 2016

If you’re looking for a game with an unmatched atmosphere plus standing room audience, talent, coaching & trash talking, then look no further than this local turned National rivalry. The 1# ranking in UYRS is on the line, not to mention local bragging rights which is huge for two teams from the City & State. Let me take you guys back to the first meeting between the Tigers Vs Ducks, who matched up in our very own GenNexXt National Tournament in Jacksonville early August. 11u Championship Game was epic a game that went back & forth with hard hitting action between two teams that seemed to be equally matched. Before the Tigers took on the Ducks prior to the GenNexXt National Tournament , the North Henry Tigers never scored a point on the Ducks in 5 years. That old saying goes like “All good things come to an end”, and in Overtime the Tigers would get the monkey off their back with a one point 19-18 victory over the Ducks. Can the North Henry Tigers beat the Atlanta Ducks two times in a row? Or will the Ducks continue their winning ways and claim their spot as the top 11u in the Nation?

Team Breakdown

Team: North Henry Tigers 11u

Coach: Thomas “Spin” Jones

Key Players: #0 Micheal Aguirre, #4 Kayin Lee, #21 Dechavion Williams, #1 Ricky Lee, 11 Dwight Johnson, #70 Geoffrey Speight, #12 Jakai Newton, #3 Amari Lanier, #52 Robert Wright, #00 Ty Roussaw

Record: 5-0


The Skinny:

No team in the Country has started the season hotter than the North Henry Tigers. I say that to say this North Henry has traveled to Texas and beaten the best 11u Texas has to offer 24-0. If traveling to Texas didn’t impress you try traveling to Jacksonville winning our GenNexXt National Preseason Tournament 11u Championship. The Tigers had South Florida’s best the Plantation Wildcats 11u to go thru who they out-muscled for an 18-6 victory . After knocking off the Wildcats, the Tigers shifted their focus to the Atlanta Ducks who stood in their way. North Henry would finally silence all the doubters for the time being slaying the Ducks 19-18 for their 2nd Preseason Tournament  Championship. Now it’s put up or shut up time again, “Will the Tigers prove their victory wasn’t a fluke or a onetime thing? Or “ Will they prove to the Nation what they’ve done once they could do again.”

Keys to Victory:

North Henry has to play their type of game to come away with this victory and hold on to the number 1# spot. First things first continue to set the tone in the trenches, the Tigers are the most physical & hard hitting team I’ve seen at their age group. Another thing the Tigers have to do is play smash mouth Football and keep running that 3 head monster in the backfield in 0# Michael Aguirre, 4# Kaylin Lee & their closer 21# Dechavion Williams. North Henry Tigers chances of holding on to the UYRS Number 1# spot rest on them not changing what they’ve done to get to this point.


Team: Atlanta Ducks

Coach: Brandon Morton

Key Players: Terrance Love, Deuce Jordan, Jelani Thurman , Isaiah Collier,  Solomon Evans


Record: 5-0

The Skinny:

When you mention the Atlanta Ducks name please put some respek on it, this group of kids have did nothing but win, win. If you still talking about their 1 point loss to the North Henry Tigers in August you’ll be missing out on the present. Not one time did Head Coach Brandon Morton dwell on the loss he just circled October 9th on the calendar.  The lose to the Tigers has seemingly made the Ducks that much more focused & determine to prove a point. With a 5-0 record and the Ducks hitting on all cylinders displaying their dominance by destroying College Park Rams 53-0 it’s safe to say the Ducks are back with a vengeance.  


Keys to Victory:

The saying goes as follow "styles make for great match ups", which is the case for this match-up Speed vs Power. Terrance Love no doubt one of the best Dual threat Quarterbacks in the Country pick your poison with this kid. With elite Qb play you can throw in Rb Deuce Jordan who will make you respect the zone read and the Ducks potent running game. Balance is the key to the Ducks offense and their aerial assault is no joke, throwing to playmakers like Isaiah Collier will open up the running game. With the Tigers physical style of play, the Ducks can’t get caught up in playing their style of play. For the Ducks to leave with a victory they have to continue to put the ball in the air to keep the Tigers from crowding the line of scrimmage. If the Ducks can make them respect the pass then the running game will open up and give them the edge. Who will be UYRS 1# Ranked 11u after Sunday night clash of the Titans?

Check out the Highlights from the 1st Match up:

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