Dawgs On The Loose

by Artanza McGuire | @GenNexxtArtanza

(Stockbridge, GA) Even though the weather was cold and dreary on Saturday afternoon, the game between the Mustang division of the Georgia Dawgs vs Virginia Tech Hoakies was hot and intense at J.P. Mosely Park. Here’s a little background on the two teams. Thus far in the season the GA Dawgs were undefeated with an impressive 6-0 record, and VT Hoakies were 5-1, with their only loss going to the Steelers 19-7. Incidentally, the last game of the Dawgs winning streak was a 20-7 victory over the Steelers. So I had to ask myself, “Self, what made the difference when both teams played the Steelers?” 

To satisfy my intellectual thirst, I spoke with Virginia Tech’s Head Coach BJ, who said that his team was just a little off that day, seeing that they were just coming off of a bye week, and that it was only the second game of the season. He made it clear that they’ve made tremendous progress since then.  I couldn’t stop there, Georgia’s Head Coach Dan Salvador told me that he plans on continuing the Dawg’s 6-0 winning streak. He was aware of Coach BJ’s potential strategy of trying to contain one of the Dawgs starring players, #4 Coreyon Cone. In response, Coach Dan made it clear that he had plenty of other players that VT should strategize and readjust for.

It was kick-off time, and the game had begun. The first quarter started off with strong defense from both teams. Immediately we could see that there was some serious speed on the field. After several good runs up the sidelines from VT’s #1 Javin Bostic and GA’s #4 Coreyon Cone, there were still no points on the board. With 1:30 seconds left in the 1st quarter, #4 Cone finally broke through the Hoakies’ defense and made an impressive run to score the first touchdown of the game.

End of 1st Quarter: 7-0

The second quarter made the game really interesting. The players were amped, the coaches were focused, and the fans were on their feet cheering for their teams. With all of the excitement, there were a couple of game changing turnovers on the field. VT’s #2 Khalil Johnson threw the ball and it was intercepted by GA’s #12 Keyshawn Logan, then later during the Dawgs’ possession QB #8 Ben Norton passed the ball to #54 Dawson Saunders and VT’s #2 Johnson came right up and stripped the ball from #54 Saunders. During a time out the referee alerted Virginia Tech that only one coach was allowed in the huddle. After following the referee’s order, VT’s coaching staff took advantage of the opportunity to enforce the leagues rules, and alerted the referee that the majority of the Dawgs’ coaching staff was in violation because they were not wearing their certification badges that all coaches are required to wear. This violation resulted in clearing almost the entire staff from the sidelines, leaving only two assistant coaches. Needless to say, in most cases, teams can become a little lost without their leader, but in the case of the GA Dawgs, they found their way to the end zone, with #4 Cone scoring his 2nd touchdown of the game.

End of 2nd Quarter: 14-0

With their hearts set on winning, the Hoakies came back in the third quarter with a new attitude, but the Dawgs weren’t haven’t it.  Georgia’s #11 Jackson Wilkerson, surprised the crowd with another touchdown followed be another successful conversion. But it was the surprise off the field that was just as shocking. I mentioned earlier that the fans were really intense, but there was one fan who expressed a tad too much excitement, and had to be escorted off of the field. Yikes!

End of 3rd Quarter: 20-0

As we entered the fourth quarter, it was the last chance for the Hoakies to make a move and execute like they’ve done all season long. They started out with some explosive runs, but wasn’t able to contend with the defensive force of the Dawgs. The Mustang Division of the Georgia Dawgs’ were able to maintain their lead and continued their winning streak, making their new record 7-0.

Final Score: HCYFL Mustang Division – Georgia Dawgs:  20 | Virginia Tech Hoakies: 0

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