Dynamic duo: Suniland Sundevils, Cheyenne Lecour & Kesean Norris-Hayes

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When you begin to thinking about dynamic duos as of today at defensive tackle, within the last decade guys such as Jacksonville Jaguars, John Henderson & Marcus Stroud -- Detroit Lions, Ndamukong Suh & Nick Fairley and Buffalo Bills, Kyle Williams and Marcell Dareus quickly come to mind. But, there's another interior tandem the world needs to know about and they're not on the profesional, collgiate nor the high school ranks, how about youth football. Suniland Sundevils 13U head football coach Kelsey Hays knows one thing thus far about his defense, besides being well coached and discpline and that one thing is, his trenches are massive and extremly talented lead by defensive tackles -- Kesean Kelsey-Haynes (Top Pictured) and Cheyenne Lecour (bottom Pictured).


This summer, Kesean Kelsey-Haynes took home Generation Nexxt Ultimate Skills Challenge, Class of 2021 defensive line MVP, an accomplishment that didn't come easy challenging Lawrence "Big Baby" Seymour. Kesean, enters fall ranked as Generation Nexxt Scouting #1 interior defensive lineman for his class in South Florida.

Question: Your battle vs. Laurence "Big Baby" Seymour was impressive. You were the only defensive lineman that held your own or battled, yet stood a chance vs. him. How does it feel being ranked the #1 defensive tackle for your class?

Answer: It feels great, but at the same time I believe that I have to continue work hard to maintain that title. I know all of my hard work and dedication will continue to pay off.

Question: I was told while visiting your park by your coach, that you're basically a defensive cordindator on the field, due to your high football IQ. Is their a particular person in your life, that has groomed you to become the student of the game as you are today? If yes, what has he done to make the game easier to you?

Answer: The person that had been most influential in my life and football career is my dad/coach. He has taught me everything he knows about the game of football and I have also learned from other great coaches like Coach Victor Amat. Both of them saw that I was hungry for football knowledge and they taught me things that most players don't know at this level.

Question: What is your academic goal this upcoming school year?

Answer: My academic goal for this year is to make all As in all my classes and prepare myself for my high school football career. On the field I want to help lead my team to another Xtreme Football Championship.

Cheyenne Lecour has a bright future. This kid literally has fast feet and lateral quickness of a skill athlete after watching his Speed and Agility Ladder training on YouTube. Cheyenne enters fall ranked as the Top 5 interior lineman for the class of 2020 in South Florida, according to Generation Nexxt Scouting.
Question: Who's your favorite defensive lineman? And why?
Answer: Cameron Wake. He is a hard worker, has great technique and although he didn't go straight to the NFL he never gave up on his dream. He is a go getter and so am I.
Question: You and Kesean is a great tandem in the middle. How do you guys push one another everyday during practice to get better?


Answer: I think what makes us a force to be reckoned with is the way we are able to work as one unit. We strive for nothing but the best and expect the same from our team mates. We worked real hard in the off season pushing each other every step of the way and can't wait to show it off in our games.

Question: I observed your YouTube video of you displaying fast feet and quickness of a skill athlete. What pushes you to work so hard? By the way, I was impressed by your athleticism.
Answer: I have always been taught to strive for perfection. I have a dream and will do whatever it takes to get there. I believe in hard work at whatever cost. No blood, sweat, or tears will stop me from the NFL.

Question: Name three high schools you're interested in?

Answer: St. Thomas Aquinas, Westminister Christian and Mater Academy Charter.

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