Florida Youth Football League Week 1 in Review

Stories  of the Week Florida Youth Football League 

8U Division 
Miami Gardens Chiefs are back, Elijah "Just Chill" Hardy, Big Bo and company, made a statement in week one outscoring every other 8U team in the League. The Washington Park Buccaneers fell to East Miramar Dolphins  19-0, East Miramar is looking like the most improved 8U team in the league, because just last year they could not stand in the paint with the Buccaneers, this season they left nothing to chance, winning the game and putting themselves in a great position moving forward this season.

9U Division 
Miami Gardens Chiefs keep the tide rolling after winning in The Generation Nexxt Kickoff classic, and winning their League Jamboree. The Chiefs continues to not only win but do it in a big way they put up 30 points in their home opener, while pitching a shutout, outscoring any team in the division.The 2014 state champs, moving up to 9U The Miami Gardens Vikings displayed elite talent as they put up 26 in their opener, and also pitching a shut out, the Gladiator Conference is going to be very tough this Season. The Miami Gardens Ravens Lead the Spartan Conference, and are feeling confident.

10U Division 
The Washington Park Buccaneers 10U poured it on in their home opener scoring 40 Points against East Miramar Dolphins, and pitching a shutout they lead the entire Division at this The Buc's impressed many who hadn't seen them be able to put a championship Caliber offense together. With a potent offensive strategy this superbowl runner up will see the championship again in 2015. East Boynton Wildcats took out the Deerfield Packer Rattlers in a 12-6 Defensive Battle, Deerfield was considered by most a Top tier team in the league, Coach Duncan and staff have to regroup and find a way to beat a tough Viking team this week.

11U Division 
This is looking like a two man Race and both Hail from the Gladiator Conference, The Washington Park Buccaneers and The Miami Gardens Ravens are men among boys in this division the buc's put up 40 Points leaving no doubt that they Have found they're offense, and area where they struggled in the past. The Ravens are 2015 Superbowl Champs so nothing less is expected, they put up 33 points while shutting out there opponent, they are in championship form right now!

12U Division 
This is a very exciting division, East Miramar Dolphins Dominated The Buc's 24-0. The Dolphins have a very tough team, and extremely talented play makers. The Miami Gardens Chiefs have been quietly in the shadows behind Coach Ro a 2014 state Champion, but they came out in week 1 Outscoring every other team in the league, as they put up 30 points. The Miami Gardens Vikings who are the returning League Champions, came out and played with a chip on their shoulder, as they smashed the Lauderdale Lakes Vikings 25-0.

13U Division 
Deerfield Packer Rattlers Has been showing they can compete, during this preseason they took all work, and showing a competitive nature in those match ups, they beat a 2014 Superbowl Contender in a blowout The East Boynton Wildcats had no answer for the Packer Rattlers as they fell 30-8. The Miami Gardens Ravens are the Team to beat they are atop the rankings and came out and put away their opponent fast in a 25-0 opening Day victory, being the only Spartan Conference Team with a victory in week 1.

14U Division 
The New kids on the block Oak Grove Raiders Won 13-12 in a thriller against a very good Lauderdale Lakes Vikings Team. The East Miramar Dolphins was the only 14U to pitch a shutout in a 12-0 victory over the Miami Gardens Bulldogs. The Miami Gardens Ravens Also came out with a win in week 1, and having the best win ratio winning by 13 points in a 19-6 performance over the Fort Lauderdale Falcons.

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