Future Stars Game Tryouts (Ft Lauderdale ) 6th Grade Break down.

 Future Stars Game 6th Grade Break down.

            It was the last and final tryout for the Tryout series of Team Florida in the Future stars Game. The Sixth grade was a star studded event there was elite talent at every turn of the cheek. Ft Lauderdale brought together most of  the best Sixth Graders in the region, along with a few from outside the region all Competing together and Getting after it. The Sixth grade Group Came out to compete.
           As the players registered you sensed this was a very special group, and they really impressed FSG staff. Fort Lauderdale Hosted the best 6th grade class in the history of Future stars Game Tryouts. They also had the Fastest Sixth grader to ever grace the Future stars game tryout series, along with East bay all Americans (RB) Jaden Mcburrows, and (OL/DL) Laurence Seymour.

                                                                              Top Performers

Laurence Seymore– Tryout MVP, and Beast on the Line of scrimmage huge body, with a combination of Power and speed “Big Baby” as they call him is a massive talent.

Amari Daniels – Not only the second biggest Kid at the tryout he was the biggest, Fastest, and strongest skill player in attendance, most spectators confused the kid for a 7th grader he ran an impressive 4.79 which if compared to the 8th grade he would have ran the top 3 fastest time of all competitors.

Torrey Morrison – was the man, he took his place amongst the elite  because he was able to shine in room full of stars Torrey is a competitor he get after it and his measurable are very impressive as well.

Jaden Mcburrows –East bay All- American really showed a lot in 1 on 1’s, and opened eyes within minutes of doing his thing. Everyone know Jaden is beast, so smooth in the way he moves, a pleasure to be around on and off the field.

Nick Vattiato – Average height, but seemingly the best Quarterback in his class, has all the intangibles needed to excel at that position, quick release, eyes on the prize, the most accurate QB in his class. A great leader, team motivator and very smart when approaching the games X’s and O’s.

Earl little Jr – Most polished cornerback in his class, he covered extremely well and really impressed with his fluidity and transition in and out of his breaks, flawless in warm ups and individuals a walking instructional video.

Peter Zamora – “The Gunslinger” Pete can make every throw and he has a Brett Favre like presence, which makes Wide receivers love to play with this kid, he isn’t afraid to give them a chance, and he has an exceptional arm so he will put his guy in the best position to make a play, he plays with a win or go home attitude the type of player that you want to battle alongside.

Katravis Geter – Geter is just a “Boss” he led the rest of the bunch in every event he worked gracefully in drills he showed the talent we all witnessed during Broward Sixth grade National Championship run.

Keshawn Brown – Downtown Keshawn Brown came late but got there right in time for 1 on 1’s he showed his explosiveness in the first drill made evaluators want to know who is this kid and where did he come from. Faheem Ali Director of Future stars game said “the kid runs like he has a jet pack attached to his back, I wish we could have timed him in the 40”.

David Richardson – remained impressive the Iron man from last year who played on the Sixth grade team as a 5th grader came to show his class what to expect, he was the most technical, and his mechanics separated him from the rest.

Vinson Davis – Was is normal Do it all, won’t be out don’t self. He performed on a very high level and even enticed some of the other players to elevate their game. He showed his soft hand and pure natural athletic ability. the kid is simply  a game changer.

Donche Robinson Jr – showed he was the most Physical Corner in attendance he scored an interview because he has the talent to get in peoples grill and stay in their pocket, a menacing Cornerback that will disrupt a passing offensive game plan.

Kyle Herrera- Very impressive Offensive Lineman he showed strength which we knew he had, he showed technique which we knew he had, but Kyle also showed Speed , and change of direction ability which firmly placed Kyle in the top 3 Offensive lineman in his class, in south Florida.

Ricardo Hallman- Showed some of his moves in 1on1’s beating some talented players he has a very light frame, but he is dynamic because of his vision, footwork, and he has a knack for finding a seem and exploiting it.

Derrick Lee – Physically he is a monster He came from Riviera Beach and put on a show despite all the talent in attendance. He showed that he is one of the top players around. He really showed fluidity with his movements, and great football speed, smooth runner and can really get after it.

Justin Payoute – Was very impressive in 1on 1’s and had the third fastest time for all sixth graders. He scored an interview where he spoke extremely well and impressed evaluators off the field.

Dylan Roming –Dylan Impressed with his Mechanics, and his physical appearance, he looks like a Quarterback, throws like a quarterback, moves like a quarterback, and even sounds like a quarterback he was under the radar but mad evaluators take notice from the moment he picked up the ball, and bounced it off the turf.

Jayson Salkey – has some big strong legs, and the power to move people definitely a problem for most kids his age, he has the ability to play many skill positions at a high level.

Robert Floyd Jr - showed he was Elite the kid is big fast and strong, High school coaches will love him he has Crazy upside and potential right now he can play ANY position the field. Robert Floyd is name you had better remember, and lock in your memory bank because he will be changing games in the near future.

                             Honorable Mentions

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