Future Stars Game Tryouts (Ft. Lauderdale ): Top 10 8th Grade Performers


 Future Stars Tryouts (Ft. Lauderdale ):  Top 10 8th Grade Performers

February 21,2015                             Twitter : @Dee_Gennexxt                          Instagram: Gennexxt_Dee

1.   Jonathan Ealey  LB/DE

Ealey was awarded 8th grade Mvp Saturday night, Because of his ability to excel on both sides of the ball. Ealey 

displayed soft hands in 1 on 1’s going up to catch several balls at its highest point. Ealey shined the brightest on the defensive side of the using his strength to bully Receivers in Press coverage off the Line of scrimmage , His mindset to be physical & versatility is why he was chosen as MVP

2.   Rayquan Berry Athlete

Berry is known as a Electrifying playmaker with top end speed that can take it to the house from anywhere on the Field, But on Saturday Berry showed off his cover skills blanketing the top Receivers.  Berry is a Blur he picked off a pass in 1 on 1’s over the middle that few kids his age would have gotten to thanks to that outstanding break on the Football. Berry lost MVP honors on a coin flip that’s how impressive he was.

3.   Lance Hollis  C/OG

Lance was the top 8th Grade Offensive Lineman Saturday, Showing off his sound technique & strength. The battle in the trenches are always action packed and Saturday was no different ,Lance performance was excellent he won every 1 on 1 match up once he got his hands on you it was pretty much a wrap.

4.   Tyler March WR

Pictured below standing 6’1 and known as Megatron by the Youth Football world , Tyler March showed why he is arguably considered the top 8th grade Receiver in South Florida . Marsh won several battles for the Football with Defensive Backs, but showed Speed and route-running acumen to separate from defensive backs. Remember the name Tyler Marsh you will hear it a lot on the High School Level..

 5.   Anthony Solomon LB

Pictures above in Black Solomon made a name for his self on Saturday serving notice to the other kids on Saturday, That if you wanted to beat him in 1 on 1’s you had to be physical . During 1 on 1’s Solomon should advanced coverage skills for a 8th grader , He rerouted kids, deflected passes and made every kid that lined up against him work for it while showing nice recovery speed. Watch out for Solomon he is poised to be an Elite Lb.

6.   Rashon Crooks DT

First impression on seeing Rashon in the trenches, I thought to myself is he a space eater at defensive tackle ? Those thoughts were quickly dispelled in the battle in the trenches when the whistle was blown and Rashon fired off the ball kept his hands inside ripped and knocked the Offensive Lineman out the way and collecting the sack. Rashon is going to be a Problem opposition..


7.   Griffin Helms QB

Griffin & his family traveled down from Jacksonville just to compete in South Florida FSG Tryouts and he didn’t disappoint. Griffin consistency; almost every pass is a perfect spiral and right on the money to receivers streaking down the field. He can throw the short stuff, go across the middle, put some air under it for receivers to run under or zip it into tight windows. Griffin Helms made the most of his business trip.

8.   Keontra Smith RB

This kid started things out with a bang by running a 4.70 in the 40 yard dash , Keontra stood out with his effort he gave maximum effort in everything he did he went 0 to 100 real quick. During 1 on 1’s Keontra showed that dropping it off to him short with his extra burst getting in the flats was a recipe for a big play Smith left it all on the Field Saturday.

9.   Jonathan Cotto

Don’t think of Boxing when you see his Last name think of a Future Dual threat Star, Cotto legs weren’t on display Saturday his arm was. While Cotto was a little rough around the edges, He showed Elite Arm Strength with accuracy as well on his deep throws. When it came to throwing to live targets this kid got in the Zone and was letting it rip with his powerful arm. Cotto’s arm talents are a must see.


10. Matt Drayton WR

Jacksonville FSG 8TH Grade MVP Came down to compete in South Florida. Matt started off slow but picked up steam in 1 on1’s because this kid is the ultimate competitor. Matt is 6’2 with big hands and doesn’t drop a thing, He showed off his skill set beating press coverage & gaining separation in off coverage. Matt showed off his MVP status..


Honorable Mention

James Cook

Cook showed up slowed by the flu which he was recovering from and turned heads running a 4.70 tied for the fastest time of the day. Cook did all that running in long sweat pants and under the weather, Cook looking to go for back to Back Game Mvp awards in the Future Stars Florida vs Georgia game.

The State of Florida is in for a show June 13,2015 in Atlanta, Ga FSG Team Florida will be loaded from 6th, 7th,8th graded FSG Team Georgia will have there work cut out for them. GenNexXt had the pleasure of covering all 6 FSG 2015 Tryouts from Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee , Jacksonville , Tampa , Ft. Lauderdale . GenNexXt will also be on hand June 13,2015 for the FSG Florida vs Georgia game .

James Cooks 4.7 in Sweats he Makes it looks effortless


                                                                                                                       Darrien Green

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