Generation Nexxt Presents Future Phenoms @ St Louis Youth Exposure Combine

FlyerThis Segment of Generation Nexxt is to recognize the future of football. As we venture out to uncover tomorrows stars at various events around the country. Recently we recognized that we have come across many of the current NCAA superstars, multiple NFL 1st rounders, and multiple current 4/5 Star recruits as their career had just begun during youth football. We want to share our discoveries with the Generation Nexxt community, as we have some fun watching their careers blossom.

API Rating is on a 100.00 point Scoring matrix increasing by intravals of .50 that accounts for Tangible and Intangible football playing ability. The higher the rating the better the  player would be considered. EX 100.00 = best, and 000.50 would be the worse.

Vol. 1.1 5/26/18

St Louis Youth Exposure Combine + Symposium

 St Louis University High School 

St Louis Youth Exposure held its first annual Combine Powered by Chris Brooks. The Combine was loaded with talent at all three age groups (6th, 7th , 8th), especially the 8th grade. The event consisted of 40 yard dash, 3 cone drill, shuttle, and vertical. The athletes then got into individual position groups, so that many of the kids could get coached up, before any competition. The final phase of the St Louis Youth Exposure Combine, were one on ones offense vs defense, and things got very intense.

So lets check out the players that stood out 

Damion Phipps

Class: 2022

Damion is a Division 1 recruit right now! At 6'3 275 with quick feet, and aggressive nature makes Phipps a guy Top D1 Schools can start to recruit right now, and should. Damion  breaks the mold when it comes to exceptional talent. Damion plays with confidence, and is a cerebral player too he doesn't just use his power to bully people on the line he tricks them into doing what he wants and then he punishes them. Phipps Could see playing time as freshman, and maybe even a starting job on the varsity level depending on the school he chooses. Damion is the name remember it because it will be heard alot more in the future. 


Toriano Pride

Class: 2022

We cannot say enough about this kid. Definitely one of the top players at the combine. Toriano could be the best cornerback in his class. Toriano tested well, and showcased his skill set. Torinao was not only one of the mostly skilled players in attendance he was also one of the fastest. Toriano will be a high value recruit in the area maybe even the country.


Christopher Brooks Jr 

Class: 2022

Chris Brooks Jr is one of the most polished young Receivers in the area. Chris has an elite frame, with a good mixture of size, power, and speed making him nearly impossible to keep at the line of scrimmage. Chris makes a 50/50 ball seem like a sure thing. Chris has huge upside, and can see time as freshman this fall.


Zyan Royal 

Class: 2024

Zyan Could have been the most dynamic 6th grader at the event. Zyan has the rare ability to play the game and adjust his speed, and angles in real time. Zyan is a playmaker who will be a difference maker 2018 like he has been in the past. Moving up to 7th grade / 12U action should be his year to really shine with the spotlight on him. Zyan is fast, confident, poised and very skilled to be such a young player. Look out for Zyan Royal to light it up in 2018 


Milos Willis

Class: 2022

Milos impressed us with his ability to press receivers into oblivion. Milos tested well but made a statement during one on ones not giving up a single catch. he showed the ability to shut players down, in a man situation. There is no question of what position the kid will end up playing the only real question is how soon does he get on the varsity playing field? You will be hearing the name Milos Willis a lot as he plays in high school because he possesses D1 potential.


Darren Wilson 

Class: 2024

Darren stands out like sore thumb that was dipped in red paint! He has Elite size at 6'1 220 he is a mountain of a kid. What impressed the most with Darren was his passion to win and do well. Darren was all business, and really worked hard to show off his skillset. Darrenon the offensive line can move people around, and was a stud during 1 on 1's even winning against some of the older kids. Darren Wilson will be a highly sought after highschool recruit in the future. 


Ryan Wingo

Class: 2024

One of the best 6th graders in attendance. Ryan showed the ability to be consistent in one on ones, and torched everyone who got in front of him a the 6th grade level. Ryan has good height, a slender kid but makes use of his body well. He can catch the ball very well, and he is a smooth runner with the speed to separate from defenders. look for him to have HUGE season in 2018 


Jamarion Price

Class: 2022

They call him Bowling Ball, and bowling ball has tons of potential. Not a very tall kid but has that low center of gravity, strong legs, vision, athleticism, and ability to bust a play wide open at any time. Jamarion showed he can catch the ball out the backfield, and he has that killer instinct making him a very dominant recruiting the area. Look for Jamarion to be a factor very soon on the varsity level because he can contribute to a high school team in many ways not just taking hand offs.


Kaldra Wilford

Class: 2022

Kaldra was the fastest man on the day! He showed that he is more than a sprinter. and can be a factor at every phase of the game. Kaldra also impressed with his competitive spirit and his ability to take coaching on the fly and adjust in real time. Kaldra will be a lethal weapon for his high school football squad, as he can make something out of absolutely nothing.


Steve Mccoy

Class: 2022

Steve McCoy has raw talent and ability. Once McCoy gets the proper coaching and training his stock will go through the roof. Steve's natural abilities, and size gives him the edge over smaller more skilled athletes.  Our guess is that Steve will end up on the defensive side of the ball because of his high motor and ability to play the game extremely fast. look out for him as he enters High school in the fall of 2018.


Artrell Miller

Class: 2022

Artrell looks like a grown man, with defined muscles and a silent sophistication about him. Artrell he has the ability to take over and become a really solid recruit. Artrell is a skill player he is smooth in transition, and seems to be a down hill type of player that can drop the hammer on a ball carrier. High school coaches should have fun figuring out what position he is best at, and where he can help the team the most.


Isaac Thompson

Class: 2022

Isaac made his presence felt as he walked out on to the field. Isaac is a big athlete with athleticism to really open eyes. Isaac stood out because he passed the eye test and when he tested his movement seemed natural and fluid. His future will depend on what the coaches need, and what potential they suspect. Right now he is a special WR / CB but he could end up anywhere on the football. Once he gets into a weight room and his body starts to take shape it will come to a head and he will be a very nice D1 recruit at 


Blair Schonhorst

Class: 2022

Blair was exceptional on the day, Especially during one on ones. Blair is a well polished young wide receiver who can create space, but most of all make the catch. Blair has some of the best hands we have ever seen on a football player at any level. Blair has the speed and quickness to get off the line against anyone, and the hands to make the catch. Blair also has pretty good size for an 8th grader. Look for him to do some special things in the next 4 years!  


Chase Hendricks

Class: 2023

When you speak about an athlete with confidence and skills to back it up, Chase could be the walking definition. He has elite level ability, and is a threat to make a team pay from anywhere on the field. Chase walks on the field and owns it, and players gravitate toward him because of it. Chase is a locker room guy, and will help boost team moral, and overall talent.   


Macaleb Rich 

Class: 2023

Macaleb stood out instantly with very fluid movement, he passes the eye test and tested very well in combine drills. Macaleb is very aggressive at the point of attack on the defensive side of the ball with a full head of steam he is scary. It's hard to place the position he will play as his career progresses but he will be a very dynamic player wherever he plays.


Darwin Anderson

Class: 2022

Darwin was very impressive from the start of the day through the end of the day. Darwin tested well for his size and position. Darwin also impressed with solid showing during 1 on 1's. He plays with intensity and uses his physicality to his advantage. Given his size and ability Darwin can become a very solid D1 recruit in the future.


Joseph Mayberry

Class: 2022

Joseph is a big boy who knows how to move his feet and man handle people on the line of scrimmage. It's very hard to say what position he will end up playing but it will be in the trenches, at 6'1 240 his in no pushover he knows how to use is body efficiently to create gaps, and keep Quarterbacks safe.


Lamont Barnes

Class: 2023

Lamont is a really big athlete with big potential, underdeveloped in his skills, and technique but he makes up for that with aggressiveness, power, and speed. Only a 7th grader so his ceiling has not yet been realized. Look for Lamont to explode on the scene in 2018.


Adrian Lyons

Class: 2022

Adrian has the looks of a very solid football player in the making. Adrian possess the tangibles, and intangibles necessary to be a special ball player, at the Wide receiver or the defensive back position. What made him stand out is his competitive spirit, he didn't back down and even sought the best to compete with. 


John McCaleb

Class: 2023

Big kid with a big bruiser mentality, who possesses a bunch of power, and he knows how to use it. He really stood out in individual drills he was very coachable and is able to apply the coaching to his play on the fly which was very impressive. John will be a 3-4 year starter in High School, so there is no ceiling for him. could be that diamond that every local coach is looking for, he takes instruction very well, i could see him impacting the defense with the plays he doesn't make by requiring more attention and doing his job, and opening it up for his teammates.


Jaylon Mckenzie

Class: 2023

Jaylon is a naturally gifted he has very smooth movement, in transition, Natural hands, and a solid frame. What impressed us the most was his ability to get in and out of breaks with ease, and then catch ball fluidly and good testing numbers gave him the edge. Jaylon will be a very good play maker in the future. Watch out world Jaylon is coming!


Amari Willis

Class: 2024

Amari Tested very well in the combine, and looked very polished for a 6th grader. Amari can fly with speed to spare and really good size. He made a name for himself, by his showing at the st Louis exposure combine, and this year he should be able to keep that momentum going, and garner alot more attention. 


James Distaso - Hutchins

Class: 2023

What catches your eye is his Size, and frame. James is not a fat kid, he is just big and powerful. James showed the flashes of brilliance, and tested well. It will be interesting to see how he puts it all together and where the coaches will utilize his skill set. James could be the kid that rises to the top of recruiting boards unexpectedly.


Jude James

Class: 2024

Jude stood out because of his size, and natural movements, potential in there for him to be a great young player, look for him to come into his own this fall in 2018. The kid looks like he is bred for football glory and he has a very high football IQ after only speaking with for a few minutes you can really tell he is a student of the game. Jude James will turn heads this year look for his name to be circulated around a lot in the next couple of years 


Tyron Woodley

Class: 2022

Tyron doesnt stand out in a crowd but he can move one! Tyron was one of the most physical athletes in attendance really showed off his power during 1 on 1's. Tyron showed he can cover from depth, and run with backs out of the backfield. It's very hard to guess his future position because he has a lot to offer a team and can play at a high level at multiple positions on the Defensive line and at linebacker, his body type as he grows will determine his fate.


Lamar Box

Class: 2022

Lamar has a big arm, great athleticism, height to see over the line, and accuracy to make every throw on the football field. If Lamar is able to put it all together he could be a very sought after recruit at the quarterback position. Learning scheme and getting opportunity will be key for him and the type of recruit he becomes in the future. Lamar is the type of player who changes the score board in an instant on any play because he can score using his legs or his arm, making him a threat every time he takes a snap. 


Dorien Taylor

Class: 2022

Dorien was impressive, he tested very well , and made some nice throws during 1 on 1's. Dorien is a young Quarterback who is also a gifted athlete its nearly impossible to place his skill set without seeing the team he is on! Dorien has speed and power along with good size, and the ability to run through tackles, and extend plays. Dorien could end up playing a plethora of positions on the offense and defensive side of the ball it will be interesting to see what his High school coaches do with him. 


Kylend Watson

Class: 2022

Kyland has great size, and strong hands. Kylend uses his hands well and can lock out defenders with ease. A very talented young trench player who can impact the game in various ways. its hard to say if he will end up on the defensive or offensive side of the ball, because it may change depending on team needs. What kylend brings to the table is straight beef and ambition. 


Charles Johnson jr

Class: 2022 

SPEED SPEED SPEED! CJ is lightening fast and very quick. Will be a very solid High school running back once he gets in the weight room and maximizes his frame. CJ is the type of back that defenders can lose behind the offensive line. CJ has every evasive move at his disposal because of his quick feet and balance. CJ Could see time early into his highschool career with his ability to be a factor on special teams.


Gabe Booker

Class: 2023

Gabe was a quiet player, and didn't stand out in any one category but he was consistent the entire day finishing near the top in all the drills, and competitions. It took the entire day for him to make it on our standout list, and we feel that could be his thing. Gabe is the type of player that doesn't ooh and ahh you but when you look at the stat sheets post game you recognize he actually had a pretty good day, and stuck around the top of the pack in each relevant statistical category.


Dallas Winner - Johnson

Class: 2023

You will notice this kid in warm ups. with great height and a very good skill set to go along with it. Dallas caught the ball well, and tested well. Dallas is impossible to ignore as he put up an impressive vertical jump, which coupled with his size screams match up problem 


Monte Weaver

Class: 2022

When you look at Monte you can almost tell he is a speedster with a smooth stride. Monte tested very well especially in the 40, and shuttle. He is underdeveloped as a defensive back, but he can stay with anyone, and he uses his hands well. Monte has the speed to close passing windows very fast, and is at his best when he can play in space. 


Darrell Taylor

Class: 2024

Derrell Show flashes of special during the combine testing and competing well in individuals. Derrell  has good size for his grade, and is never physically outmatched. Derrell will need to sharpen his skill if he wants to take that next step, but he has everything he needs to do it. 


Rico Barnes

Class: 2024

Rico doesn't stand out on paper based on size, but his heart is very big and his motor does not stop. This kid will be a very good football player if he attacks the game in the upcoming years as he does now. Look for Rico to be making a lot of plays in 2018. 


Honorable Mention  

  • Demetrion Cannon - 2023
  • Jaiden Vonner - 2024
  • Tramond Dukes - 2022

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