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Name: Brenden Shipp

Height: 5”9

Weight: 150 pounds

Position: Athlete

Team: Ocala Pride

CLASS: 2021



Stats: Over 500 yards rushing & 900 yards receiving 28 combined touchdowns on the year


February 2,2017


Getting to know Brenden:


This day in age were starting to see trends of High School athletes trickle down to the youth level, one of those things is traveling to combines to compete versus some of the top talent in different cities. Kids now have no issue with proving they’re the best and see no problem with traveling to prove it, then that’s the route they’re taking to earn rankings & exposure for the next level. One of the state of Florida’s best kept secret is class of 2021 Athlete Brenden Shipp out of Ocala, who leaped on to our radar traveling from Ocala 5 ½ hours to South Florida to compete in the GenNexXt Skill competition. My first-time meeting Brenden you instantly saw his awesome personality & his will to be the best no matter who he competed against. That day in July Brenden posted top 3 scores in the 40 yard dash,vertical, shuttle & broad jump, not to mention this kid had his way in the 1 on 1 competition. One thing is for sure if you can come to South Florida and earn respect while putting on a show simultaneously then you pretty much earned that certified stamp. Brenden Shipp would continue to show me each time I had the pleasure of watching him play that he is no doubt one of the top 10 class of 2021 players in the nation. Watching Brenden play you begin to see what makes what he does so extraordinary is his versatility plus his ability to affect the game in all three phases equally. If you’re talking stat sheet filler check Brenden 2016 stats out 8 rushing td’s, 16 receiving td’s, 4 int, 2 int returned for touchdowns, 5 Passing td’s now that’s versatility. Brenden lead his Ocala Pride team to a 15-2 record, but the thing this kid is most proud of is his 3.7 gpa and improving on that which he was so adamant about. You can look in this kids eyes and see the fire burning & hunger, but his humbleness and focus is what sets him apart from the rest of the pack. It’s one thing to have talent and another to have talent and that dawg in you, Brenden has that and the brains to take him where ever he desires in life. If I were a betting man, I’d say you can bet your last on this kid barring injury he will definitely be a top of every Power 5 teams recruiting board he is that good.  


The Skinny :


The calling card of Shipp game is speed. This is something he possesses in spades. He's an elite big-play threat, one of the most dangerous players in the nation in the class of 2021. He's a smooth mover and somewhat of a mid-strider who gets up to top speed quickly. Out in space he runs with balance, agility, and body control. Shipp is a athlete that is more quick than fast. More apt to find a crease and outrun defenders in the open field than he is to shake them with jukes. Now all this being said, Shipp has loose hips can re-direct his frame laterally. On tape there are times he can be running parallel to the line of scrimmage and then seemingly in one motion square his shoulders to the line and burst down-hill. He isn't overly creative at the second and third levels and isn't often seen making defenders miss with sudden change of direction. Although part of this could be a function of his speed beating defenders so often those shifty moves allow him to explode for a huge play. Shipp has a high Football IQ that allows you to move him around, which results in him doing damage in the passing game. His impact in the passing game from his route running to his unlimited catching radius which allows him to change the game once his possess the ball in his hands. There are a few questions that exist with Shipp going forward: Will he add additional weight in an effort to develop into a full time runner or learn the intricacies of the wide receiver position while operating as a change of pace option early in his High School career?


ON 1 Q & A with Brenden


GenNexXt Dee : Brenden how did your team do this season?

Brenden: We did good this year, we lost to 2 really good teams this year at nationals (Detroit Spartans and Maryland Seahawks) I wasn't a 100 percent against the Spartans 

GenNexXt Dee: What goals as a player did you set this season?

Brenden : One goal I set was to score in every phase of the game , which I did accomplish, and 1 more was to win a national championship even though we came up short . 


GenNexXt Dee: Brenden you have a very impressive Highlight reel. What play would you say was your favorite?

Brenden:  I don't really have a favorite, but if I had to choose it would be the fade route and it was a tipped ball then I scored.


GenNexxt Dee: What’s your favorite Offensive play call and why?

Brenden : It was either blue basketball (fade route) or Japan (slant) because on a fade route I get to go over top of somebody or on a slant I get to catch the ball then get up the field and show off my field.


GenNexXt Dee: Brenden how many different ways have you scored this year?

Brenden : I scored in every phase of the game , special teams, pic 6 , rush , reception , passing . 


GenNexXt Dee: Brenden how would you describe your playing style?

Brenden: I would describe my play style physical, fast, really all around type of play style.


GenNexxt Dee: If you had to pick a play that describes you as a player, what would it be?

Brenden: This isn’t on my highlights but it was in spring last year, the state championship in overtime the game is tied 6-6 we just made the stop to get back on offense and the first play I got a handoff and scored to win. It showed I make a play when I have to. 


GenNexXt Dee: I notice from you're film you play with an edge. What goes on in your mind before a Snap?

Brenden: In my mind before every snap is that I have to dominate the guy in front of me or also I think about how the play is going to break down.


 GenNexXt Dee: What High School programs are you interested in?

Brenden: I'm interested in Ocala Vanguard, Trinity catholic, and Ocala Dunnellon. I'm most likely going to Ocala Vanguard.


GenNexXt Dee: What profession are you interested in outside sports?

Brenden: I want to major in sports medicine. 


GenNexXt Dee: What's your most memorable game?

Brenden: The FSYFL state championship game last spring. 


GenNexXt Dee: What separates you from other Running backs?

Brenden: I have patience, speed, and I have vision. 


GenNexXt Dee: What are you looking forward to mostly entering High School?

Brenden:  I want to at least have my first offer at the end of my freshman year or start of sophomore year, so I want to either start or get playing time.


GenNexXt Dee: What does your workout regime consistent of?

Brenden: I do footwork drills, conditioning drills, I lift weights, I do leg days and upper body work out days. 


GenNexXt Dee: Brenden what’s your favorite subject & why?

Brenden:  I like history because I like to learn about why things are the way they are now because of the stuff that happened in the past


GenNexXt Dee: Academically what are your goals?

Brenden: I want to finish with at least a 3.5 this year or higher. At least finish with all A's and B's 


GenNexXt Dee: Brenden you have the stage. What is something you want the world to know about Brenden Shipp?

Brenden: I want to let everybody know to not sleep on me! I am the best 2021 athlete in the country in my opinion. If they sleeping wake up before they can't witness greatness. But I want to say I'm extremely blessed for everything and I thank for everyday because he wakes me up every day to see another day. High school is going to be a movie!

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