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Name: Jake Rubley

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 175

Position: Qb

Team: WF Warriors ( Black )

CLASS: 2021

Gpa: 3.8



Point of View:

March 25, 2017,

Things are changing on the youth level one of the prime examples, is the Class of 2020 had six Quarterback prospects to receive verbal D-1 offers from College recruiters before even setting foot on a High School field. Yes, people who aren’t fans of 8th graders receiving offers rebuttal would be these kids can’t commit to these offers or these kids are too young and haven’t proven anything. My response is the object of playing sports is to get a free college education and the earlier these kids are recognized the greater their chances are receiving a free ride. The Class of 2020 Quarterbacks set the bar high for the rest of the 8th grade Quarterbacks from this point on, which brings me to this young signal caller in the Class of 2021. Dylan McCaffrey was last year’s 5-star Quarterback out of the state of Colorado, four years from now we just might have this same conversation about Jake Rubley who is also a Colorado native. When you feast your eyes on this 6’3” 175-pound kid you notice he has the size already to play the position on the next level and isn’t even finish growing, but don’t think for a minute he is a statue this kid is freakishly athletic. From a family of Quarterbacks, it’s on fitting this kid who carries a 3.8 Gpa carry on the family tradition at the position. What jumps out to you about this kid play on the field is he is far ahead of the curve for an 8th grader, he has an unreal grasp for what’s going on and can process that information as if it is 2nd nature to him. My saying is what makes a Quarterback special is not physical attributes or his frame, it’s what’s between their ears that separates the average from the elite. Judging from what I’ve seen out of Jake it was only proper we rated him our 1# ranked Quarterback in the Class of 2021, unknown to most of the nation but it’s GenNexXt job to introduce the country to the future phenoms.  



It’s going to be really tough for the quarterback class of 2021 to match up with the prospects from the 2020 class in terms of depth, but the three that I have broken down so far are definitely worthy of being in the same category as their predecessors. Rubley has prototype size for a pocket passer but this kid is a dual threat. He still needs to develop a bit physically, but is big enough to play at the high school level right now. He’s no burner as a runner, but is an athlete you must account for in a zone read situation. There aren’t too many youth passers I’ve seen be as accurate as Rubley. His ball placement is exceptional most of the time and it allows for his receivers to make plays after the catch. He consistently gets the ball out on time. Rubley delivers the ball with a lot of authority and makes some very impressive throws. He fits the ball in some tight spots when he must. His mechanics are impressive and will only get better with time. He’s well balanced in the pocket and has a quick release. In addition to showing off big time arm strength when he needs it, he also shows great touch, specifically on the deep ball and up the seam. He gives his receiver a chance to make a play and can place it in a spot where the defensive back is going to have difficulty getting his hands on it. It’s his overall pocket presence that really stands out as his greatest strength. Rubley isn’t afraid to hang in the pocket and take a hit to make a throw and will step up in the pocket and find his second read. It’s so rare for a player his age to be unfazed by pressure, but seeing him beat pressure at times with his arm shows his potential at the position. Let’s not forget this kid is also a threat to run, and will take any opportunity when it’s there to move the chains with his feet. He moves well to avoid rushers without comprising his mechanics too much. Rubley has all the upside and attributes to make him a very successful Quarterback down the line, far from a finish product but his ceiling no doubt is intriguing. I personally think he has the potential to be a great player at the next level and someone who can start fairly early when he gets to High School.


1 on 1 with Jake Rubley:

Who is your favorite Qb?

Jake: Tom Brady


What do you like most about playing the Quarterback position?

Jake: I love to play the quarterback position because I like to be a leader and know that my teammates trust me and my decision making when we are on the field.


What were your stats on the Year?

 Jake: Our team that I played on did not keep stats however we made it to the league championship and also my FBU team came 6th in the nation for FBU


What does your workout regime consist of?

Jake: I throw at least three days a week. I have speed training five days a week. I attend Steve Clarkson quarterback camps. I am on a high school 7on7 club team  ( Weapon X ) run by Jermaine Stafford.


What are your High School Choices?

Jake: My high school choices are Valor Christian High School and Highlands Ranch High School


Have you made a high school choice yet? If yes, who?

Jake: Yes, I have chosen to attend Highlands Ranch High School


What are some areas of your game your looking to improve on?

Jake: I'm working to play varsity as a freshman and I'm focusing on getting used to varsity game speed.


What parts of your game, you’d say separates you from the other QB's in your class?

Jake: My poise, decision making, arm strength, and mechanics.


What are your goals outside of sports?

Jake: I want to maintain good grades and graduate from college and work to be successful in life


What are you most looking forward to on the high school level?

Jake: Playing against the highest competition, working toward winning a state championship and working hard every day to improve my skills.


Who are your biggest supporters?

Jake: My biggest supporters are my parents, my three brothers, my aunts, my uncles, and my cousin


Last Question, Jake what do you want the nation to know about Jake Rubley?

Jake: I come from a family of quarterbacks. My dad played Qb in the NFL, two older brothers currently play college football, three of my uncles played D1 QB (2 iowa state and one at Auburn) and my extended cousin Jerry Hillebrand played a long time in the NFL. The coolest part of my life that many people don't know is that Slyvester Stallone is my uncle.

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