GenNexXt Presents NexXt 2 Blow: Class of 2022 RB Emoni Steele

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Name: Emoni Steele

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 165
Position: RB
Team: Hilltop Hawks ( Oh )

March 20,2017,

At first glance:
If you’re having a debate about who is the most popular running-back to come out of the state Ohio, Maurice Clarett is easily the unanimous choice after his illustrious prep & college career. Often when mentioning fertile talent pools some may forget that the state of Ohio can stand up with any state, which is a big reason Ohio State is a powerhouse program. That talent must have a starting point which is why the Ohio Youth football scene is starting to give notice to the rest of the country, that they have some of the best youth programs in the country. I mention Maurice Clarett earlier simply because one of the top youth programs in the nation the Hilltop Hawks, has its own version of Clarett from a talent standpoint. Emoni Steele a class of 2022 youth phenom is most likely on his way to a very bright future as one of the top running-backs in the nation in his class. This young man possesses so many qualities that makes him elite, but let me start off with his heart & will to be the best. Seeing is believing which is what Emoni showed us at the Ohio 5 star combine, Steele was nursing a nagging injury and said he was only at 86%. In frigate 38-degree weather Steele displayed the heart of a champion calling older kids out while stealing the show going 10 for 10 in 1 on 1’s. That performance on Saturday was nothing short of what youth football legends was made of. Steele wanted to show he is in the conversation of the best players in the country in his age group and he did it in dramatic fashion. When assessing that one thing that makes this kid that special, I’d go with competitor because it didn’t matter who you put in front of him his mission to dominate wouldn’t be denied. Never one to forget that attitude will take you so far in life & you have some people who want to succeed but lack the attitude to succeed, Emoni Steele has that focus attitude which will ultimately lead him to the road of success. If for one second you think this kid is just a tee shirt & shorts guy think again, Emoni Steele of the Hilltop Hawks is coming off a 40 plus touchdown season despite seeing 9 & 10 man fronts. Like I’ve previously explained Emoni Steele won’t be denied you can see the fire & hunger in his eyes when it’s time to show & prove….

The Skinny:
In what should be a surprise to some, Emoni Steele packs more power than most other running backs that are the same size. Steele is powerfully built with room to get bigger. He shows very impressive long speed and a elite burst to separate from defenders. His lateral movement skills are one to keep an eye, because he makes things happen in small spaces. Steele is a beast of an inside runner that displays patience and vision. He runs with authority when he hits the h*** and plays bigger than his size would indicate. He will break tackles and is a tough player to bring down at the second level. Steele has good enough feet to be a one-cut runner, but shows more with subtle movements. Steele has no problem running through defenders & he displays a knack for making someone miss. He has an extra gear in the open field and that comes through as a kick returner or direct snaps as well. That combined with how tough he runs some may forget this kid is a pure homerun threat whenever he possesses the ball. After his combine performance, it’s safe to say he catches the ball fairly well out of the backfield and can be a very useful player in the screen game. Steele has more substance than flash to his game and that’s one reason why I think he can develop into something special down the line. He has the chance to become some lucky program’s feature back and I expect he will have a very productive High school career. But let’s not forget this 7th grader has one more year before venturing off to his next challenge but boy oh boy this kid has that IT factor.

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