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Name: Carson Haggard

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 100

Position: QB

Team: Suniland Sundevils

CLASS: 2022

Gpa: 4.0

Stats: 20 Td Passes



Point of View

April 10, 2017

It’s easy to assume that the son of a lawyer would end up being a lawyer as well, after all this kid sports a sparkling 4.0 grade point average & is a member of the National Junior Honor Society at Palmer Trinity which is a prestigious private school. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet, we’ve already established this kid is an academic scholar with a bright future to achieve any goal he sets his mind to. When speaking with Carson Haggard first thing he will tell you is his goal each year is to make straight A’s, not bad for a Quarterback with a resume for the most wins in youth football. Yes, I said it this kid is also a big-time Fbu Top Gun Quarterback with a glowing resume that not many can match on the youth level not to mention he is 12 years old playing with older kids. Football is Carson’s outlet to let go and have fun, never the one to be complacent this kid applies things he has learned in the classroom to the gridiron like leadership, hard work, and effort which he applies both on the field and in the classroom. While some may find it easy to overlook Carson because of his small stature which is a mistake that most of his opponents make, and he makes them pay for it by picking apart their defenses. No stranger to the big games Carson has went toe to toe with the best the other leagues have to offer with wins over AYFL & FYFL teams, even if this kid team didn’t come out victorious which isn’t often you can rest assure he left it all on the field with the respect of his opponents. When it becomes time to lead his troops on the field this kid takes pride in leading by example & being a vocal leader when it’s time to fire his guys up, which he feels is so important on and off the field. With all the qualities & attributes you begin to see why Carson is one of the top Quarterbacks in his class, Carson has accomplished so much under the radar and earning everything the old fashion way. With the 2017 season vastly approaching the first thing that comes to mind is the hardest thing to do in sports is repeat, Carson has assured me each year he and his Suniland teammates rededicate themselves to stay hungry in search of their 4th straight Championship to go along with his 2 NFL Flag National Championship. If were judging by growth Carson has more than 60 touchdown passes over the past 3 season you can expect those numbers to climb upward as this kid takes his game to another level, the proof is just in the pudding numbers don’t lie.


The Skinny:

Carson Haggard is coordinated with very nimble feet. He’s not going to blow anyone away with his straight-line speed, but he can move well in and around the pocket. Haggard is extremely polished in his technique and fundamentals of the position. His movement and ability to slide in the pocket is terrific. He doesn’t have a rocket for an arm, but because he is so balanced and his feet are so good, he is rarely in bad position to deliver the football. His ball placement on his throws is great as well. He does a tremendous job of hitting his receivers in stride or putting the ball in places where they can win on the play.  Haggard simply has a great feel for the position. He moves like he has been doing footwork drills since he came out of the womb. The best thing Haggard has going for him is he isn’t limited to being one of those quarterbacks where he is primarily asked to do one step and throw like many offenses around youth football. Suniland Offensive Coordinator mixes in some pro-style offense where he’s not asked to do any designed quarterback runs and concentrate on throwing the football. Haggard does a great job going through his progressions in the pocket. He’s always looking off defensive backs before hitting his receiver. He’s very advanced in this compared to so many of his peers and it enables him to consistently make smart decisions with the football.  Haggard advanced in a lot of ways already and he has the chance to develop into one of the top quarterbacks in the country.


1 on 1 with Carson Haggard .


What are somethings you enjoy doing outside of football?

Carson: I like to snowboard, go jet skiing, and play basketball.


Who is your favorite Qb?

Carson: Russell Wilson and Drew Brees


What do you like most about playing the Quarterback position?

Carson: I like being a leader and I like to call plays.


What are some things you would like to accomplish your last year before High School?

Carson: I would like to accomplish winning the Dolphin’s Championship. It is the one championship that we have not won yet.


What does your workout regime consist of?

Carson: It consist of warming up, footwork drills, throwing on the run, moving in the pocket, proper drops, and finally deep throws.


What’s your most memorable game?

Carson: My most memorable game is when we beat the South Kendall Seahawks 14-12 in the rain on Generation Nexxt.


How would you best describe your relationship & bond with your teammates?  

Carson: My teammates and I are just like brothers. We also like to have a lot of fun teasing each other.


What are some areas of your game your looking to improve on?

 Carson: I am looking to improve my running skills and my deep throw.


What parts of your game, you'd say separates you from the other QB's in your class?

 Carson: My knowledge of the game and my fundamentals.


What are your goals outside of sports?

Carson: My goals are to be a good role model to younger kids and to be the best person I can be.


What accomplishment in your career so far, you’re most proud of?

Carson: I am most proud of winning GenNexXt All Dade First Team and winning three championships in a row.


Who would you’d say is your biggest inspiration for playing Football?

Carson: My biggest inspiration is my dad because I believe he is a great role model and one day I hope to be as great as him.


Last Question, What do you want the nation to know about you?

Carson: Even though I might be small, I can tear up any defense!!!

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