Getting To Know: The Chosen Ones', Palmetto Raiders (100lbs.)

As the power continues to re-store across the state of Florida, after the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. There is another one lurking in South Florida, that has been described as a category 5, destroying everything in its path, on Saturday afternoons named the "chosen ones".

Head coach Deanglo "Dee" Johnson of
Palmetto Raiders'(100lbs.), a South Dade graduate, has assembled a juggernaut group of kids, that has outscored their opponents an eye-catching (412-24) over the past three seasons, credited by offensive line: Prince Smith, Lamar Simmons, Jamie Freeney, Tyrik Williams, and Kavon Smith. The group is coached by 2-time Pop Warner Div. 1 Nat' champion offensive line coach Louis Axe.

The chosen ones up-and-coming defensive coordinator Arthur Allen, who oversees the linebackers and secondary, is responsible for unbelievable (23) shutouts within twenty-six game at the helm. The last time an offense drove the ball across the 50-yard line on his defense, dates back to 75lbs. which occurred December 2015 vs. Pompano Eagles in the Champions vs. Champions Bowl. Which is unbelievable for any age group or level of competition.

It also helps, when your team is handling business inside-and-outside of the classroom. Here's note, which is heavily overlooked in this day-and-age in youth sports. At least twelve football players, carry a 86% (B+) academic score, on their report card. The cornerstone of team academically speaking, is none other than offensive tackle Prince Smith, who not only pancake defenders, but the books as well. The Pop Warner scholar sports a remarkable (98%).

The high-powered offense, strikes so fast, despite the mercy rule, which allows the clock to run continuously. The chosen ones have routed opponents in fashion. The vast majority of their games are usually over before it even start. The Florida City Razorbacks (44-0) as well as Goulds Rams and Gwen Cherry Bulls (36-0), have experienced the extremely gifted affect of the chosen ones.

As of today, the Chosen Ones overall record is (24-1-1), which includes hardware of back-to-back Sean Taylor Classic trophies and including, one Champions vs. Champions trophy.

A total of six football players were chosen, for the Miami Dolphins' All-Star Game. Which featured Tedarius "Poppa" Hughes, Calvin Peters, Kamari "Green Shoes" Morrison, Allen "Deon" Jones, Martavis Warren, and Dylan Gil.

The Billion dollar question "Why the QB Switch?"                                                                                                                                                                                                       

If you are unaware, Generation Nexxt All-Star selection QB/FS Tadaruus "Poppa" Hughes, who totaled 35 touchdowns (16-pass/19-rush) the past season as the starting quarterback, has switched to wide receiver full-time this season.

"Going into the season we as an offensive staff, felt as though we wanted to use Tedarius "Poppa" Hughes similar to how Urban Meyer used Percy Harvin at the University of Florida." said offensive coordinator Lawrence Corbett. Wide receiver coach Kelly King is one of the best in the business, which helps the transitioning.

Poppa is certainly living up to the Percy Harvin comparison, for the chosen ones this season. He's responsible for (6) total touchdowns (4 receiving, 1 rushing, 1 punt return, and 1 interception).

Dual threat quarterback/linebacker Kymani Corbett, ability to throw the deep and intermediate passes, along with his knowledge of the game, is what also lead to the QB switch. Corbett, a rising dual-threat quarterback (who was responsible for (10) rushing TD's last season)
is 95% academic student, who has spreaded the wealth through 3-games this season.

Corbett, has rushed for two touchdowns and has thrown (8) TD's, connecting with highly talented wide receiver Tedarius "Poppa" Hughes and h-back Calvin Peters. It appears the Raiders will have another All-Star quarterback for the second consecutive year if this performance keeps up.

The chosen ones running back Kamari "Green Shoes" Morrison, is perhaps the most exciting player in Pop Warner. The past season, he accumulated (21) rushing TD's. This fall, he's off to another amazing start, averaging (2) touchdowns per game versus and Northwest, Florida City, and Goulds.

Greenshoes displayed his talent goes beyond his league, as he scored the first touchdown the past season in the Miami Dolphins' All-Star game, taking a handoff 63-yards untouched.

But, the actual All-Stars, are coached by Harry Anderson (DEs) and
Rell Kelsey (Interior DL), who causes non-stop havoc, which consists of an eight man rotation at defensive line. The chosen ones 5-3 defense, is anchored by Dandre Ward (DE), Delvares Williams (DT), Charles Edwards (NG), Anthony Moore (DT), and Tyreak williams (DE) has never allowed a running back to reach the 100-yard milestone.

Inside linebacker Dylan Gil, the younger brother of Miami Palmetto Sr. WR Ivan Thomas (Florida Int' Uni. commit), has a bright future. He's literally, averaging (12) tackles per game this season. The past season All-Star selection, just have a noise for the ball.

Life is a breeze, as a coach, when both of your starting cornerbacks (Deon Jones and Martavis Warren) are All-Star caliber kids. But, secondary coach Dexter Roberts and defensive coordinator Arthur Allen (linebackers coach) doesn't allow their age, to limit what they teach them.

I remember during practice watching the chose ones practice, seeing kids execute high school coverages and stunts. What caught my eye was, the kids knew exactly what to do, and what to look for. I was very impressed. Here's a note, the defensive backs have only gave up 2 receptions in 2 1/2 years.

This chosen ones have the potential to fall in-line with the historic teams such as the Florida City Razorbacks, Richmond-Perrine Giants, and Liberty City Warriors, known as the Wolfpack.

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