Gwen Cherry Bulls vs. Florida City Razorbacks, 155LBS: Athletes Sound-Off

By Jerry Williamson
This upcoming saturday at 5pm at Gwen Cherry Park -- the Florida City Razorbacks vs. Gwen Cherry Bulls, 155lbs./Jr. Midgets football game will clash and this is consider a "MUST SEE" and many would consider it a classic for years to come. Most importantly, this showdown will give you a glimpse of the STARS of TOMORROW. Ladies and gentlemen -- the stars of tomorrow intro wasn't just a catchy line to reel you in. Listen to these numbers -- (15) student-athletes are ranked Top 10 at their position or Top 100 in South Florida that will suit up this saturday, according to Generation Nexxt Scouting. In addition, (3) student-athletes have already been "electronically timed" in the 40-yard -- turning in eye-popping times 4.8/40 (Shemar Paul) and 4.9/40 (Torey "Scooter" Morrison & Jovan Ferguson) put to test by The Chamber staff located in Davie, FL.



Gwen Cherry Bulls QB Jovan Ferguson


Question: You are bless with playmakers on offense and you are a lot faster than most defenses think -- clocking an electronically timed 4.96/40. What do you think the bulls will need to do to defeat the razorbacks? And what are the things you need to do at QB to win the game?


Answer: We will need a good hard working week of practice so we can be physical and mentally better than our opponent. Also the things I need to do at quarterback is to execute on all my passes and make plays when there's nothing open not only using my arm, but my feet as well. Smart play and decision making will determine if we come out on top.

Florida City Razorbacks QB Torey "Scooter" Morrison

Question: This saturday the bulls will maybe bring the house (blitz) every play due to your dangerous dual threat athletic ability. After watching the bulls defense this year -- what are the key things you will need to do to defeat the bulls at home? And has family member  -- Florida International University, freshman QB Maurice "Hardtime" Alexander given you any advice?

Answer: The key things I will need to do to bring home a victory -- is to play a smart without turning the ball over. I also will have to spread the ball around into the hands of my key players. Maurice said, " Just go out there in have fun. Play my game, stay focus and be patient.
Gwen Cherry Bulls ATH Shamar Paul

Question: You (Shamar) are consider by a number of coaches, as the best athlete on the field. All eyes will be on you saturday. What do you think of the razorbacks defense? And why do people feel you're a X-factor?
Answer: I don't know nothing about they defense just know me an my team gonna have a field day with them. Yes I have been waiting to play them because they beat my team last year in the superbowl cause of missing pieces. So now it's payback time and they think they better than us which there not.
 Gwen Cherry Bulls CB Timothy Burns Jr.
Question: We rated you the #1 CB in Dade County, but truth be told -- you are an amazing all-around athlete. Do you think the razorbacks will target you saturday at cornerback? If so, what should they expect?

Answer: Yes, I expect them to target me, but it wont matter. I bring a combination of skills that quailifes me to be the best CB on the field. I'm bigger, stronger and faster than last year. That alone seperates me from them.
Florida City Razorbacks WR Jaden Francios

Question: You are playing lights out this year at wide receiver and have taken your game to another level. You (Jaden), Jaheim Jerry and Adrian Davis are putting up impressive numbers out wide this fall. What do you have instore for saturday?
Answer: I'm just ready to play. I don't do much talking. My talk is his game.
Gwen Cherry Bulls Linebacker Elijah Abreu
Question: You're not the biggest guy on the field, but you deliver some of the biggest hits. What should we expect from you and the bulls defense?
Answer: Expect me to play smart and for us to play smart as a team and expect some good defense from us.
Florida City Razorbacks CB Cedarius Watts

Question: I think you are one of the top 10 CB's in South Florida for the class of 2021 (7th grade) after watching you this off-season and including the two games this season. Saturday game will feature four notable wide receivers you know very well after challenging them in 7-on-7 football this off-season. Do you think the bulls will be able to throw vs. the razorbacks secondary now in gear? And who do you think is the bulls best wide receiver?

Answer: They not gone be able to get the ball off and I think none of they WRs will have time to make big plays. But we will see what they about this saturday.
             Gwen Cherry Bulls WR Shamar Zaragoza
Question: You display great hand-eye coordination, and just knows how to get open. What should spectators expect to see from you saturday? And how many touchdowns have you scored this season?
Answer: The spectators is going to get open looks good catches and great blocking from me. I didn't score any touch down yet this season but along as my team winning that's fine with me".
Florida City Razorbacks DL David Ealey

Question: Do you think due to the Northwest Boys & Girls Club game is why the bulls feel confident about upsetting the razorbacks on saturday? Is Florida City defensive line ready? If yes, why
Answer: No, I don't. Yes, I feel that we're the best defensive line in Ñop Warner on the 155s division.

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