Gwen Cherry Routs Florida City; QB Jovan Ferguson scores 3-touchdowns

By Jerry Williamson

The most anticipated Pop Warner football game in the 2015 regular season that everyone had circle on the calendar took place this past weekend at Gwen Cherry Park.

While people came to watch the "Stars of Tomorrow" -- the University of Miami stars Joe Yearby, Mark Walton and Chad Thomas just to name a few was present to watch yes, a youth football game. Over 2,000 people was in attendance. I observed youth football coaches and athletes from outside of the league eager to see the outcome such as Florida Youth Football League, Miami Xtreme Football League, National Youth Football League, American Youth Football League and the undefeated 8A South Dade Bucs varsity football staff and student-athletes.

Well enough with the pregame introduction. I think you get the big picture if you failed to experience an UM vs. FSU-like atmosphere this past weekend.The bulls won the opening coin toss and chose to defer. The razorbacks first play from scrimmage appeared as it would be a great game -- as RB (#6) Jaylen Durham would display exceptional strength -- moving the pile for nearly a first-down. But, after  Jaylen first carry, things would get ugly, and I mean ugly, fast for the razorbacks.

The razorbacks starting running back Jaylen Durham and Gwen Cherry Bulls cornerback (#12) Dwayne Bendross would both be ejected on the same play after a minor scuffle. A number of spectators believe both football players should've been giving a warning by the referee.

On 3rd down -- (#3) QB Torey "Scooter" Morrison would be intercepted by the bulls (#21) Safety Jaheim Lawton at the Florida City 30-yard line. Gwen Cherry offense would take the field and he would take roughly five plays to score as -- (#3) QB Jovan Ferguson and (#1)RB Shamar Paul would power their way inside on leads and wedge plays averaging nearly four yards per play.

The bulls now, on Florida City 8-yard line, would then spread the field sending Shamar Paul in motion -- faking the famous jet sweep and QB Jovan Ferguson would fine daylight sprinting untouched up the Middle to take the lead 8-0.

Midway into the second quarter -- the bulls defensive end (#12) Wendol Philord would strip the ball from the razorbacks running back and race into the end zone from 26-yards out to increase the bulls lead to 16-0.

The razorbacks defense would come up big by forcing a fumble and defensive lineman David Robinson would recover the ball. On offense, the razorbacks would then go to spread empty formation. Torey would connect to Ralp Williams for their only first down during the first half, but the drive will end again being forced to punt. The bulls now, on the razorbacks 40-yard line with roughly 2-minutes remaining before halftime, opted to kneel several times and go into half up 16-0.

Right before the opening 2nd half kickoff. I shouted to  CB (#22) Timothy Burns Jr. -- "You're bigger, faster and stronger" relating to his response to my article question and Timothy would look just as he said. Timothy would field the kick at the 13-yard line and would return it 62-yards and literally, run out of a  razorbacks defender tackle and if not for catching his balance in time, he would have scored a touchdown. Timothy was targeted once by the way.

The bulls running back (#1) Shamar Paul would then begin to heat up -- breaking runs off tackle and almost making an ESPN Top 10 play cutting across field making several defenders miss after running tough inside the first half. QB Jovan Ferguson would score his 2nd rushing touchdown -- calling his own number on a quarterback sneak now putting the game out of reach 24-0.

The razorbacks would fail once again on offense to reach the end zone as safety Jaheim Lawton would high point his 2nd interception of the day. The bulls offense would waste no time going to the air as QB Jovan Ferguson would noticed the razorbacks defense in cover zero and connect on a go route to 9#11) WR Khalil Brantley for a touchdown to put the bulls up 30-0.

Late in the 4th quarter -- bulls RB Larrion Moss would milk the clock with tough running and nearly score the bulls fifth touchdown on the day. Shamar Paul didn't find the end zone, but his presence helped the bulls score two touchdowns on fake jet sweeps.The bulls defense as a unit was impressive. But defensive lineman (#10) Carl Marks and (#12) Wendol Philord was unblockable. Razorbacks (#4) CB Jahiem Jerry was tested multiple times and cover zero coverage and didn't allow a single reception.

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