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Name:  Amos Porter

Height:  5’11
Weight: 165

Position:  Ath

Team: Sweetwater Hawks

CLASS: 2020

Gpa:  2.9


March 31,2016

I’m here to let the world in on a secret that everybody outside of Duval County & Pop Warner might not know. Let me start with a list Kevin Toliver (LSU), Jay Davis (Auburn), Andrew Buie (West Virginia), Jerrod Sinclair( South Carolina) , Charlton Sinclair (USF), Michael Pinckney (UM), Jay Irvine (Oregon State). Blue chip class of 2017 recruits D.J Matthews and Shaun Wade are all names of kids who products of Sweetwater Hawks Optimist organization. Just call Sweetwater D-1 machine with another prospect coming thru the program by the name of Amos Porter Jr. Yes he too has been under the radar to those outside Jacksonville but that’s about change as I breakdown what makes him so special. You’re value as a player increases when your able to play multiply positions which makes Amos that more valuable. This Versatile class of 2020 phenom has scored touchdowns in 4 different phases of the game defense, special teams, rushing & receiving while scoring 20 touchdowns on the year. Amos is deadly with the ball in his hands and let’s just say he doesn’t need tons of touches to impact the game, a simple spot or a hand-off and you can kiss the baby. I won’t focus on his impact on the Offensive side of the ball, because he is equally impressive on the defensive side of the ball rather it’s making tackles or blanketing your top receiver. Amos has hit his stride at the right time and looking to make a name on the next level. With this kids frame and speed as well as his instincts, also his natural ability to excel where ever he is needed you can believe this won’t be the last time you hear his name.

Scouting Report

When you turn on Amos game tape, the first thing that stands out is his aggression. Many young gifted athletes are content to rely on their speed and can fall into a habit of playing finesse football. That's hardly the case with Porter, who delivers the boom as a running back and defensive back.

Amos is a physical man-to-man physical defensive back & also deadly Running back. He's bigger than most of his competition, and he knows how to use his power to dominate them. A man of Amos size on the Youth level should not be able to turn and run like he can with the smoothness that he shows. His ability to accelerate is excellent. His top-end speed is also quite good. Amos has explosive vertical skills, which paired with his height and length; make him a big asset in the red zone on Offense or defense. Amos also shows a good feel for the game and makes plays independent of his physical tools. As a Tailback & returner, Porter shows good vision and change of direction. He knows when to gas it, and when to throttle down and pick his way through traffic. Amos is an ridiculous athlete with tons of potential and likely the next D-1 bound prospect from the Sweetwater Hawks organization.

Getting to know Amos Porter Jr.


First of Amos pleasure to meet you , Do you go by Amos ? Or do you have a nick name you’re Coaches or teammates call you?

Amos: Nice to meet you. I go by AP.


Amos Duval County has produced a lot of Nfl players and a lot of talent. Who are some players you looked up to coming up?

Amos: I look up to Odell Bechkam.


How has competing in such a talent rich area benefit you’re game?

Amos: When seeing others play to a high level, it motivates me to take my game to another level.


How did your team fair this season?

Amos: I feel we fell short of our goal of winning Nationals


What are some personal goals you set for yourself this season?

Amos :  Continuing to have great sportsmanship, staying focused on school and success.


Do you think this past season was a breakout year for you?

Amos: Yes, definitely, because I played up to my potential.


How many different ways have you scored this year?

Amos: I scored on kick returns, running plays, passing plays and fumble return.


If you were scouting you, how would you best describe what type of player you are?

Amos :   I would describe me as a phenomenal player.


What game would you say was your best performance?

Amos: My best performance was Sweetwater vs Palatka. Where I scored three touchdowns receiving, rushing & Kickoff return.


Give me an example of a play you made that best describes you as player?

Amos: Last game of regular season vs Grandpark we was down 13-7 with 50 sec to play, I felt the punt around mid field and returned it to the 10 yard line to setup up the game winning touchdown.



What’s in your playlist when it’s time to turn up before the game?

Amos: Dream & Nightmares(Meek Mill)



Observing your team’s film I notice you make the best of things with limited touches. What is your mind set when you’re number is called?

Amos : My mindset is to keep pushing (joyous feeling)


Amos do you participate in any other activities or sports?

Amos : Occasionally basketball, I'm currently running track.


What would you say is your favorite subject & why?

Amos : History, because I enjoy learning about life, surroundings and how things were in the past.



What Colleges standout to you right now?

Amos: University of Florida


What professions are you considering outside of sports?

Amos :  I really haven’t considered anything other than football at the moment, but my mom always tell me keep a backup plan and put education first.



What High school programs are you interested in?

Amos :  I prefer Trinity Christian.


Amos you’re a Class of 2020 kid. What are some areas of your game that you’re working on before hitting High school?

Amos : Working hard on my technique & footwork also my speed.


What do your workouts consist of?

Amos : Parachutes, ladder and running routes


What position best fits you moving on to High School?

Amos : I really have no preference because I’m a Athlete I can play multiply positions from Running back , Wide Receiver to Defensive back.


What are something’s you most look forward to going into High School?

Amos : Getting familiar with the scenery, staying focused, playing football under those Friday night lights and receiving my first college offer.


Talking with your Dad & Mom I see you have a great support system. What advice from your parents that you will take with you no matter what?

Amos : Keeping God 1st, staying focused, being careful of surroundings and the company I keep, don’t allow success to get to your head.



Last but not least, Amos what do you want people to know about you?

Amos :  I want people to know that I'm a kind & humble respectful young man, I'm a team player and I strive to be the best.

Check out Amos in action versus Palatka:


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