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Name:  Chris Tyree                                                

Height:  5 ft 9 in
Weight: 155 lbs

Position:  RB/Ath

Team: Central Virginia Hurricanes 14u

CLASS: 2020

Gpa:  4.0

40 yd dash:  4.47 (Unverified)

Season Stats
750 yards rushing/12 TD's
325 Yards receiving/6 TD's
3 Punt return TD's
2 Kick return TD's
38 Tackles, 4 Int's

February 7,2016,

Two years ago while scouting film online I stumbled upon a speedster by the name of Chris Tyree with some very impressive highlights. Ever since that day I’ve been a big fan of this explosive athlete that in the blink of an eye can change the outcome of a game. What makes this kid so special is he is a straight A student boasting a 4.0 Gpa with all honors classes can you say the next Myron Rolle. Chris is the total package on and off the field what more can you ask for from a kid on his way to High School and considered one of the top Youth Football Players in the Country. Ayf National Championship Central Va vs I.E Ducks game was a instant classic and my first time watching Chris live and let’s just say he exceeded my expectations. On a field with at least 10 nationally ranked players in the class of 2020 Chris Tyree was the fastest and one of the best players on the field. Chris and his Central Virginia Hurricanes team may have came of short with 15 seconds left but the I.E Ducks for sure, know's who 5# Chris Tyree is.


Breaking Down Chris Tyree :

Dangerous runner/ receiver combination in the backfield able to make the big play. Comfortable behind a fullback in I-formation, follows off tackle the cuts back inside. Capable swing pass receiver, looks the catch into hands, and utilizes a quick move to make a tackler miss in space. Definitely at his best in the open field. Makes things happen if untouched at the second level, open footwork and makes tacklers miss with top end speed. Very patient in the passing game and is equally effective lined up out wide. If the lane is there, he is a very decisive runner. Gives good effort when attempting to pickup blitzer & last but not least he is a big time punt & kick returner.



Getting to know Chris Tyree.

What College or Pro athlete that you can say you're game is similar to? 

Chris : I think my game is similar to Tavon Austin because I can catch the ball well in the slot as well as take handoffs out of the backfield and I am very fast and elusive.



What are some of your strengths as a Football player?  

Chris : Some of my strengths are that I have very good footwork and speed. 


What are the areas of your game you feel you can improve on?  

Chris : I think that I need improvement in strength.  I have started lifting weights as of about a month ago to help in this area.


Has anyone ever trash talked you on the field & made you show them up ? What did he say?

Chris : Yes, I had a player tell me that I was not as good as people say, but I had to show him otherwise.  I don’t do much talking at all so I let the game speak for itself.


Who is your biggest supporter?  

Chris : My Mom and Dad are my biggest supporters.


What is something you want people to know about you?

Chris : One thing that a lot of people don’t know about me is that I am a Straight A student while taking all honors classes.


What's your favorite song to get you ready for game day?

Chris : Right now, my favorite song to listen to get my mind ready for the games is Jumpman by Drake & Future.


 What's your favorite academic subject & why?  

Chris : My favorite subject is Math because I am really good with numbers. 


Do you participate in any other sports besides Football?

Chris : Yes, I also run Track and play Basketball


Did you set any personal goals for the season?

Chris : I set a goal this past season to score at least 20 TD’s


What does your off season workout routine consist of?

Chris : My workouts are a lot of footwork and speed drills.  Just recently I started adding weight lifting and route running to help my game in high school. 


 Who's the best player you've played against ?

 Chris : I have played against a lot of really good players this season so it is hard to say 1 person who was the best. 


If your team needed a 1st down its 4th & 8  and you had to pick a play, what would it be ?

Chris : I think a play that best describes is any play that can get me to the edge or to open field.  Probably toss right or left are my most effective plays. 


I notice from you're film you play with an edge. What goes on in your mind before a Snap?

Chris : Honeslty, the thing that goes through my mind is “don’t get dirty” which to me means ‘don’t get tackled”.



What High School programs are you interested in?  

Chris : I have received a lot of interest from several private schools in my area over the past couple of months but I will likely attend Thomas Dale  High School which is a public school where I live.


What profession are you interested in outside sports?

Chris : I am interested in becoming an Engineer when I graduate college.


What's your most memorable game?  

Chris : My most memorable game is not the one that I scored the most TD’s, but the one that was most exciting and that was the AYF national championship game.  One of the most competitive games I have ever been a part of. 


How would you describe your running style?

Chris : I would describe my running style as shifty and speedy. 


What separates you from other Runningbacks ? 

Chris : I think what separates me from other running backs is my vision, speed, and shiftiness.  Some RB’s are very big and strong, some are very shifty, some are just fast.  My coaches say that I’m different because I put the whole package together.  Also, my coaches can line me up anywhere on the field at any time.  RB, WR or slot. 


Could you describe the Ayf National experience?

Chris : It was nothing like I have ever experienced before.  It was great to get to watch and play against some of the best kids in the nation. 

What was it like playing in a instant classic top 5 ranked matchup versus the I.E Ducks from California?

Chris : That game is probably my most favorite game ever.  It’s really great to play against some of the best kids in the nation.   The game really brought out the competitiveness in everyone and it showed me what I need to work on the most going forward in order to become a better football player. 


What are the benefits of playing for a powerhouse program like the Central Virginia Hurricanes?

Chris : Playing for the Central Virginia Hurricanes is really great because we get practice against some of the best kids in the nation all the time.  It makes everyone better.  It also keeps us on our toes and always working on our game because there is always a target on our back. 


What are you looking forward to mostly entering High School?

Chris : The one thing I’m looking forward to the most is playing on a bigger stage, under the lights, and in front of a lot of people.

Check out some Footage of Chris Tyree 


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