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Name:  D.J Uiagalelei

Height:  6”4
Weight: 230

Position:  Quarterback

Team: Upland Hurricanes

CLASS: Class of 2020

Gpa: 3.8

High School Choice :


March 30,2016

In today’s era of Social Media, Youtube & Google and the internet itself you’re now seeing our youth take full advantage of the benefits of having it.  Youth Sports has been taking to another level with information on training, techniques, fundamentals and various tricks of the trade to get a leg up on competition. Judging by the Class of 2020 crop of Quarterbacks it’s safe to say these kids are way ahead of the curve from a mental stand point. Two sports stars like Deion Sanders & Bo Jackson were rare in their era but not in this era. With no further due I introduce you to 6’4 230 pound three sport blue chip D.J Uiagalelei. D.J has a pretty impressive resume for a kid his age with titles in Baseball, Football & Basketball. This kid defies all odds as an athlete his age throwing pitches over 80 mph range and slinging deep ball’s over 60 yards. If not for taking the year off to rest D.J would no doubt be considered the number 1# Quarterback prospect & player in the Class of 2020. This down to earth kid puts family & God first in his life which makes him the humble kid he is today. Many athletes who take the year off would seem to be a little rusty or out of sync with the game. But leave it up to D.J to shake the rust off quick in Fbu play his first action of the year, this kid made every throw imaginable including a perfectly placed deep ball that was a jaw dropping of a throw.  Since shaking off that rust in those three Fbu games D.J has been on a tear in All Star games winning the Mvp of the 2015 Cali Classic. Some might be surprised by how this kid was able to not show any signs of rust, but attribute that to his Dad & Family this kid is blessed with an amazing support system. D.J is the ultimate competitor and he trains with the focus to be the best Quarterback from all angles rather its reading coverage’s & blitz packages to throwing his receivers open on routes. With 7 on 7 season in full swing D.J has picked up the pace against High School players and fellow 8th graders looking like a seasoned vet winning tournament after tournament. California has long been the state where you find a Quarterback to build your team around rather it’s College or Pro. Seems like the next great Cali Quarterback is Ucla phenom Josh Rosen who made his name at St. Johns Bosco Prep and so will D.J Uiagalelei, nothing is never a for sure thing but I wouldn’t dare bet against this kid. No doubt in my mind with St. John Bosco track record of developing some of the top talent in the country & Winners Circle Athletics training, D.J will be breaking records and a future 5 star in 4 years book it.

Scouting Report

D.J Uiagalelei is a historically accomplished Youth Football Quarterback who committed to play High School ball at St.John Bosco Prep. Listed as one of the nation's top dual-threat quarterback’s in GenNexXt rankings, there's belief that he's capable of contributing early at the High School level. Everything about D.J skill set screams that he's ready to excel in St.John Bosco ambitious, up-tempo spread offense. Uiagalelei slightly more athletic than Rosen and already has a larger physical stature, creating an extremely high ceiling in terms of potential. He isn't an elite speedster but still poses a dangerous threat in the open field due to his ability to exploit rushing lanes and launch out of the pocket when he decides to tuck the football and turn up field. D.J appears to have excellent peripheral vision & one of the strongest arms, which allows him to avoid falling into the "tunnel vision" trap.  Some passers have a penchant for locking in on one receiver, but you won't see that with regularity from D.J. That makes life more difficult for defensive backs, who must already contend with his cannon of a right arm. Uigalelei commands respect with his ability to sling the ball into a sliver of space with zip. He throws darts with a flick of his wrist that hits receivers on intermediate crossing patterns as well as perfectly placed post’s & nine routes. Uiagalelei is a technician in the passing game and does a great job of throwing to a spot rather than aiming for a teammate. It's easy to love his demeanor, particularly when he's under duress. Uiagalelei is disciplined and remains calm through highs and lows during the course of a game. 

He projects as a player who can vie for early playing time or starting position during his first High School training camp, and you can be sure St.John Bosco fans will be clamoring to see what D.J can do in navy and gold. Based on his potential, there's reason to believe Uiagalelei will emerge among the California’s premier playmakers as an underclassman.


Getting to know D.J Uiagalelei


Pleasure finally catching up with D.J, I want to start things off by asking you we heard you took the year off. What went into that decision for you and your family?  

D.J: My parents and I talked about what was more important for me and my future. After back to back season of football and baseball, We decided to sit out 2015 season and rest my arm and train for high school football. My parents always said to listen to your body and that’s what I did. 

Could you shed some light on how did it feel watching the season go by without playing before All Star season?

D.J: It did not bother me because I knew I made the right decision. It  gave me the extra time to train and get ready for high school football.


Did you attend any games? / (If yes) How did it feel & what did you take away from the experience?

D.J: I finally got a chance to attend my younger brother Matayo’s football games. I was able to support and help out with the team, something Ive never been able to do in passed seasons. I did attend some high school games which helped me to decide that St John Bosco was the high school I wanted to attend.


What kind of Quarterback would you say you are a Dual Threat or Pocket passer?

D.J: I consider myself a dual threat QB, but I also know that my strength is being a pocket passer. 


What are your strengths as a Quarterback?

D.J: First, I have to say it would be my arm. Second it would be my knowledge and understanding of the QB position. I have been blessed with amazing arm strength which helps me to be accurate when throwing a 60 yard bomb, or a 5 yard out rout. The knowledge and understanding of the QB position has helped me to have a advantage over my opponents.


What are some areas of your game are you working to improve?

D.J: Always working on braking down defense coverage’s, speed and QB mechanics.


What separates you from the rest of the Class of 2020 Quarterbacks?

D.J: My size, arm strength and accuracy, my athletic ability and my desire to learn and improve at my position.


If you had to pick any Quarterback College or Pro, who would you say you similar to as a Qb?

D.J: Because of my size and running ability, people compare me to Cam Newton.


Notice you competed in the Fbu after the season was over. How were you able to pick up the ball and throw like you played all season?

D.J: It was hard because not throwing the ball for about 4 months was a long time. But after a couple practices into the FBU Nation Championship Tournament, I was fine.


Which All Star game would you say was your favorite & why?

D.J: The Islands Best All-Star game was my favorite because you got to play against top ranked players in the country. It was also fun because I had the chance to play with my fellow Polynesian athletes. It was a fun and well-organize game to be apart of.


Playing in 7 on 7’s and All Star games , how do you mental prepare to throw to different receivers each event? What goes into your preparation?

D.J: I try to stay lose, make sure to warm up properly. I do my best to listen to my coaches and do as they say. I always pray before my games for my protection and also for both teams.


What does your workout regimen consistent of this past year & Off Season?

D.J: Well I’m training at Winner Circle Athletics with Jordan Campbell who’s still active in the NFL. They do a great job in my weight training and skill position workouts. I also do track training with BB Hudson. He works on my speed and explosion. My QB training has come with Coach Mike Esquivel.


What are your measurable as of today?

D.J: 6’4”230 lbs


D.j you’re a three sport athlete, tell me what do you like most about each sport you participate in?

D.J: What I like about basketball is that I can play different positions. I have the height to play down low, ball handling skills and shooting ability to play the 2 and 3. With football, I like throwing deep passes, running the ball and also, catching TD. With baseball, I love striking people out. Playing right field and throwing runners out at home plate.


Heard you’re a big time baseball prospect who took the year off from playing. What do you miss most about Baseball?

D.J: Playing with my teammates and missing my head coach Joe Keller who taught me everything I know and how to respect the game.  


What’s the experience like competing versus High School & other 8th graders in 7 on 7’s?

D.J: The high level players are faster and they hardly make any mistakes.


What lessons are you taking away from playing 7 on 7?

D.J: Learning how to read the coverage’s.

What’s your fastest pitch you ever thrown and the how far can you throw a football?  

 D.J: My fastest pitch was 85, high school ball 65 yards.


If you had to pick any subject what would be your favorite & why?

 D.J: Math because Its fun and it comes easy to me.


Did you set any academic goals before the school year?

 D.J: To make honor roll


What are your future aspirations outside of sports?

D.J: To attend a high school that will prepare me for my college future.


What are things you enjoy doing besides sports?

D.J: Hanging out with my family, watching my favorites shows and playing video games with my little brother.


Have you chosen a High school yet?

D.J: Yes, I am already training with St. John Bosco


Give me a list of your favorite College Programs?

D.J: USC, UCLA, Baylor


Give me a quote that your father uses to get you hyped up Pregame?

D.J: Just do your best son


Last but not least D.J, What do you want the world to know about D.J Uiagalelei?

D.J: I would like people to know that in everything I do, I try to do my best. I work hard and I’m very competitive. The love from my family and their support  fuels my desire to be successful in my life. Most of all none of this would be possible without my faith and love in Jesus Christ.

Check out this three phenom D.J's Highlights :

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