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   Name: Dontrey Majik Caruth-Rector

   Height:  5’7
   Weight: 140

   Position:  RB/ATH

   Team: Ronald Reagan Middle

   CLASS: 2021

   Gpa:  3.0






February 29,2016

The state of Texas has some of the richest tradition in Football also some of the best High School Football programs in the nation. They say everything’s bigger in Texas which is what comes to mind when you think of our next He’s NexXt featured athlete impact on the field. Dontrey Majik Caruth-Rector is his name but call him Majik for short. When you mention this kids name around the nation people will tell you really quick he is the class of 2021 most exciting player. Ever heard of Noel Devine’s High School Highlight film? If you haven’t go take a look at it and you will see Majik is Youth football’s version of him, it’s the first that came to mind while watching highlight after highlight. Majik playmaking ability is not just displayed on his Reagan Knights team but in All Star games as well as All American games. Fbu is considered the biggest stage in Youth Football where the cream of the crop of talent is competing from around the nation. Majik has taken the Fbu by storm the last 2 years putting on an offensive clinic from catching passes out wide to taking hand-offs for long touchdowns also making huge plays on special teams. Whatever field Majik steps his cleats on this kid has left his mark as one of the best players on the field if not the best player. The bigger the stage seems like the bigger impact Majik makes once scoring 5 touchdowns in an All Star game and in another game scoring 6 touchdowns. This Game Changer will never just limit himself to just the football field this kid has a 3.0 gpa with aspirations of one day giving back to his community. If you haven’t seen this kid play just google him and you will see why he is considered the class of 2021 most electrifying player. Guess the phrase is true everything’s bigger in Texas, because Dontrey Majik Caruth-Rector is always just one big play waiting to happen with the ball in his possession.


Scouting Report

It's not easy to stand out in the group of talented class of 2021 prospects, but Majik does so in a big way, starting with his speed, which allows him to easily pull away from opposing defenders in the open field. Majik is a blur when he kicks it into gear that doesn't look out of line with his film. Perhaps more impressive is the fact that he can maintain most of that speed when he cuts, disrupting angles and allowing him to navigate through traffic. In fact, his ability to change directions is absolutely elite. Majik will give a defender a slick move, getting downhill quickly, but still showing the vision and lateral quickness to bounce runs outside when necessary, but only when dictated by his top notch vision.

When this Grand Praire Texas product can't merely use his elite footwork to avoid defenders, he's strong enough despite not having a great deal of mass that he can lower his shoulder, get behind his pads, and break tackles and finish runs. There's also something slippery about him, especially when he turns his hips to get through small holes, a trait that is reminiscent of Fort Myers Florida native Noel Devine, who can make himself exceptionally narrow to work through traffic. With Majik knack for making the breathe taking touchdown runs you will be sure to hear this kids name on the top of a lot of recruiting sites in the near feature.

Getting to Know Majik


Dontrey Majik Caruth-Rector  pleasure getting a chance to know you. You have a long name, So what do you prefer to be addressed as?

Majik: Majik


Dontrey How far did your team go this year?

Majik: Co-Champions for the City of Grand Praire , Tx

Did you set any personal goals?

Majik: Not really, I just wanted to get my team to the championsip.


Texas is big on football. What makes football different in the state of Texas?

Majik: We play select Football, that means the coaches can select the best players they can find.


Does the competition in Texas play a part in you being one of the top 2021 players in the nation?

Majik: Yes Sir ..


Describe your running style?

Majik: Majikal my meaning of magically.


What separates you from any other Runningback or Athlete?

Majik: Hard work & Dedication


You have some breath taking Highlights. What clip is your all time favorite?

Majik: I don’t know, I don’t really watch them after the first time.


What play call you’d say is your favorite & why?

Majik: Toss right, I love getting to the outside & running to daylight.


 Being a Fbu All American I notice you were dominate in those games. How was the experience for you playing with & against some of the best talent in Nation?

Majik: It’s fun because I get to test myself against the best kids in the nation and shine on a national stage.


 You have made a name for yourself dominating All Star games. What is your mindset going into those games?

Majik: I just visualize what I have to do, that’s all.


 What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Majik: Being named the 1# 7th grade player in Texas Catch & Cover Elite Magazine.


 If you had to pick one play that best describes what type of player you are what would it be?

Majik: Https://youtube/vOWASgz3Vyo  :36 into the highlight


What’s the most exciting game you’ve been a part of?

Majik: Any game versus FBU Houston and the City Championship versus Kennedy.


What’s your top performance of the year?

Majik: I had 6 touchdowns in 1 game and 5 touchdowns in NGYS All American Bowl game.


What areas of your game are you working on before next season?

Majik: All areas , I’m just trying to perfect my craft.


Do you participate in any other sports?

Majik: I’m running track for the first time.


What are something’s you enjoy doing outside of sports?

Majik: Playing my Ps4 and hanging out with Family & Friends.


What academic goals did you set for yourself this year?

Majik: To get better at Math


If you had to pick any subject what would be your strongest?

Majik: Social Studies



I know it’s a year away. But what are you most looking forward to in High School?

Majik: Hopefully playing varsity football early.


What High Schools are you interested in?

Majik: South Grand Prairie , Cedar Hill, Desoto


What College programs stand out to you right now?

Majik: TCU, LSU, FSU & USC


What are your career aspirations outside of sports?

Majik: Kinesiology So I can train the young athletes after me.


Give me a phrase that one of your parents instills in you that sticks with you everyday?

Majik: We believe in Majik


You have the floor, What do you want the world to know about you?

Majik: That I’m a good football player & person and working on being a great player & person.

Check out this electrifying Game Changer Highlights



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