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Name:  Jaden Naverrette

Height:  6’3
Weight: 200

Position:  DE/WR

Team: I.E Ducks

CLASS: 2020

GPA: 3.3                  

High School choice :                                          April 14,2016

Thinking back to the 90’s era Charles Woodson became the only player to win the Heisman playing significant minutes on both sides of the ball. Right now today Adoree Jackson & Miles Jack are two names that come to mind as threats on both sides of the ball. Versatility & Athleticism are key traits in the top two way athletes the likes of Jackson & Jack both West Coast College athletes and big time Nfl Prospects. The Inland Empire better known as the I.E Ducks Youth Football program has dished out some extremely talented D-1 Prospects in the Los Angeles area. Class of 2019 Max Williams CB/WR (Serra High school) & JT Daniels QB (Mater Dei ) both products of the I.E Ducks program are two guys College recruiters are eager to get acquainted with. GenNexXt brings you the sleeper on arguably the top 14u team Jaden Naverrette DE/WR for the loaded roster of the I.E Ducks. Standing 6’3 and 200 pds this kid is exploding with athleticism and can take over the game on either side of the ball. Here is a little interesting tidbit on Jaden 12 sacks & 13 Touchdowns and 8 Tfl, if those numbers don’t impress you pop on the film. On the biggest stage Ayf National Championship game between I.E Ducks and the Central Va Hurricanes the stage was set for an Instant classic. Jaden star shined the brightest on the biggest stage, he made a huge catch to lead to one of his teams touchdowns as well as making key defensive stops. Jaden’s impact on offense & defense were instrumental in leading his team to be crowned Ayf National Champions. Other honors that Jaden have been blessed to be a part of is being named an Fbu All American and participating in the Fbu 8th grade game, where he racked up a sack & couple Qb Pressures from his Defensive End spot. Don’t expect Jaden to get lost in transitioning from Youth to High School football, because this kid has been putting in overtime working on being prepared for the next level. Jaden has a unique skill set and his best football is in front of him, he hasn’t scratched the surface on how talented he is. With hunger and a dedication in the classroom as well as a relentless work ethic don’t be surprised to hear this kids name more and more in the coming years. Athletic 6’3 200 pound, tall & rangy with his versatility and ability to line up at Te, Wr, Lb, De Jaden Naverrette is the NexXt Star on the Rise.

Scouting Report

Defensive End/ Outside Linebacker

When coaches talk about passing the eyeball test, sometimes they mean looking a prospect in the eyes and seeing if they make eye contact. Then there's the other eye test, the one that can earn prospects offers before college coaches even see their film. At 6’3 200 pounds the I.E  Ducks defensive end is one of those players who looks physically capable of stepping onto a High school campus and contributing right away. Jaden could consistently get better jumps and isn't an elite rusher in terms of pure speed, but is one of the top handful of prospects in Youth Football because he's strong enough to bulrush opponents, but can also flash a little rip move to take the edge, while making some motor plays as well. Since Jaden does have a high level of athleticism with a respectable 40 time, Jaden uses his at times to drop into coverage and impact underneath passing lanes, while he also has the motor to chase down plays far from the line of scrimmage.

Tight End/ Wide Receiver

 Jaden a big player who makes himself a threat with body positioning, catch radius and strength. He’s a strong player coming off the line of scrimmage and uses his length well to keep defenders from jamming him. He’s comfortable lining up in multiple positions and can be swapped around to find a mismatch. His feet are quick and light for his frame, and he’ll surprise defenders with his short-area burst if he gets a safety or linebacker matchup. He can overpower cornerbacks at the line and at the catch point and uses his upper body well to box out for tough catches.

Getting to know Jaden Naverrette

Jaden Navarrette of the Powerhouse I.E Ducks pleasure finally catching up to you. Jaden how does it feel to be apart of one of the best teams in the Country?

 Jaden: It’s been an honor to play with some of the best eighth graders in the nation.


Jaden you were a part of a instant classic versus Central Va. Hurricanes in Ayf National Championship game. What was the vibe like on the sideline when you guys were down late?

Jaden: We were excited and blood was pumping because we were playing a team with equal strength as the I.E. Ducks

During the Ayf National Championship game and Central Va had the ball late with the lead. What was your mind state on defense?

Jaden: My mind set was to be strong as a team and to make a play for our defense

What are some lessons you took away from that game?

Jaden: Always play as a team, never give up and leave everything on the field

Jaden how was the whole Ayf Nationals experience for you?

Jaden: I enjoyed playing with the best players in the Country

What were your Stats on the season?

Jaden: He had 12 sacks 13 touchdowns and 8 TFL’s 

What is your current Height & Weight as of today?

Jaden: 6’3 height  200 lb weight

What stands out to me about you on defense is your knack for making big plays behind the line of scrimmage, whats your mind set on each snap?

Jaden: My mind set is that I go into every game prepared I am able to get a good pre-snap read and it allows me to make plays.

Watching your film on the offensive side of the ball, what type of Wide Receiver/Tight end you would say you are?

Jaden: I play WR but I am strong enough to play TE I am a miss match nightmare on the field I am too big and strong for DB and too fast and athletic for LB’s

What position are you most comfortable playing ?

Jaden: I am most comfortable at LB and WR but I will play anywhere you put me

Can you take me back to the biggest play you made on defense?

Jaden: National Championship game with less than two minutes fourth and five last drive I was able to make a play for my team and stopped the RB from getting a first down and was able to give our offense the ball to win the game.

What are the areas of your game you feel you can improve on ?       

Jaden: I need to work on my releases and my route running.

What are some of your strengths as a Football player ?

Jaden: I am big, fast and physical with a high football IQ

What stat on the season you’re most proud of?

Jaden: I am most proud of our team record 50-0 and our back to back National Championship

What do you love the most about playing Football?

Jaden: I love working hard in the off season to prepare for season and all the life lessons that you learn on the way.

If you could compare yourself to any Football player College or Pro who would that be?

Jaden: Amari Cooper and Calvin Johnson

If you had to pick a play that describes you as a player, what would it be?

Jaden: Catching a post on Mike James with the score 0-0 to set up our first touch down of the game

Who's the best player you've played against?  

Jaden: DB Mike James Central Virginia Hurricanes committed to Virginia Tech Class of 2019

Name me a couple of athletes that you look up to out of your area?

Jaden: Jordan Cambell, Tyler Slavin, Eliseo Cabildo, Javon Mckinley

What's your favorite subject & why?

Jaden: Language Arts because I like to learn new vocabulary

What profession are you interested in outside sports?

Jaden: I would like to open a facility for youth to train so they can reach their goals & perfect their craft.

What does your workout regime consistent of this Off Season?

Jaden: I work out at Winner Circle Athletics Monday-Friday I do speed training and weight lifting I want to give a special shout out to Jordan Cambell, Eliseo Cabildo and the whole Winner Circle Athletics Staff

What High School programs are you interested in?

Jaden: We looked at Bosco, Mater Dei, Centennial and Serra Gardena

What High School have you chosen to attend?

Jaden: Centennial High School

What position are you going to play on the next level?

Jaden: Wide Receiver and Linebacker

What are you most looking forward to at the High school level?

Jaden: I am looking forward to my hard work paying off where it counts in high school and show the colleges what I can do.

Jaden what are the benefits of coming thru and playing for the I.E Ducks program?

Jaden: I have been able to go against the best every day at practice I have had the best of best coaches in youth football and being able to play on a national level.

Jaden Last but not least, What is something you want the world to know about Jaden Navarrette?

Jaden: I am a GOD fearing young man who has been extremely blessed with great talent and I will play this game in Honor of God. JOHN 3:30 HE MUST INCREASE I MUST DECREASE.

Check out Jaden Naverrette Highlights & Workout Session



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