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Name:  Jaden Outar                                              

Height:  4”8
Weight: 82

Position: Ath

Team: Kendall Hammocks 10u

CLASS: 2023

Gpa:  3.8

2015 Season Stats

 Rushing: 949 yds; 11 TD's
Receiving: 206 yds; 5 TD's
Tackles: 32 tackles
INT's: 3 INT's

February 26,2016

In today’s era of football & technology kids are far more advanced and further along than they were a decade ago. You have kids defying the odds 10 year olds running a spread offense and very successful doing it.  This makes me focus my attention to the two sport 11 year old star athlete Jaden Outar. Google this track star slash football walking highlight reel and you will see some of the most exciting highlights of any 11year old. The thing that sticks out about this kid is pure speed he is lightening in the bottle just give it to him in open space and watch him work. When I say work, I mean to the tune of over 900 rushing yards with 11 rushing touchdowns and over 200 receiving yards with 5 receiving touchdowns. With 16 combined Touchdowns Jaden lead his team to the Extreme Super Bowl falling short of a championship by 6 points but giving a winners effort. When it came time for County All Stars to be picked Jaden was selected and shined bright against some of the county’s best at Db, proving to be a problem on the other side of the ball. Enough about this playmakers contributions on the gridiron, I’d rather mention Jaden is one of the top track runners in his age group running the 200 in a blazing 28.1. I have to say for the most part Jaden is one focused 11 year old with first cousins like Keith Reaser (San Francisco 49er’s) & the late Sean Taylor (Washington Redskins) it’s easy to see why. Adding to his list of accolades this kid happens to be an excellent student sporting a dazzling 3.8 gpa which he values more than any sports accomplishment. Jaden Outar possesses athletic moxie and the mental make up with the brains to one day make him a success at whatever he puts his mind to.

Scouting Report

Jaden is not only one of the premiere play makers in his age group, but he is one of the best in the county. He is a speed demon, who can score in an instant and in a number of different ways. He plays primarily out of the backfield in the Hammocks offense, but would make an excellent slot receiver down the line. His speed is a real asset on special teams. This kid can run pass Db’s on a 9 route, he can come in the backfield and take a handoff.…He can catch the ball and he bolts like a little fish running from the sharks or something. He's fast, man.


Getting to know Jaden Outar


Jaden how did your team do this season?

Jaden : I played for Kendall Hammocks Warriors 10U,  we played in the Miami Xtreme Super Bowl Game vs. South Miami grey Ghost. We lost the game 7-6. 


What goals as a player did you set this season?

Jaden : I wanted to improve my ability to catch the football, my cover (DB) skills, and be a great leader.


Jaden you have a very impressive Highlight reel. What play would you say was your favorite?

Jaden : The jet sweep vs. Suniland Sundevils, where I took the handoff, had to immediately spin out of a tackle, turn the corner, as I was running down the sideline I cut back, made the defender fall down, then ran across field for a Touchdown.


What’s your favorite Offensive play call and why?

Jaden : My favorite offensive play call is RIP 26 POWER. I like this because out of the WING formation, I catch the toss with the guard pulling and I read the guards block to find the h***, I accelerate through the h*** off tackle, then make a move on the Safety.


How did it feel to be picked as a Dade County 10u All Star?

Jaden : I was excited. I felt like all my hard work paid off and I was finally being recognized. I felt like I get overlooked because of the park I play at, so I was happy that people noticed me.


What experience would you take from playing in the Dade vs Broward All Star game?

Jaden : I got a chance to see and play with and against the best kids in my age group. This allowed me to see where I am, what I need to work on, and how much competition is out there. I made a lot of new friends and saw how talented the kids on my team are.


Jaden you’re a two sport star you also excel at track. What are your best times on the track?

Jaden : I run the 400M in 1:01, my goal this season is to run :58-:59s, in the 200M is 28:1 my goal is to run 26:5-27:3


Do you keep count on how many medals & track meets you’ve won?

Jaden : No. I have too many to count



Jaden if you had to chose out of the Super Bowl and the Olympics. Which one would it be?

Jaden : I would choose the Olympics because it comes around every four years. This would mean I would be one of the greatest athletes in the world.


Who is your favorite Track Star & Football Player?

Jaden : My favorite track star is Usain Bolt. My favorite football players are my two first cousins Sean Taylor (Washington Redskins) and Keith Reaser (San Francisco 49er’s)


Track season has just started what are you most looking forward to on the track?

Jaden : To improve my technique, work on my speed, get stronger, and the competition.



What track athlete or Rival brings out the best in you?

Jaden : In track it’s Jaleel Gelin and Mekhi Gammons. In football its Jalen Brown from the South Miami Grey Ghosts.



What do you work on differently when you’re switching from Football to track?

Jaden : In track its more straight line speed, running with form and technique. Football is more quickness, change of direction, and instincts.



Jaden what’s your favorite subject & why?

Jaden : Math. I like to solve problems, find the solution. I’m just really good with numbers.


Academically what are your goals?

Jaden : I always try to make straight A’s. I want to make good grades in Middle School, then High School so I can be accepted into college.


You have an awesome Father who supports and doesn’t miss any of your events. What saying does he use to inspire you & get you ready to compete?

Jaden : My dad always tells me, “It’s the will of the man, not the skill of the man” He also says, “ Don’t want to be the best, want to be the BEST EVER”. Before I compete in anything the last thing he always asks me is “What’s your LAST NAME? and tells me to remember who I am and where I come from.



Jaden you have the stage. What is something you want the world to know about Jaden Outar?

Jaden : I want the world to know that I work hard at everything I do. My work ethic is what I like about myself the most. I refuse to be out worked. I’m dedicated to being the best athlete and person I can be. Whatever I set my mind to accomplish, I believe I will succeed at it.

I am very out going, I take pride in anything I do. I don’t let anyone tell me what I can or cannot be.  I believe I’m a good person. I have great family who loves me and supports me always. I have two great cousins that I look up to and are role models to me. Best of all, I have my dad (who is my best friend) to guide me and teach me the things I need to know, to be the best person I can be.

Check out Jadens jaw dropping Highlights


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Comment by James on February 28, 2016 at 6:11pm
Jaden is a really good athlete and great kid. I know once my son Jalen Brown see's this post he's gonna smile because they've become good friends since the all star game. #classof2023




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