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Name:  Melvin Jacobs

Height:  5ft 9 in

Weight: 154 lbs

Position:  WR/Ath

Team: PG Chargers 12u

CLASS: 2020

Gpa:  3.4


February 22,2016,

The Dmv area has been a College recruiter’s hot spot when it comes to recruiting some of this country’s elite prospects. If you’re in the dark about the talent pool in the Washington D.C area let me throw some names at you. Kyle Fuller, Stefon Diggs, Arrelious Benn, Jalen Tabor, Vontae & Vante Davis are just some of the Nfl & College stars out of the D.C area. With great pleasure I introduce you to Melvin Jacobs, who has all the potential & physical attributes to someday be mentioned in the same breath as the ones before him who paved the way. This Wide Receiver is ranked top 10 nationally at his position in the Class of 2020 with his big play ability. The competition in Metro AYF has transformed this kid into a problem in all three phases of the game. Melvin can lockdown your best receiver or expose your best defensive back, last but not least he can change the score of the game if you chose to kick or punt it to him. A dangerous playmaker with a 3.4 gpa that shows he is a student first and fully aware of the importance of a free College Education which is his 1# focus.

Scouting Report

Don’t let his frame fool you, Melvin is only 5’9 150 pounds but he will make you pay if you forget about him or play off in coverage. The best thing about Jacobs is his explosion off the line & his long speed. He can really threaten a defense deep and a lot of corners are going to struggle to play the deep ball against him because he will quickly put them in a bind. Melvin is sure-handed, runs good routes, is tough and is dangerous with the ball in his hands. Melvin shows the ability to make some impressive runs after the catch as a speedster there’s no secret his speed is unmatched by his peers. This kid is in no way a perfect prospect but has the perfect blind of physical attributes to take him to another level with hard work & dedication on the next level. Keep an eye out for this kid in the near future he can very well be the next 4 to 5 star recruit out of the DMV area.


Getting to know Melvin Jacobs


What College or Pro athlete that you can say you're game is similar to?

Melvin: I relate my game to Calvin Johnson because he’s a dominate receiver that has many advantages and shows out when his name is called.


What are some of your strengths as a Football player?

Melvin: Some strength’s I have are my speed and height because many cornerbacks I compete against are small and I would always have the advantage over them.


What are the areas of your game you feel you can improve on?

Melvin: I feel like I can improve my vertical or jumping abilities to jump over people to catch the ball.


Has anyone ever trash talked you on the field & made you show them up?

Melvin: Yeah it was against Beacon House Falcons. In the fourth quarter, their cornerback was clapping in my face and yelling after this one play were I was blocking. The next play my coach called a play to send me on a fade route. After the snap, I jumped and caught it over him and stared down at him while he was on the ground.


What did he say?

Melvin: He was yelling “Yeah Yeah” and clapping and taunting.


Who is your biggest supporter?

Melvin: My family as a whole because they are always at my sports events and they encourage me to do better.


What is something you would want people to know about you?

Melvin: I want people to know that I am an all-around athlete that can be a game changer to any team at any time.


What's your favorite song to get you ready on game day?

Melvin: I listen to many songs by either Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole because there songs are either true stories or facts in the real world.


What professions are you interest in outside of sports?

Melvin: Visual arts because I excel in both categories.


What's your favorite subject & why?

Melvin: Math because it’s been my main focus since I was little and I love numbers.


Do you participate in any other sports beside football?

Melvin: Yes, I participate in basketball too which I am also good at. Football and basketball I’ve been playing since I was little and I’ve gotten better every year.


Did you set any personal goals for the season?

Melvin: Yes I’ve set my goal to impress everybody and do my best at all time because I’m in 8th grade and this will be my last year playing youth football. I wanted to show the scouts my skills and what I can do.


What does your workout regime consistent of?

Melvin: Mainly strength like pushups, sit-ups, and curl-ups and I’m beginning to lift weights.


Who's the best player you've played against?

Melvin: I think #55 from Shutdown Academy, he put up a fight and had heart.


If you had to pick a play that describes you as a player, what would it be?

Melvin: I think any play that has me running a fly route because I have the speed to get down the field fast and pass my defender.


I notice from you're film teams play off coverage against you, What goes on in your mind when you see a DB seven yards back?

Melvin: I think when I see them that far back that I can pat my hip to tell my quarterback that I’m running a slant and beat him off the snap.


What High Schools are you interested in?

Melvin: I’m interested in Gonzaga College High School, St. Johns College High School, and Sidwell friends.




What's your most memorable game?

Melvin: My most memorable game was against Beacon House Falcons. In the fourth quarter, I caught a touchdown on the one-yard line from a fade route. Then on defense playing safety I caught the game winning interception to end their chance at coming back.


What position are you most comfortable playing?

Melvin: Mainly wide receiver because I feel I’m the most dominant receiver on my level right now.


What separates you from other Athletes?

Melvin: My work ethic and my attitude on the field shows my aggressiveness on the field.


What are the benefits of coming up competing in the ultra-competitive DMV area?

Melvin: From my position, it seems that many wide receivers or cornerbacks aren’t as good as me. So I have the advantage.


What are you looking forward to mostly entering High School?

Melvin: To have the best education and to put my skills into their athletic programs.


Who would you say is your biggest supporter & inspires you to be the best student athlete you can be?

Melvin: My dad because he stays on my work and he always pushes me through the last rep in anything. He also taught me to never give up.


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