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Name:  Paolo Banchero

Height:  6’’2

Weight: 180

Position:  QB 

Team: Rainier Ravens Green

CLASS: 2021

Gpa:  3.3


February 26,2016

Over the past three Nfl seasons the Pacific West own Seattle Seahawks have solidified their self as one of the premier franchises, appearing in 2 Super Bowls over the past 3 years while bringing home one. The Seahawks are lead by Quarterback Russell Wilson who has been nothing short of spectacular since entering the League and is the face of Seattle. The state of Washington just produced 5 star Qb Jacob Eason (Georgia), while Skyline Senior High has produced the likes of Blue chip Quarterbacks Jake Heaps ( BYU & UM) & Max Browne (USC), let’s just say the state has a history of producing some of the top Quarterbacks. Next up without further due is Class of 2021 1# Nationally Ranked Quarterback Paolo Banchero. Standing 6’2 with a view of the entire field this 7th grader can pick you apart from inside the pocket or outside of it. Paolo ripped thru the Fbu tournament throwing 18 touchdown passes & rushing for 5 touchdowns, leading his Seattle 7th grade team to Naples Florida for the National Championship game versus the Broward team from Florida. December 21, 2015 National Championship game would be my first time seeing Paolo in action, let’s just say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The mark of a special Quarterback is how he performs under pressure; Paolo would feel the pressure down 34-8 to Broward in the 3rd quarter. With his back against the wall Paolo resilience would be on full display mid 3rd quarter. Paolo showed so much poise & composure in the pocket as he fired away to the tune of 3 touchdown passes going 10-21 for 193 yards closing the gap to 28-34. Cool as the other side of the pillow this kid showed off his full arsenal from scrambling for first downs, to keeping his eyes up field delivering strikes. While his team went down 46-28 Paolo left it all on the field with his teammates which speaks volumes into his character and humble nature. With a 3.3 Gpa & being ranked the number 16# Class of 2021 Basketball player in the Nation, it’s safe to say whatever this kid puts his mind to he succeeds at.


Scouting Report

A relatively unknown prospect several months ago, Banchero has seen his stock rise after his Fbu Tournament performance. Paolo has natural arm strength and ability showed through in the Fbu National Championship game, where he displayed one of the strongest arms on the day, a result of his wrist load and wrist snap upon release. Because of that arm strength, he can fit the football into small windows. Paolo shows evidence of strong ball-handling ability that helps spring his wide receivers down the field.

In the running game, Banchero is a plus athlete, though he could benefit from time in a High School strength training program later on down the road to help him finish runs with more power from this lower body.

Paolo has tremendous natural ability, including arm talent, big hands to allow him to execute pump fakes that would result in other quarterbacks losing the football, ball-handling ability, and athleticism to make off-schedule plays in the run game, as well as execute the traditional plays in the quarterback run game. With a strong support system this kid will continue to elevate himself to one of the top dual-threat quarterback prospects in the country.


Getting to know Paolo Banchero

Paolo Banchero what a pleasure it is to feature you. Paolo how far did you lead your team this year?

Paolo: We made it to the 7th Grade National Championship Game in Naples, Florida.


What Quarterback do you model your game after?

Paolo: I'd say a mixture of Russell Wilson and Tyrod Taylor.



How has the competition in the City of Seattle help to mold you into arguably the top Quarterback in the Class of 2021?

Paolo: It has helped me a lot with developing toughness and working hard 24/7 knowing that there are so many great players.



What is your best asset as a Quarterback?

Paolo: I would say my arm strength.



What are something’s you feel you can improve as player?

Paolo: Not rushing my throws and not taking sacks.



What would you say is your best performance of the season?

Paolo: I would say throwing for 4 tds and running for 1.



If you had to pick one play as your most memorable. What play would it be?

Paolo: Against Indiana my 6th grade year where with 2 seconds left in the 1st half I ran 100 yards for a touchdown. Or this run   http://www.hudl.com/athlete/5029402/highlights/220245114  against San Diego



Flashback Fbu versus Broward your Seattle team was down big. What was your mind set helping your team get back in the game?

Paolo: Well we were down 34-8 that game and once it got to that point my mindset was that there was no way I was gonna be on ESPN and only score 8 points.



You never gave up in the Fbu National Championship leading your team in defeat. What lesson did you take away from that game?

Paolo: One lesson I learned from that game was that no matter what don't stop until the clock hits zero, also to give 100% 100% of the time.


For only a 7th grade you show the poise of a seasoned vet. How do you manage to stay so composed in the pocket?

Paolo: Well, knowing that I am able to use my feet and knowing how good my receivers are there really isn't any reason for me to panic. 



Do you consider yourself a Dual threat QB or Pocket Passer?

Paolo: Definitely  Dual threat. 



You’re a two sport star Paolo. What changes in your workouts when you go from Football to Basketball?

Paolo: Football workouts especially at the qb position involve more foot work while basketball is more straight up and down the floor.



Who is your favorite Football Player & Basketball Player?                                     

Paolo: My favorite football player is I'd say Russell Wilson since he plays for the hometown team. My favorite basketball player would have to be Lebron James or Damian Lillard.



Do you feel any pressure being a highly ranked kid in Basketball & Football?

Paolo: A little bit because you have a target on your back and people know who you are, but not too much.



Fill me in on what was your best Basketball performance where you played out of your mind?

Paolo: Probably in a school game where I scored 52 points.



Describe your style of play on the court?

 Paolo: Tall, athletic wing who can score and do everything for a team.



Did you set any personal goals in both sports?

Paolo: I would say no except just to play as hard as I can, but all my other goals have to do with my team.


Paolo what separates you from any other two sport athlete?

Paolo: I would say my work ethic.



What academic goals do you set for yourself each school year?

Paolo: Nothing below a 3.3 GPA



What subject you would say is your strength & why?

Paolo: I would say literature/Language Arts because I love writing essays.



What other activities do you enjoy outside of sports?

Paolo: Video games and hanging out with my friends.



What other professions are you interest in pursuing outside of sports?

Paolo: Whatever job I have after playing it has to involve sports. I'm thinking of coaching, training, but I really want to be a broadcaster.



What are you most looking forward to going into your last season before High School?

Paolo: Winning another little league championship and hopefully winning a national championship with Team Seattle.



Paolo what phrase sticks with you that your parents use to inspire & motivate you?

Paolo: My dad always says have great attitude and effort in everything you do.



Last but not least, Paolo what do you want the world to know about you as a student athlete?



Thank you for interviewing me I really appreciate it.

Check out Paolo Fbu Highlights and see what makes him the 1# QB in the Class of 2021


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