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 Name:  Travis Boston Jr.

 Height:  5’’8
 Weight: 170

 Position:  RB/ATH

Team: Detroit Spartans 12u

CLASS: 2021

 Gpa:  3.0

Season Stats

40 tackles

 6 sacks

 3 int

 900 rushing yards & 22 tds 

February 22,2015,

When you think about the most popular sport in the Midwest region of this country Basketball always comes to mind if you’re from any other region. The Detroit Spartans 12u served notice to the rest of the nation in Plant City Florida that their Football state. In Plant City the Spartans 12u claimed the UYFL National Championship putting the icing on the cake of a magical season. The Spartans putting their name in the discussion of best 12u in the nation with a talented group of kids Offensively & Defensively. When you’re considered the best team nationally it’s only right you have a player arguably considered the top 2021 prospect in the nation. Travis Boston Jr. AKA Blade is a Youth Football Phenom if you think I’m joking check out his 15 minutes of Highlight film. With a 5’8 plus 170 pound frame this kid is a physical specimen with a plethora of physical attributes at his disposal. Watching film on this kid you notice quickly he has a nose for the football on the defensive side of the ball, with the ability to read & diagnose plays forcing turnovers while punishing the opposition. Can’t focus too long on what he brings to the table on defense because this star on the rise scored 22 touchdowns this season. While I can label him an athlete because of his versatility, but as a running back Blade is no doubt a threat to take it the distance from anywhere on the field. Stepping away from his football accomplishments, Travis sports a 3.0 Gpa with aspirations of someday being a Doctor or engineer.

Scouting Report


Right off the bat, I can be very confident in saying that Boston has some of the best vision and feet out of any running back in the 2021 class. He has good downhill speed with incredible field vision and shifty feet that allow him to juke defenders. His feet are always moving, which means he doesn't stop running the ball until you can get him down. At 5'8'', 170 pounds, that's harder than you'd think. Boston hits the hole strong and is tough at the line of scrimmage. But once he gets to the linebackers, his array of jukes, athleticism and vision make him almost impossible for just one defender to takedown. He'll make a defender miss and then use his speed to get into the open field, and once he's in the clear, he has that top end speed and second gear to get him into the endzone.


Getting to know Travis Boston Jr.


What do you love the most about playing Football?

Travis : I love the game itself playing with my  brothers looking at my family in the crowd and running that ball.


What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from playing Football ?

Travis : Team work, hard work and dedication.


What are some of your strengths as a Football player?  

Travis : My Football I.Q. ,My speed ,strength and I'm very discipline.


What are the areas of your game you feel you can improve on?  

Travis : Catching passes out of the back field.


What are some activities you engage in outside of sports?

Travis : I like to play video games and go skating. 


Watching your film on the offensive side of the ball, How can you best describe your running style?

Travis : Balanced, I have speed, power, vision and great feet plus I think I have one mean stiff arm.


If you could compare yourself to any Running back College or Pro who would that be?

Travis : Ezekiel Elliot 


What stands out to me about you on defense is your knack for making big hits, whats your mind set on each tackle?

Travis : To stop the ball carrier from getting any yards and making sure I'm on his mind the whole game.


What position are you most comfortable playing ?

Travis : Running back .


Can you take me back to the biggest play you made on defense?

Travis : When I got a interception in the national championship game.


What’s the biggest play you made on Offense?

Travis : When I caught a tight end pop pass in the National Championship to give my team the lead.


What is something you want people to know about you?

Travis : That I'm a hard working humble and blessed kid.



What's your favorite song to get you ready for game day?

Travis : Fall out boy Century.


What's your favorite subject & why?

Travis : Language Arts. I like to write short stories.


Do you participate in any other sports besides Football ?

Travis : Basketball, Track and Swimming.


Did you set any personal goals for the season?

Travis : To win a State and National championship.


What stat on the season you’re most proud of?

Travis : My 22 touchdowns

What does your workout regime consistent of ?

Travis : Speed, strength and footwork 3-4 times a week.


 Who's the best player you've played against?

Travis : Mike “Poohdah” Hayes Jr .


If you had to pick a play that describes you as a player, what would it be ?

Travis : The big hit I made in the state championship game at Ford Field.


What High School programs are you interested in?

Travis : Oak park, Orchard lake, St.Mary’s Catholic, Cass & Harrison 



Name me a couple of athletes that you look up to out of your area?

Travis : John Kelly, Mike Webber, Antjuan Simmons .


What profession are you interested in outside sports?

Travis : I will like to go to school to be a engineer or a doctor.


 What was the Uyfl National experience like for you and your team?

Travis : It's was a great experience for me and my brothers, because in the 2nd round we played a great team that push us to the limit.  We came together and pushed each other to get that win I will never forget that game.


What are some of the things you took with you competing in the Uyfl Nationals?

Travis : To never look pass any team & stay focus.


The Detroit Spartans are a nationally known program what are the benefits of coming thru this program?

Travis : Great coaching and we are a family.


You have one more year of Youth Football, What is your mind set going into your last year on the Park?

Travis : To work hard and learn as much as I can before High School and try to win another State and National championship.


Who would you say is your biggest supporter  & inspires you to be the best student athlete you can be?

Travis : My parents but my dad push me to be a great student and to always work hard and be humble.


Your team is defending National Champs, what message do you have for teams aiming to dethrone you guys next year?

Travis : “To late them no we not giving up the crown! Were going to be even better than last year so come with your A game but that still won’t be enough.” #TheUnit 


Checkout Travis 2015 Season Highlights :


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Comment by Darrien T Green on February 24, 2016 at 7:10pm

Travis it was a blessing just working with you guys and featuring him. His play on the field earned him some rewards.

Comment by Travis Boston Jr on February 24, 2016 at 6:24pm
Thank you some much for the write up on my son you did a great job




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