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Name:  Zachariah Plunk

Height:  5’9
Weight: 169

Position: RB/ATH

Team: Chandler Bears 12u

CLASS: 2020

Gpa:  3.0



March 12, 2016

Like most people in Youth Sports you hear stories about a uniquely talented youngster named Zach Plunk from Mesa, Arizona before having even set eyes on him. I heard people from the West Coast describe Plunk as a man-child or a physical specimen. One story in particular was this kid is only 12 years old stood 5’9 165 and possessed a unique blend of speed & power and ran like a Mac truck. But in Youth Football, it always seemed as though people were looking for something to talk about. Maybe this kid was just getting his 15 minutes of fame a little early. Then came the day when  I was at Ayf Nationals in Orlando, Florida notice the Chandler Bears 12u was playing, the same team I heard about Zach Plunk one of the top Rb’s in the Country. The thing that immediately caught my attention was this 5’9 169 pound kid with loud colored lime green cleats wearing the number 34#, most kids love single filed numbers at that age. Zach Plunk proved to me that day versus the New Orleans Panthers he wasn’t a myth, this kid lived up to the hype in every way ,shape & form. On one run Zach would show off every attribute he possessed in his repertoire, breaking tackles & racing pass the defense with that breakaway speed scoring from 60 yards out the 3rd of his touchdowns on the day. 

Since the age of 6 years old Zach’s mom Wendy knew he had a special talent for the game of Football. Zach possess another quality that comes natural, he is the ultimate team player that wouldn’t let anything stop him from propelling his team to victory. Zach was sick with the 103 fever 1 game he played against the Red Army. The Red Army was up 14-0 when Zach went in and scored 6 Touchdowns & 2 Touchdowns was called back. He toughed it out and put it all on the line to not let his teammates down which shows so much character for a kid his age. With 37 touchdowns on the season it’s a proven fact everybody who has faced this Young Phenom knows he is one of the top backs in the Country in the Class of 2020. With so much natural talent Zach doesn't stop there he has a hunger to be the best and it shows in his work ethic and the relentless way he trains in the gym perfecting his craft. Getting to know Zach Plunk personally and his family as a support system you easily continue to root for this kid who is so humble and determine to make his mark on the gridiron and in life.



Scouting Report

Zach Plunk is one of the best game breaking backs in the nation. An explosive athlete, he takes shorter strides than you'd expect from a taller runner but his turnover allows him to get up to top speed quickly to exploit open lanes and creases . Plunk is at his best when he is able to hit a seam and get going downhill, although he will bounce outside on occasion in an effort to use his speed. He runs with good velocity in between the tackles and finishes runs aggressively, while the power element of his game is still evolving, the main ingredient of his skill set is his ability to consistently win footraces in the open field.

A player who is more fast than quick, Plunk doesn't use a vast assortment of moves, but shows the ability to make tacklers miss with subtle changes of direction when operating in space. Primarily, he is the type of runner you'd like to see use one cut and get going downhill, making use of his acceleration. Ultimately, Plunk is a national prospect at the running back position with his frame and long speed.


Getting to know Zach Plunk


Zach pleasure catching up with you, How did your Chandler Bears finish the season?

Zach: Undefeated regular season, then we won the State Championship.  We went to Florida to play in the National we took 2nd place.

Who are some of players that came out of your City that you look up too?
Zach: Marcus Wheaton #11 Wide Reciever PittsburghSteelers, I admire him that's the position my dad wanted me to play.

Who is your team's biggest rival?
Zach: West Valley Pirates.

What was the outcome of the rivalry game?
Zach: They bragged for months about how they were going to beat us, after the score of 38-19 there was a brawl on the field. I had 3 touchdowns in that game.

A lot of kids love wearing single filed numbers, Why do you chose to wear the number #34?

Zach: I chose #34 because it's known to be worn by great players like Bo Jackson he was a Raider. I was born in Oak Town that's why I feel like I have to work hard on the field.

What's your favorite offensive play call & why?
Zach: My favorite offensive play call is the read stretch, I like this play because I can read the defense as the play develops.

Describe your running style?
Zach: I'm a very physical runner, but no one seen that out of me because I haven't had to do it that often.

Define what type of Running back you are?
Zach: I’m more of a elusive back however I will run you over if I need too, some of my fans call me the boogy master.

Did you set any personal goals for the season?
Zach: I set 2 goals. 1. I look to get at least 2 TD per game.  2. And to always stay Humble. 

What was your biggest single game performance of the year?
Zach: My biggest game was game 6 in AZ against Desert Vista Thunder.  I had six TD's and one sack playing D-end.

I notice you run with an attitude, What's your mind set before every carry?
Zach: My mind set before every game is that I know someday I will be doing this in the Pro's. It will give me a way to help take care of my parents and future family.

What's on your Pregame playlist before a game?

Zach: My pregame playlist is food, music, and watch film of myself playing football and think what I need to do better in the upcoming game. 

Who's the best player you played against this season?
Zach: The best player I've ever play against was Daniel Perez and an elusive back. He plays for the (IE Ducks) San Diego.

What was the AYF Nationals experience like for you?
Zach: The AYF Nationals was very intense the competion was fast and hard hitting this was a experience I'll never forget.

What lessons you took from competing in AYF Nationals?
Zach: The lesson I took from the AYF Nationals was I'm going to have to work hard you can't just go on your talent.

I notice you didn't play the AYF National Championship game.  How tough was it watching your teammates play without you?
Zach: It was sad seeing my team down for the first time this season, it was even tougher because I couldn’t help my team.

What are something's you enjoy doing besides sports?
Zach: I enjoy hiking, movie's riding my hover board and hanging out with my friends.

What are your academics goals each school year?
Zach: My academic goals are working harder each semester to get a higher GPA.

What's your favorite subject & why?
Zach: My favorite subject is History because I love seeing how people lived before all the technology.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Zach: One accomplishment I'm most proud of is succeeding both in and out of the classroom and being known as a leader.

What are you most looking forward to on the High School Level?
Zach: I'm looking forward to being known for working hard and getting a D-1 Scholarship a free education for playing football.

What are the areas of your game you're working on before next season?
Zach: I'm working on being more explosive when coming out of my stance, and packing on more muscle to my frame to allow me to break more tackles as well as carry more of the load.

What High School programs are you interested in?
Zach: I want a high school that's D-1 so I can be surrounded with good athletes also has a top education system with good mentoring.

Zach Give me a phrase your parents use to inspire you?
Zach: My parent say before every game don't forget where your talent come from above and go out there and Plunk-

Zach The stage is yours, what do you want the to world to know about you?
Zach: I would like for people to know I have a God given talent, I was adopted by white parents when I was six months old. I was born in Oakland CA. moved to AZ when I was 3 years old.  I have a adopted brother Joseph 9 months older.  My dad says I was carrying a football around before I could walk.  This is why I play football. My parents are my greatest fans, hopefully someday I can repay them by receiving a degree and going Pro and just maybe my real birth mother may get to see me on TV someday. 

Check out Zack Plunk in action at Ayf Nationals


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