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GenNexXt invaded Kissimmee, Florida for the Key to the City Rivalry game between the CFAA Mustangs Vs The Osceola Panthers. One thing is for sure entering the gates of Liberty Sr. High School field you felt the juiced atmosphere from the environment as well as kids & coaches. You could hear the trash talking between rival neighborhoods that date back as far as 20 years. Most of the Coaches, fans, parents once took part in this historic Kissimmee rivalry and helped to speed me up on the history of this game from both sides of the fence. Cfaa being the home team their park President Alvin Lee spared no expense in showing that good ole Kissimmee hospitality, along with the founders of the program Chad Mascoe & Malcolm Ray. President Lee has been running a 1st class program for over the last  six years with Chad & Malcolm staying in different states prior to returning to their roots within the last year. This program and its rival program are ready for some National attention, judging by the talent & caliber of teams I witnessed it’s time for Kissimmee to be introduced to the nation via GenNexXt.                                                                                          

My first introduction to this rivalry was the Freshman ( 8u ) match up that the Cfaa Mustangs dominated the Osceola Panthers 33-13 running a deadly Wing Tee ground attack. Cfaa Mustangs Freshman ( 8u ) team can no doubt compete with some of the best in the nation stay tuned, this team will be creeping into the National Rankings. With the momentum thoroughly on the Mustangs side their sophomore team continued the Mustangs winning ways defeating the Panthers 25-8. A theme that popped up in the Mustangs favor in their two wins, the kid that dawned the 1# Mustangs jersey was nearly unstoppable. If I didn’t mention it this rivalry featured 4 games between undefeated teams that should sum up what’s on the line in this rivalry. Osceola Panthers Juniors ( 12u ) would come to the party and prove this is not a one sided rivalry defeating the Mustangs 26-7 behind a physical O-line and good ole smash mouth football. Seniors  (13/14u ) game the Panthers defensive line set the tone for the game living in the Mustangs back field taking a early 14-0 lead. The Mustangs would settle down and make a game of it closing the gap 6-14, but the Panthers would stretch their lead to 22-6 taking home the victory. Awesome rivalry that was pretty much even Kissimmee talent & brand of Football can be put up against any region in the nation.

Keys to the City Top Performers

Ja”Randy Swint


Osceola Panthers 12u

What was most impressive about Swint’s performance is the Mustangs knew he was getting the ball but still couldn’t stop this kid. This Class of 2022 RB put his name in the discussion as one of the top players in the country regardless of position. Ja’’randy showed  pure power breaking several  tackles when he took a toss & lead plays for touchdowns one for 67 yards and another from 54 yards out. He earned Mvp honors leading his team to victory.



                                                                                           Chad Mascoe Jr.

                                                                                           Quarterback/ Athlete

                                                                                           CFAA Mustangs 12u

Even in defeat GenNexXt Class of 2022 1 # ranked player in the Country showed without a shadow of a doubt he is a competitor no matter what the scoreboard  read.  Chad plays like a man among boys never panic and went about his business showing off his best imitation of Youth Footballs Cam Newton running & passing the ball. One thing you can’t teach is leadership characteristics and Chad has them yelling and cheering his team on to pick up their intensity when they were down was priceless. Clear to see what makes this kid elite are the traits you can’t teach you just have to have them.


Kyri Watson

Runningback / Athlete

CFAA Mustangs 8u

Kyri is before his time this kid skill set says he has to be at least 12 years old. Vision, patience, footwork, speed yep safe to say this youngin is the total package and a real treat to see in action. Kyri scored his team’s first two scores and didn’t look back he is a force to be wrecking with so get ya popcorn ready when this kid is on the field.



                                                                                      Sincere McKenzie

                                                                                      Wide Receiver/Athlete

                                                                                      CFAA Mustangs 8u

Sincere has swag on both sides of the ball and left it all on the field, showing off his breakaway  speed with one cut and gone skill set. Kid is all over the place on the defensive side of the ball he even took a fumble for a score after scoring on a bootleg 40 seconds prior. Cfaa 8u has some big time players.


Elijah Jenkins & Camren West

Runningback /Quarterback

Osceola Panthers 8u

Elijah is lightening in the bottle this kid made some huge runs showing off his excellent change of direction & agility as he broke some ankles on his way to Mvp honors. Something that will always reveal itself is talent even in a lose. Camren West scored his team’s only touchdown escaping the rush which he did a lot of on the day. This tandem showed why the Osceola Panthers 8u was undefeated prior to Saturday.



                                                                                              Perry  Garrett


                                                                                              CFAA Mustangs 10u

Perry name should be the everything man, it was nothing this kid didn’t do on the field.  As a Db he read the Qb eyes jumped the route and took a interception 94 yards to the house. This kid biggest contribution came on the offensive side of the ball, lets just say nobody was running with him once he kicked into gear. Perry play on the field was nothing short of a Mvp honor which is why he was awarded  the Key to the City 10u game Mvp.


Akeem “Oog” Knox


CFAA Mustangs 10u

If you’re looking for a heat seeking missile look no further, this kid nick name “Oog” has a nose for the football and cleans up anything in his path from his Lb position. Watching this kid in person you come away raving about his toughness & his flair for making big hits. On the flip side Knox is also a Rb that can bang it inside and get the tough yards, but don’t sleep on him he can get that corner and get missing as well.



                                                                                      Trae Holden


                                                                                      Osceola Panthers 13/14u

Trae was a consistent thorn in the Mustangs side Saturday from having a big day on the ground to making Clutch tackles & deflecting a couple of passes.  In a tall frame and long stride it was easy to spot him but difficult to bring him down as he accounted for two of his teams 3 touchdowns. Trae took home Mvp honors because he showed he was the biggest threat on the field.

Daniel Casillas

Defensive Tackle

MFAA Mustangs 13/14u

Daniel ia a disruptive force when he is in his element in the middle of the defensive line. The ultimate "Enforcer," it is Daniel ability to defeat double-team coverage that allows his teammates on defensive to have so much success getting to the quarterback. The  Osceola Panthers found out the hard way about Daniels explosiveness off the snap as he showed off his strong as a Ox strength. With his frame & strength combine with his speed off the snap this kid will be on a lot of High school radars next summer.


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