National Rankings "The Purpose" , and The Truth

An article has been thrown around to establish the “truth” about Youth Football National team rankings, and how they are “Flawed”, “Bogus” , and “inaccurate”. I am not here for a rebuttal you won’t hear us arguing over the validity of those claims, because they are based in factual information. Although the "true" nature of those articles are as “Flawed” as they make National Rankings out to be!!

To first understand the context of an article, you must understand what faction and individual is making the claims. Only then can you better understand the reason, and underlying bias in opinion of an article.  

Generation Nexxt PROUDLY Hosts Player and Team National Rankings as accurately as we possibly can. We also have MORE information from leagues around the Country than any Platform in existence, our site is home to the largest collection of team/ player rankings, and information available on the internet.

What is it all the fuss About?

For us - Fun, Community, bringing people together, striving for a higher purpose, fueling motivation putting The Team back in Team Sports. Our site is funded by our Executive Producer, and our Community Partners so we provide ALL this ABSOLUTELY FREE. Since it’s free its Fun, we are not claiming to have evaluated every team, and every league, we don’t claim to be Flawless, we just claim to have worked extremely hard, and made sure that every team we ranked has went through an evaluation process, and are deserving of our acclimation. If you’re not ranked we give you the ability to expose your team, and league on a grand stage. We also embrace other Rankings Professionals, because we love the sport to much, and want more for its growth than our own. 

Our objective is to continue to build the strongest youth sports community on the web, where leagues, teams, players, parents, coaches, and enthusiasts can communicate privately, or publicly, where they can post customized blogs, Personal Photos, and Videos, to share with everyone. Where you can easily access current youth news/information, player rankings, team rankings, Discussions, video coverage, print coverage, safety/health tips, and more. Our staff has put in countless hours of research, and work into everything they produce!! We are trend setters because we are active in the field, we run down every lead, and we are a team, actually we may have the most passionate team ever assembled..

We are 2000% for the kids, we are ON THE SIDELINES EVERY WEEK, we help local charities, and local Pro athletes give back, we have become like family members to many individual youth athletes. We even have help former youth athletes with finding college placement through Rising Stars, Foundation by Staff writer Jerry Williamson, we help struggling youth athletes continue to stay active through Sports for Support a nonprofit initiative  owned by Operations Officer Josh Martin, we help bring sports to other countries with Game-time foundation by former sideline reporter Nicole Fernandez.  


For them – MONEY… plain and simple… this is an Excerpt of one of the articles in circulation

 “I have held my position as Football Editor and National Youth Scouting Director for .........  for over five years and have worked full time covering youth football every single day.  My entire occupation is based on my knowledge of youth football; scouting it, writing about it, speaking about it, etc.

So why must they be so opinionated on the subject? In which they have no bearing?  

When your Livelyhood depends on corning a market. You will want to control that market, and if you don’t have control over the market you will lose your business edge. These Platforms Exist because they charge membership of around $100/year which is what most of our kids pay to PLAY in the first place. They turn a profit when you go to their sites for information? What if there was place you can go get better more abundance, and more accurate info? Would you be a frequent visitor to their site? Likely not! If We can do what they do for free then what POWER do They Possess?

They want your Dollars, and will separate you to get it. They, want players to fend for themselves and teammates to compete against each other for an Exposure Event. They cover major ALL Star events because the event Pay’s them, and the event in turn Charges the Athletes $200-$500 just to play one game, double what they paid for an entire season of play. All for exposure, they claim!! Exposure to who only their very limited members/followers?

Point Blank “The Real Issue”

Some people are taking advantage of the youth football industry and trying to fool the masses!! Not bring fun and excitement to it just competition, where competition doesn’t have to exist, and using underhanded business tactics to do so.

They are not for the players, and the youth football community, they are for themselves, we live and work in the Football Mecca, our staff lives in the areas, our contemporaries are removed from, we want to help the industry not control it. That is why we get out there and get it, while they hire People from craigslist who could be sexual predators, thieving opportunist, or in it for a quick dollar. We go out and generate our own content information through working relationships with coaches, players, and teams, All Star events are handled with moral integrity, which is why we do not cover ALL of them. 

Knowing that youth football is most popular in lower class black neighborhoods, makes us question the motive Why write the article to dismiss, and discount something that has the youth football world buzzing and communicating from coast to coast?

Easy answer! It’s not benefiting them, and it’s hurting their pockets. They HATE that we are a FREE platform that has the industry buzzing, who is looking forward to a new day where TEAMS, Coaches, and players can openly communicate, and build the future of the game on their terms. We are taking back our sport starting with the kids who play it, no more should they look to a company they can’t see, feel, or touch, A company who doesn’t share their core values, past, nor future. We are for the “People” we are your media outlet. They are just mad that we have the JUICE, with an infinite stock of morals, Swag, and character so we will never “Sell Out”.   

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Comment by Jason "ACE" Bourciquot on October 24, 2015 at 8:47pm
Gennexxt is the truth. All about the kids and our communities. That is rare.




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