NexXt 2 Blow: 3-time National Champion Class of 2023 QB D.J Moore

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Name: Dante “D.J” Moore

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 130

Position: QB

Team: Detroit Spartans

CLASS: 2023

Gpa: 3.0



April 23, 2017

Getting to know D.J Moore

If you don't know anything about Dante “D.J” Moore yet, it is about time you do. The 5’8”, 130 pound Moore is quickly becoming one of the top quarterback prospects of the 2023 class. Moore first caught my attention in the Uyfl Nationals 2 years ago, where he was the field general in a run first offense but was money anytime the ball was in his hands. Moore is a dual-threat quarterback out of Detroit Michigan with some remarkable physical talent, especially when it comes to his ability to sling the ball around the field. Not too many Class of 2023 prospects can say their 3 time National champs, well that’s a feat only Moore can mention in such a young career with so much football left to play. Moore’s aspirations go beyond the football field, hearing this kid mention how important making the honor roll is to him. His exact words were “You can’t play football without grades”.  Besides hoping to someday major in Engineering when he enters college, you can tell this kid has plans outside sports and takes his responsibility inside the classroom very seriously.  With two more years left on the youth level I spoke with Moore on his bond with his teammates who could make history before it’s all said and done; Moore said “My bond is great with my guys, some of my teammates I have been playing with since I was 5 years old so the bond is good and we will forever be friends no matter who we play for. When it comes to qualities that can’t be taught like character & leadership, this kid D.J Moore possess those unique qualities to go along with his physical gifts, it’s easy to see why this kid is in the conversation as the top Quarterback in the class of 2023. After all this field general has 3 National Championships one Pop Warner & 2 Uyfl, proven winner no matter the league he has competed in when D.J Moore is under center your chances of winning are that much greater.


The Skinny

Perhaps the best traits Moore has been the most difficult for younger signal-callers to develop, and some never do. With a lightning-quick release and good mechanics and footwork, Moore is already making the most out of his natural talent. The arm strength is still developing for the youngster Moore to thrive in any offensive system, and his sound fundamentals help him deliver an accurate ball to all areas of the field. With enough athleticism to extend plays, opposing defenses will have to worry about Moore running the ball on occasion as well. Moore flashes good arm strength on intermediate throws over the middle and a quick release when delivering the ball to his first read.  When he is balanced, and uses his legs, he can deliver the ball accurately to his receivers. There is no position on the football field where there is as much dramatic improvement from year to year at the youth level than quarterback. Arms get stronger, footwork becomes better, and most importantly, kids get more repetitions to help them improve with every little detail. Which is why it’s exciting evaluating D.J Moore seeing his growth over the years, it’s obvious to see why he is a very good young quarterback for the class of 2023, yet scary to think that he is nowhere near a finished product. He has the chance to develop into a special player at the next level and I’m excited to keep watching him grow in every facet of his game.


1 on 1 with D.J Moore


What are somethings you learn in school that you apply on the football field?

D.J:  I look at each drive or pass like an assignment. It must get completed no matter what it takes..


What are somethings you enjoy doing outside of football?

D.J: Playing soccer with friends and playing football and soccer games on my PS4


Who is your favorite Qb?

D.J: Tom Brady & Cam Newton


What kind of Quarterback you’d say you are Dual threat or Pocket Passer? Describe why?

D.J: Both, but mostly pocket passer I like to pick apart the defense.


What do you like most about playing the Quarterback position?

D.J: QB is a fun position I like to calculate who to go to when throwing the ball , I think playing QB is like doing Math .


What are some things you would like to accomplish your last 2 years before High School?

D.J: Two more National Championships


What does your workout regime consist of?

D.J: Personal trainer #P80 Christopher Huff for strength and conditioning and QBU with Donovan Dooley and Kevin Rogers & work outs with my Dad.


What’s your most memorable game?

D.J: My first national championship at 9 y/o I played with kids 11y/o and 12y/o competed to win my first national championship with the Southfield Falcons Jr. Pee Wee team.


What keeps your team hungry enough to repeat year after year?

D.J: The fact that we are the Spartans everyone wants to have a shot at us, because we are the best in the state and nation that is our motivation to keep winning.


What kind of leader are you? Lead by example or vocal?

D.J: I’m always teaching on the field showing responsibility leading vocally, saying listen up and get it together to get my teammates head in the game.


What are some areas of your game your looking to improve on?

D.J: Strength and poise “I run the show” and speed, but looking to work on my leadership skills to become an overall great QB.


What parts of your game, you'd say separates you from the other QB's in your class?

D.J: My Football IQ & frame.


What are your goals outside of sports?

D.J: To get a scholarship and continue my education to be an Engineer like my Dad.


What does your Coach say to inspire you during a tight game?

D.J: Coach Tom tells me to take control.


How does it feel to be a National Champion? What was the hardest part of completing the task?

D.J: Great, Playing against some of the best players from around the nation.


What accomplishment in your career so far, you’re most proud of?

D.J: All the invites I have been getting from all the camps and All American games. And all my national titles.



Who would you’d say is your biggest inspiration for playing Football?

D.J: My Dad he works hard so I train and work hard like him to be successful.


 Last Question, what do you want the nation to know about you?

D.J: I’m a hardworking QB and motivated & driven to be the #1 QB for the Class of 2023.

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