NexXt 2 Blow: Class of 2022 QB Zion Turner

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Name: Zion Turner

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 145

Position: QB

Team: Miami Gardens Bulldogs

CLASS: 2022

Gpa: 3.32



Point of View


Different paths are always taken to get to the same milestone many have worked so hard to get to. Zion Turner took the lowkey stealth mode path to get to the point in his young career where he is now, and that’s a breakout season. You’d be surprise how many people would say this is a former Swag Boy & Pop Warner National Champion, how could he just be breaking out. Easy, Tuner has played in different offensive schemes and has also shared quarterback duties during his short career, just last year Turner played with older kids so he only received limited snaps. Always staying true to his craft with a cool laid back demeanor, Turner stayed humble & patient that’s when he earned the Dade Fbu 7th grade starting Quarterback spot. From Fbu to Dolphins Dade County 12u All-Star duties in which this kid only had two days of practice and came on strong the 2nd half of the game picking the defense apart in a comeback that his team came up short on. Zion Turner is having thee best off season of any Quarterback in his class showing the glimpses of what helped him lead his Gwen Cherry Bulls team to a National Championship. When Marcus Mariota is your favorite QB you can only help, but carry yourself the same way quiet but boisterous in the huddle or when he is barking out audibles making sure his guys are lined up correctly. One thing that has been a fact in Zion’s career is that where ever he is winning follows, the prime example of that is Tuner leading his new team the Miami Gardens Bulldogs team to the GenNexXt Powered by Strong Arm 7v7 tournament title. This 3.32 gpa student who loves Science was quoted as saying “The best part of being a Quarterback is having the ability to pick apart any defense”, which is exactly what he did in leading his team to the Championship. Me being a witness to Zion’s growth over the last 6 months, I can emphatically say this kid has gotten better with every appearance in the off season which is credit to his work ethic & drive to be the best. With everything going in Turner’s favor look for this kid to serve notice to the rest of the nation it’s his turn and he is fully ready to take that next step in his career and prove he is among the top signal callers in his class.


The Skinny


He may not have the build for it yet, but Zion Turner is a classic pocket passer. He does his damage from the pocket or outside of it. The new Miami Gardens Bulldogs can be mobile too, but he is way more likely to make an impact with his arm than his feet. For someone his size, you wouldn’t expect Zion Turner to have good arm strength but it is well above average. He’s shown he is capable of making every type of throw. Mechanically Turner is one of the most consistent quarterbacks I have seen on film this year and because of that he is able to deliver the ball on time and in stride so his receivers can make plays after the catch. Turner is not afraid to stand tall in the pocket and deliver the football under pressure. He will take a hit to make a play. You notice watching Turner play when he is in a groove he goes thru his progressions finding his 2nd & 3rd reads which is impressive for such a young quarterback. There are other quarterbacks who have a stronger arm, have a bigger frame, and are better athletes than Zion Turner, but few who are as solid in so many facets of their game. He already has shown strong mechanics and that should only improve with his growth into the quarterback position, you’re looking at a star on the rise with big performances on the big stage by this field general. 

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