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Name: NaQuari Rogers

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 159

Position: Athlete

Team: Central Virginia Hurricanes

Class: 2022

Gpa: 3.2


Getting to know Naquari Rodgers

I have two words for you Ronald Curry matter of fact another two Mike Vick, want to know what they have in common? No need to think hard I’ll gladly tell you both guys were Virginia Beach phenoms in High school, which shouldn’t be a surprise because the Virginia Beach area is a recruiting hot spot when you’re in search of Power 5 talent. Yeah, yeah while I would love to get into what makes Naquari Rogers so special on the Football field, I would much rather tell you more about this calm demeanor 14-year old outside of sports. Family is what’s most important to the kid nicknamed “NaQ”, who loves watching scary movies with his Mom right after she fixes he & his sister her famous buffalo cheese dip & tortilla chips which happens to be his favorite. You can notice by just talking to NaQ his Mom is his protector even if it’s protecting him from his own cravings of loving hot fries chips, but aside from that his Mom encourages him to be all he can be. NaQ knows being all you can be comes with a price which is balancing a 3.2 gpa and cutting back on his free time to focus on what’s most important in achieving his ultimate goal. Never the one to put all his eggs in one basket NaQ aspirations outside of sports is to be video graphics designer mastering games like Madden & Call of Duty has this kid inspiring to outdo both games.

      Passionate about anything he puts his heart into NaQ’s favorite player happens to be Cam Newton who shares that same trait, while some might can move on after a loss NaQ is breaking down film trying to perfect his craft so he doesn’t have to deal with the agony of defeat. With so much love for the game NaQ is that player that doesn’t shy away from the big moments he welcomes it with open arms, his exact words are “When the team is down to that nail biting moment, I’m always that "go to guy” that is ready to make a game changing play at that very moment. When it comes to who is his toughest critic NaQ says it’s my Dad but it isn’t taken in as criticism it’s motivation for me because he makes me the coachable & mentally tough kid I am today and I cherish that. In the words of NaQ “ My family is my biggest support team ever!!  My little sister is actually my number 1# fan. She's been watching me and my teams play ball since she was a baby in a stroller on the sidelines. I tell my mom all the time, I want to take care of you and she just tells me, I don’t need nothing, when you get to the NFL. Mamma needs your contract to state your mamma NEEDS SIDELINE TICKETS...NOT A SKYBOX. I need to see what’s going on with my son. One thing for sure besides talent NaQuari Rogers is a high character kid with so much potential it’s only matter of time before College’s & Rivals,247 is beating down his door but just remember this kid is the NexXt 2 Blow….


The Skinny

Being labeled an athlete in general is a compliment, but being labeled an “Athlete” by a scout? That is a huge compliment. It basically means you are so good on both sides of the ball that they don’t know which one you’d be better at. As is the case with Central Va. Hurricanes NaQuari Rogers. He’s a big time quarterback, receiver and a playmaker at corner. Whichever position him and the high school of his choice settle on, I’m fairly confident he’ll make an impact. Your value skyrockets when you can affect the game in all phases of the game case in point NaQuari, he has a cannon for an arm and throws the deep ball with the best of them & has the unique ability to stay composed in or outside the pocket, but if you know like I know your best bet is to not let him escape the pocket. When you are speaking on this kid just call him the Central Va. X-factor because he turns bad plays into touchdowns he just has a knack for making plays when you need him the most. As a receiver, NaQuari has big play capability and can turn a jet sweep or short pass into 6 points in the blink of an eye, he isn’t shy about going up and attacking the ball at it’s highest point. He also is an aggressive blocker and loves to mix it up and get physical with defenders, NaQuari really takes every chance he can get to be a physical presence. That physicality translates to his role as a corner as well. He’s does a great job tackling and hitting through the ball carrier. His skills as a receiver show up on defense too as he does a great job making plays on the ball when the opportunity arises. I’m sure no one is shocked that he is also a very good returner and has already taken back a few Kickoffs & Punts this season. He makes an impact at every phase of the game. One thing that I’ve known to be true when speaking on this explosive playmaker it doesn’t matter where you put him at sooner or later he will make an impact which is exactly why he is labeled the Central Virginia Hurricanes X-factor. 

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