NexXt 2 Blow Class of 2025 QB/ATH Bryce J. Underwood

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Name: Bryce J. Underwood

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 110

Position: QB/ATH

Team: Motor City Wolverines

Class: 2025

Gpa: 4.0



Point of View

April 24, 2017

Often, it’s best to steer away from crowning kids at such a young age, because it’s hard to gauge or speculate what a child ceiling can be in the developmental age groups of youth football. But there are always exceptions to those rules and Motor City Wolverines have just that in 9-year old QB/ATH Bryce J. Underwood. Why is this kid an exception to the rule youmight ask, easy as an 8-year-old Underwood accounted for 34 total touchdowns (19 passing & 15 rushing) and seemed like a man among boys versus his peers. This young phenom impact helped his Wolverines dethrone the 3-time Super Bowl Champions the West 7 Rams not once but twice, the icing on the cake was 3 touchdowns in a 26-0 victory over the Rams in the Super Bowl. When it came to the Wolverines city rivals Underwood took his game to another level responsible for 5 touchdowns against the Detroit Spartans it was no stopping this kid who seemed to be in the matrix that day. Funny that Underwood’s favorite player happens to be Cam Newton but watching this kid play you can compare him to a young Lamar Jackson that’s just how dynamic this kid is. Fiery & confident on the field, but off the field he is the total opposite humble kid who loves to have fun with his Motor City Wolverines, who he doesn’t hesitate to put on his back and lead to victory. Underwood does numbers in the stat column as well as in the classroom where his favorite subject is Math because he loves numbers. A 4.0 gpa tells you this kid has it in between the ears to play the Quarterback position, ask him what makes him so special and all the credit goes to his Dad who pushes him to be great as well as his mom & coaches. I can easily see this young man having a future as a signal caller down the line, but I would be selling this kid short he is a football player put him anywhere and watch him do what he do. They say film doesn’t lie, well pop on 14 minutes’ worth of Underwood film and you will see if he isn’t the best 9-year-old he is defiantly in the conversation.


The Skinny

Regardless of position, Underwood possesses arguably some of most upside in the entire 2025 class so far. A “tools” QB, Underwood combines the electric play-making ability of a Lamar Jackson with the competitive instincts and improvisational skills of a Deshaun Watson. Young so he hasn’t grasped the concept of reading defenses, but he’s capable of making any throw in the passing tree from the pocket or on the move. He routinely creates highlight-reel plays. Blessed with tremendous instincts, he finds a way to make the extraordinary play look routine which is amazing to see a 9-year-old do. Once he breaks containment, he’s a home run threat capable of taking any broken play to the house with his elite speed. Should be great in the read-option game as he gets older and learns more on how the game is played. One thing I can admit is this kid is very advanced for his age from reading his blocks and knowing when to explode to his arm strength. Enough about his potential on offense let me breakdown what makes his ceiling high on the defensive side of the ball. Underwood is so big for his position at his age. He’s pretty much has the size to play with older kids in terms of height and length. He possibly could grow into a linebacker or Running-back eventually. He is surprisingly fluid for his size and shows quick feet. He has track speed and never touched the track.. Underwood can play quarterback, receiver, and running back on offense and can star at all of those positions because of his size and athleticism. His lateral agility is very impressive and he is a dangerous player with the ball in his hands. Although it’s where he makes the most splash plays at the youth level, defense is easily where his future can be down the line. This kid has natural instincts as a safety and is a ball hawk who will come down and lay the boom, Underwood sets the tone for his team or offense or defense because he is a play-maker. Never the one to say a kid this young is a finish product very interested to see his game direction over the next couple of years as of now this kid is a game changer with a bright future there’s no denying that.

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