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Name: Kevin Coleman

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 145

Position: WR

Team: U-City (Team Elite) Mo

Class: 2022

Gpa: 3.8


Getting to know Kevin Coleman

Flashback Under Armour High School All American game a late bloomer and pretty much unknown talent out of St. Louis, Missouri name Jeff Thomas exploded on the scene putting on a show, while showing that the Midwest talent can compete with anyone in the country. NexXt 2 Blow travels to the very same Midwest City St. Louis, Missouri to introduce the country to a Midwest youth phenom by the name of Kevin Coleman. Look Jeff Thomas proved he was a problem, I feel the same way about the talent of Kevin Coleman put him in any other region and he would be a household name already. Now when you ask Kevin’s Coaches what separates Kevin from the rest and they all agree it’s his attitude, they all said this kid is ultra-determined to be the next special talent to make it out of St. Louis. With determination comes action and Kevin’s actions speaks volumes in the classroom this kid is a straight “A” student focused on making sure that he is in the position to accomplish all his goals. You have some talented athlete’s that don’t mine fading to the back and letting someone else take lead, but that isn’t in Kevin’s mental makeup this kid is an Alpha male in every way shape or form. Let me breakdown how much of an Alpha male he is let’s just say he gives the ultimate effort in everything he does to always finish number 1# rather it’s sprints or trips to End-Zone. If you’re wondering why Kevin seems so advanced for his age, it’s because he challenges himself by competing against the older kids which helps him sharpen that elite skill set he possess. Kevin was the youngest player on his 15u Pylon Championship team but if no one mentioned it while watching him play you would never know watching him abuse defensive-backs on his way to receiving MVP honors for the tournament. Humble, High football i.q, coach able, talented, high character are all the qualities that make this Class of 2022 athlete one of the premier playmakers in the country, it doesn’t just stop there with this kid he is big on team camaraderie leads by example & vocal when needed. With an I been here before state of mind Kevin Coleman seems to be in pretty good position to make a huge impact in four years just as fellow St. Louis playmaker Jeff Thomas did on a National tv and is doing as a freshman at the University of Miami. With talent like Jeff Thomas and upcoming 8th grader Kevin Coleman the Midwest is serving notice don’t forget about us when you’re looking for Power 5 prospects to compete for National Championships.


The Skinny

Everyone wants the ideal in terms of body type for football players, but there are always exceptions that don’t fit the mold. Kevin Coleman fits into that category even though he is nowhere near finish growing. The first thing that jumps out about Coleman is speed. The second thing is his size. 5’9” is probably generous and he isn’t finish growing considering he is only 13 years old. But that speed combined with great lateral agility is what makes him a coveted prospect. Coleman brings immediate value as a returner. He has the speed, vision, and ability to make tacklers miss that make him a threat on every return. Those same traits shine when he gets the ball in the open field whether that is on jet sweeps or after the catch. Every time he touches the ball there’s a chance he can score. When lined up in the slot, teams should think twice about matching up a safety or linebacker with him. He can blow right past a lot of players on straight go routes and can embarrass them on double moves. He is a polished route runner considering he is still at the youth level. He definitely has the quickness & technique to be very good in that area, scary part is thinking how much better he can get on his way to High School. He is a talent that can take his game up some notches when the opponent he’s matched up against is better competition. He’s a natural hands catcher and catches & secure the ball clean away from his body before he makes any moves. He’ll also make plays on the ball when the ball isn’t thrown accurately he has a pretty big catching radius, contested catches at the next level is something he shouldn’t have a issue adapting to. I really liked what I saw from him as a defensive back. It wasn’t surprising that he was fluid in his transitions, but his instincts in coverage were very good and he also was a physical tackler that hit bigger than his size would suggest. I love Coleman's potential out of the slot at the High School level and also think he could be an immediate contributor in the return game. If he continues to show consistent hands, then he has the chance to be a big play threat for multiple seasons at the next level.

Checkout Kevin Colemans U-City Team Highlights

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