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Name: Treyaun Webb

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 160

Position: ATH

Team: Trinity Christian

CLASS: 2023

Gpa: 3.75

Stats: Jr.High over 400 rushing yards 5 tds (2 games) JV 20 carries 237 rushing yards 4 touchdowns (4 games) 


My Point of View

When you are speaking of Florida High School Powerhouses and D-1 prospect factories, Trinity Christian Academy is always tops in producing some of thee best athletes in the country. If you’re unfamiliar with their track record let me run down some of those prospects for you Deontai Williams ( UF), Kevin Tolliver (LSU), Shawn Wade (Osu), D.J Matthews (FSU), Chris Barr (USF) and current big time DB Tyreke Johnson. If you’re wondering where I’m going with this just picture having a 7th grader playing JV and Middle School ball because Coaches sense they have something special in this youngster. That young phenom name is Treyaun Webb who is already standing 5’10”-160 pounds and is 12 years old competing and shining with the likes of 14 & 15-year-old players. Treyaun is a do it all athlete he makes his presence known in all three phases of the game rather that’s him giving you 6 points on special teams or going 60 yards on a hand off, but let me not neglect to mention what makes him that much more unique which is his advanced skills as a defensive-back. When your favorite players include Patrick Peterson & Kevin Tolliver it is only fitting you put in non stop work to mimic those guys, which is a big reason why Treyaun is considered the best at it in the Class of 2023. Pro Impact 15u Coach Fred Highsmith & Matt Hardy didn’t shelter Treyaun from older competition in fact they helped him sharpen his skills by throwing him in the fire versus the loaded Sf Express 15u 7v7 team and trust if you can hold your own versus that squad you’re on your way as big-time prospect. Advanced far beyond his years Treyaun possess a long wing span & fluid hips that allows him to either man handle receivers at the line of scrimmage as well as turn and run with them if they so happen to beat the jam. While I can go on and on about Treyaun Webb athletic prowess, I would like to focus on Treyaun’s father Reggie and his support system that keeps him grounded and focused on success outside of sports. Enrolled in all honors classes and on pace to enter duel enrollment once he gets to High school which will put him in position to graduate with honors & a AA degree. Music to my ears when you hear about a young prospect with a support system that is preparing him for life outside football. Most kids shy away from competition or challenges till they get their feet wet Treyaun runs toward it which is the reason he won DB MVP honors at our 2017 Skills competition where he proved to be to skilled & physical for the kids his age. One thing you can never say about this young Phenom is he isn’t proven where ever you say that work is or the best is, is defiantly where you will find Treyaun Webb who puts on for his City and is the next up in that long line of Trinity Christian Academy D-1 factory prospects. 



The Skinny



Treyaun Webb plays for Trinity Christian Academy which has one of the best football programs in the state of Florida. Considering how many plays he made on both sides so far on Jv as only a 7th grader, he would have to be considered one of the best players to come out of Duval County if were just talking projection & ceiling. He has scored plenty of touchdowns so far in a variety of ways for his Middle school & Jv team at Running-back, but he projects to play corner at the next level and if he makes even half the amount of plays he did as a jv player on the High school level then he’ll be an outstanding 5-star prospect down the line. Webb has good, but not elite speed. He makes up for it though with great short area quickness combined with elite size and length. Webb has great ball skills and makes a ton of plays intercepting passes. Has the ability to do something with it when he intercepts it as well as he’s always looking to score. He’s great at dropping his hips and breaking on the ball. His compete level to break up passes is outstanding. Webb is also known as a smacker he will come up and lay the "BOOM" against the run and is a sound tackler. One of the exceptional things about Webb at a young age is he has no scheme fit he can play off coverage just as well as he dominates receivers in man press coverage. With the Webb potential soaring thru the roof he’s talented enough to see some time as a nickel corner immediately and might even be a starter as a 8th grader on varsity. There aren’t many plug and play players coming into High School, but Webb just may be one of them seeing as he is no doubt thee top Defensive back in the class of 2023.



Treyaun Webb fits in that feature back category. He’s a big back that has the athletic skills of a much smaller player and he is only going to continue to get bigger and stronger. Webb has really good lateral agility and very good feet. He shows a great burst out of his cuts and has great speed overall speed. He already has the size to be a feature back at the High School level and has plenty of room to add weight naturally without losing any quickness. Webb has all the traits necessary in a great runner. He is able to maintain balance after contact and run with power. He will break arm tackles and has the speed to run away from players once he gets a crease at the second level. He runs tall, but will lower his pad level when making contact. His change of direction skills for a player his size is impressive. That combined with his power make him very difficult to tackle one on one. Webb potential is through the roof. The fact that he is this size at this age is scary and it will be even scarier once a player like him with his speed gets bigger and stronger. He has the potential to be a feature back or dominate DB at Trinity Christian Academy.

Check out Treyaun Webb's Highlights :

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