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Name: Glenn Rice III

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 150

Position: QB

Team: Dallas Fort Worth Ravens

Class: 2022

GPA: 3.8



Point of View

When you’re crowning or ranking kids most will always speak highly or let talent be their number one reason for placing kids high up in their rankings. As for me I have my very own system, in my eyes I’ll take heart over talent any day. Why? Is probably what most would ask, my simple response is when talent is matched what do you have? I’ll answer that with Heart, heart is something you can’t teach you either have it or you don’t. I said all that to say this when I’m watching this kid Glenn Rice III put in work the biggest thing that stands out to me is his heart, yeah, yeah, he is extremely talented as well, but his heart allows him to will his team to victory no matter the circumstances.  Glenn coming out party was actually last year during the Fbu National Championship tournament where he put on an air & ground clinic solidifying himself as one of the top Dual-Threat Quarterbacks in the Country in the class of 2022. Throwing for over 15 touchdowns in just 4 games while adding a couple on the ground because this kid is just a magician in or outside the pocket the way he is able to keep his composure when the pressure is on. While the Fbu National Championship tournament was a coming out party for Glenn individually, as a team which means so much more for this kid they came up short in the Championship game. Now fast forward to present day Glenn and his Dallas Fort Worth Ravens feel they have some unfinished business to attend to, so their taking on all challengers to prove their team is Number 1#.

              Earlier in the year the Dallas Fort Worth Ravens dismantled fellow Texans the YU Yellow-jackets jumping out to a 26-point lead before letting off the gas and allowing the Yellow-jackets to close that gap. But little did I know that Glenn would face his biggest test in his career October 29 versus the Atlanta Ducks Elite Sunday night under the lights. What better match up to have than a Texas vs Georgia match up for state bragging rights two of the most fertile states when it comes to recruiting top caliber Power 5 talent. Any kid can look like the best versus inferior talent but it’s the special ones that rise to the occasion when the playing field is even or slightly in the opponents favor. Under pressure all night because the Atlanta Ducks Elite front seven brought pressure all night sacking & trying their best to take Glenn out of the game mentally. This kid Glenn Rice III might’ve been shaken or frustrated but he never showed any signs of that, because every time it looked like the Ducks controlled the game Glenn would make a play to keep his team in the game. Glenn would find Armani Whitfield when he was flushed from the pocket for a 61-yard touchdown pass when his team needed it the most, then he would strike quick after a turnover finding Jordan Crook for another touchdown. Even with Rice heroics the Ravens were down 26-14 in the 4th quarter with six and a half minutes left home crowd was taken out of the game because it seemed the Ducks were comfortably ahead and on their way to victory. But not so fast Glenn Rice III showed the heart of a Lion orchestrating a drive over 70 yards where he showed off his escape ability with some pretty nifty moves keeping the drive alive, while later finding Jordan Crook for the touchdown on a beautiful pass fit perfectly in a window between two linebackers. Needing a turnover and a defensive stand with time against the Ravens down 21-26, the Ravens prayers were answered, and Glenn would complete a couple clutch passes then handing the ball off to Isiah Broadway who would put his team up 27-26 late in the 4th quarter. The Ducks Elite still had time to take the lead, but those plans were spoiled by a fumble recovered by the Ravens. So, with a little under 2 minutes left you would think the Ravens would try to run out the clock leaning on their running game, but in spectacular fashion Glenn Rice III would put the icing on the cake finding Savion Redd for the game clinching touchdown pass another beautiful well timed throw by oh so talented Glenn Rice III putting his squad up 33-26.  The Dallas Fort Worth Ravens displayed what makes them a great team their loaded with tons of future D-1 prospects, but when you have a humble talented leader as your Quarterback the caliber of Glenn Rice III it’s safe to say their always in the game and in a good position to seal the deal 2017.


The Skinny

Those fantastic feet. With the way Rice III dances around a football field, the more youth football fans might momentarily think they're watching Gregory Hines, not Glenn, in cleats instead of taps. A plus-plus athlete at the quarterback position who is nearly impossible to line up for a clean shot. Rice's feet allow him to mystify defenses on a consistent basis. He also features:

— Fantastic field awareness: Rice anticipates and reacts better to defenses than some Friday Night under the lights signal-callers. His ability to digest defensive dogs, stunts and blitzes in real-time and instantly go to the voided space in order to create big plays is mind-blowing for a player of his age. Phenomenal feel for the game.

— Lightning-quick release: The ball explodes out of his hand as soon as he sees what he needs to pull the trigger. Little wasted time or motion once he knows where he wants to distribute the rock. Outstanding fundamentals and coaching always have the ball ready to fire at the target.

— Killer instinct: While he flashes a winning smile, humble demeanor and typically says all the right things, Rice will rip the heart right out of a defense without hesitation. Carries himself like a winner at all times and gives no quarter to the hapless defenders flailing to slow him. Knows how to deliver the knock-out blow when his team needs him.

I don’t want to assume too much with Rice, but I love what I see in him as a quarterback. He might not reach 5-star status if he doesn’t hit that growth spurt and hit's around 6’2” down the line, but he has the chance to be an exceptional quarterback that puts up monster numbers as a passer and runner in the High School game.

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