NYFL 2011 Pre Season Picks & Hits

  While NYFL is 1 of the younger leagues in South Fla,it is 1 of the more promising leagues.With the addition of 7 teams this year & a possibilty of atleast 2 more joining,u can expect NYFL to be just as competitive as any other league this year.Taking home 2 championships last year @ the Orange Bowl Championship,National is looking to leave thier footprints all over the OBYFA this year as we run thur it...in the words of Mike Francis"We have arrived"!


    With the addition of new teams & sum major coaching changes,it is pretty hard to pick favs.Based off of last year wit what teams did in thier respectful leagues,u have to take into account what coaches bring to the table this year.As we all know parents don't follow programs they follow coaches.............


PW- With this pound you never know,Last year i seen a team run the shotgun like it was ABC's...I'm taking Lake Stevens to repeat as Orange Bowl Champs.You are the champ to sum1 takes ur crown...don't expect it to be a cake walk..HML trojans,Opa LOcka cougars & Washington Park (depending on if they coach stay or go to Northside Dolphins) sleeper pick Moore Park


75's - Considered a smaller weight,this pound was made of heavyweights.It was 4 teams to make it to the playoffs wit 1 lost.While most of moore park 75's have to move up to the 90's,i THink they have a shot to repeat if the coaches stay down,plus the new park will make them a main attraction on that end to new talent....Olinda Bulls,Opa Locka Cougars, & Broward Panthers.....sleeper pick miami redskins


90's- This might have been the most talented weight class last year.With most teams troubled by weight & most of thier roles players moving up.I like the superbowl runner up,O L hurricanes to claim there fame this year.With key additions on the coaching staff & sum major talent coming over,they are the favs.In the hunt Olinda Bulls,HML Trojans,Future Youth Bulls,  sleeper pick oak grove radiers


105's -O L hurricanes hands down,returning 9 starters & a defense that gave up only 4 td's last year & key additions @ QB & RB.Depeleted by injury @ the end of the season,this team is out to make a statement.This weight class might be the most competitive this year...In the Hunt Olinda bulls(90's should had been champs),liberty square colts(90's champ) & Lake stevens.....sleeper pick JTS Saints


120's -Last year this was 1 of the livest pounds..OL hurricanes & Broward canes was a classic..4 ot's....while broward were superbowl champs.I'm going wit Lake Stevens,that 105's team they had last year is moving up....In the hunt olinda bulls,broward panthers & liberty square.....sleeper pick OL hurricanes


130's- This weight class reminds me of a bar fight,with the toughest man standing in the end... Broward Canes would have to be my fav pick...That 120's team from last year was tuff...This pound will go down to the wire wit Liberty Square,OL hurricanes & OL cougars(want to see the talent they bring from MGR)...this should be like a cage full of gladiators...sleeper pick Moore Park


145's - To be the Champ,You have to beat the Champ...Olinda bulls are the early favs...they ran the board from the 130's on up,so they should be reloaded @ this pound.....Don't think it will be a cake walk like last year..OL hurricanes should challenge them for the title,Coach Carter & his staff from Bunche Park Cowboys bringing plenty of talent wit them,Right behind them is Lake Stevens.....Sleeper Future Youth Bulls


175's - Olinda had 1 of the best teams i have seen in a long tyme @ this pound.They beat NMB last year in the Orange Bowl...still the team to beat...would have luved to see them play MGV in clash of champions..I think this pound won't be as watered down as last year.....in the chase Broward Canes,Liberty Square,Moore Park.....sleeper pick Oak Grove Raiders

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Comment by Coach Carter on April 24, 2011 at 8:27am

@coach j our 145's team should be the sleeper cuz we are not put together yet.

Comment by Steve Crawford on April 23, 2011 at 11:10pm
Nice job breaking it down coach. I like you really wanted to see MGV 165's vs OP 175's. Hopefully, this year we can give the people what they want. Champions vs Champions in the ultimate championship game: Clash of Champions.




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