Pembroke Pines Bengals' trenches dominates the Ft. Lauderdale Rebels, 32-0.

By Jerry Williamson

Monday Night Football marquee game in the American Youth Football League (AYFL) -- featured the 13U, Ft. Lauderdale Rebels (6-2) and Pembroke Pines Bengals (4-4). The bengals would win score (32) points in the 1st half and the bengals trenches would grade out as champions on both sides of the ball. 
The rebels offense struggled the first drive of the game to pick up positive yards. The bengals defensive front were well-coached, aggressive, strong and fast. The bengals (#9) DE Xavier Clark, (#6) LB Rony Bourdeau and (#62) DT Jalen Reeves were all responsible for a tackle for loss and forcing the rebels to go three-and-out.

The bengals first play on offense was a touchdown. QB Xavier Restrepo would quickly find (#12) WR D'Andre Stafford for a 27-yard TOUCHDOWN!
(#9) Placekicker Xavier Clark would nail the extra point attempt -- kicking it so hard and high -- it would get caught in the kicking net.

Score: Bengals 8, Rebels 0.

The rebels second possession of the game was ugly. Defensive lineman (#51) Benjamin Peacock and (#64) Issac Joseph would both be credited for a tackle for loss.

The bengals offensive line unit -- (#55) Josiah Mezadieu, (#64) Issac Joseph, (#51) Benjamin Peacock (#52) Joseph Melhando, (#62) and Jalen Reeves manhandled the rebels defensive line. I observed running backs take handoffs three yards down field without being touch.
Courtsey of the bengals offensive line pictured above -- The bengals offense would score their second TOUCHDOWN of the game -- behind powerful north-south runner (#2) RB Marlon Brown -- who would score from 7-yards out.

(#9) Placekicker Xavier Clark would nail the extra point attempt once again and have his team minus two footballs now -- as the football would get caught in the net.

Score: Bengals 16, Rebels 0.

The rebels would opt to go away from their run heavy offense and go to the air -- throwing a deep ball -- but the bengals (#5) CB Jason Pastrana would find the ball before the wide receiver and intercept it and return it for 17-yards before being tackle.

The bengals offensive coordinator had to be all smiles -- as his offense would score on their third straight posession. Running backs (#6) Rony Bourdeau and (#2) Marlon Brown would combine for roughly 32-yards moving the ball into the bengals red zone. Fresh legs would enter the game as (#10) RB Michael Carswell would power his way in for a 5-yard TOUCHDOWN.

(#9) Placekicker Xavier Clark would be 3-for-3 now -- nailing the extra point attempt once again -- but now kicking the ball into a tree.

Score: Bengals 24, Rebels 0.

The rebels offense would take the field  again -- hoping this would be the drive to turn things around -- but the bengals defense would force yet another three-and-out. The bengals defensive line caused havoc -- recording three consecutive sacks credited by (#55) Josiah Mezadieu, (#51) Benjamin Peacock and (#62) Jalen Reeves.

On 4th down -- the bengals (#10)
LB Michael Carswell would shoot the gap and block the rebels punt -- erupting the crowd and Michael's teammate -- (#44) Martavius Posey would quickly recovery it for a TOUCHDOWN.

(#9) Placekicker Xavier Clark would finish the game perfect -- goning 4-for-4 and I am sure -- you know where the ball ended up at.

Score: Bengals 32, Rebels 0.
The rebels first -- first down would happen late in the 3rd quarter -- as their (#4) QB Jeffery Wilson would connect to (#11) WR Daevon Floyd for a 42-yard gain inside the bengals red zone -- but the rebels -- would be stopped. 

The rebels second and final first-down of the game would be on scramble as the bengals defensive line would outpower the rebels offensive lineman -- forcing (#4) QB Jeffery Wilson to sprint left then right then back to left (35-yards worth of running) -- for a 12-yard game.

The highlight on defense for the rebels came late in the 4th quarter as (#11) DE
Jason Lipscomb would make back-to-back sacks as time would run out.

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