Razorbacks pull away in 4th quarter to beat Chosen Ones 12-0

Football coaches are often praised for winning and on field accomplishments, but rarely do you get that same praise for coaches who turn around struggling programs in the course of 10 months. The razorbacks have improved to five and one on the season after a convincing win over the highly favored Chosen ones by pitching the shutout and winning the contest 12-0. 

This game was a slugfest but the blows were being thrown by both defenses. Almost 26 minutes of play had passed before the first score of the game occurred.

On the game's opening drive the razorbacks stable of running backs (Montrey Jackson, Sedrick Melvin, La'Darius Jones, Dontavious Almon) combined for 41 yards on the ground and three first downs. The drive would come to an end as defensive end Deandre Ward would cause a fumble and linebacker Dylan Gill would secure the ball. 

Chosen Ones QB Kymani Corbett started the game impressive going 3-for-4 for 24 yards as he completed passes to wide receivers Javier Moss and Tadarius "Poppa" Hughes. However, defensive tackles Micah Robinson and Antrell Braggs defensive push collapsed the pocket and stuffed the chosen ones on 3rd and short. The first quarter would end locked at zero as both teams failed to reach the end zone. 

Quarterback Tadarius "Poppa" Hughes gave the offense a spark after switching from wide receiver to quarterback. Hughes escapability resulted in a 52 yard gain, placing the chosen ones inside the Razorbacks red zone. 

The Chosen Ones continued to alternate running backs as Jvonn Toney and Javier Moss entered the game but Hughes highlight run would never be matched the remainder of the game. Three plays later on 4th down Razorbacks defensive end Kamlyon Holly, using his speed off the edge would make a game winning sack on Hughes ending the promising drive. 

During the 3rd quarter the Razorbacks QB X'zayion Clayton would throw a perfect go route, but just as the ball neared the hands of the wide receiver, the chosen ones CB Jerome Pendergrass would eventually deflect the pass. It was a Sportscenter Top 10 Play indefinitely.

Chosen Ones defensive lineman Terrell Jones, Javier Moss, Antwone Francois, and linebacker Dylan Gill play was most noticeable. Cornerback Deon Jones of the Chosen Ones who allowed the touchdown during the jamboree was lights out on Saturday. 

Ray Morrison who is the signal caller for the Razorbacks offense used a heavy rotation and multiple packages that allowed him setup his trick play. Quarterback X'zayion Clayton broke the huddle at running back and connected on a 39 yard half back pass to wide receiver and AAU Track and Field 4x400 National Champion Corey Swint.

In ensuing drive the Chosen Ones would switch Tedarius Hughes back to wide receiver hoping for a big play. Unfortunately for Kymani Corbett the pass was thrown into traffic and Montray Jackson would intercept the pass putting the game away as he sprinted for a 34-yard pick six. 

The Razorbacks dialed up a delayed blitz on 4th down as fans yelled, "go get 'em" and Jean Calixte Jr. did exactly that by speeding from the defensive secondary to get a sack with one minute to go.

The Razorbacks offensive line headlined by identical twins, Antron Braggs and Antrell Braggs, Micah Robinson, Perri James, and Dane Pearson did a phenomenal job. The offense rushed for 129 on the ground and threw for 56 yards. The raiders offense was headlined by athlete Tedarius Hughes and running back Kamari "Green Shoes" Morrison. Razorbacks cornerback Jean Calixte Jr. and X'zayion Clayton have a promising future as well as running back and linebacker Montrey Jackson. 

Keep an eye on the Razorbacks this season. What I observed is they will be a tough group to beat moving forward with great coaching and a very competitive group of players. 

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