South Floridas Top 5 Youth Football Gunslingers

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By: Darrien Green

November 10, 2015



Name:   Brandon McDuffey Jr.

Team :    Suniland Sundevils      

Class:      2020

Position : Quarterback

Best Attributes : Poise , Accurate , Mobile , High Football IQ , Strong Arm

Rank :        1#


The Skinny  : 2015 Spring Fbu Camp was the second place Brandon McDuffey Jr. really  impressed me, I saw a kid with a strong arm, the ball just flew out with high velocity from a high throwing motion. Brandon had some very good mechanics it reminded me of seeing this kid versus the Ravens 12U in the Kendall Kolts Wing T offense delivering the ball accurately under pressure nearly upsetting the mighty Ravens 12U. From that moment on he was on our radar, Brandon has since moved on to the Sunniland Sundevils in a High Powered Run & Shoot Offense Built around him ruminative of the great Warren Moon. Brandon has put up Heisman like numbers he has over 34 Touchdown Passes & over 8 rushing touchdowns leading his team to the Miami Extreme 13U Championship game. This past week Brandon put on his best Heisman Trophy defining moment 2nd round Playoff game versus his former park the Kendall Kolts . Brandon showed off his best attributes poised & composed in the pocket. Brandon threw 4 touchdown passes to four different Receivers. The highlight of the night was when Brandon was in  the Shotgun in a 5 wide set and manage to handle a low snap and roll to his right under pressure and throw a perfectly placed  47 yard touchdown pass to the back of the endzone to a wide open 7# Johnny “WodieKnight . The thing you have to love the most about Brandon McDuffeys game is how unselfish of a player he is, this kid spreads the wealth around to 6 different Receivers & Runningbacks . Brandon is also no statue in the pocket he is not shy about tucking the ball and using his legs to get it done. With his high Football IQ Brandon has been making all the right throws on the field which is why his team will be playing in the Championship game this upcoming weekend.


Areas of Improvement : Like any young Quarterback Brandon can sometimes think he can squeeze the ball in any window and will end up making a bad decision. Brandon still has a long way to go so I expect his arm to get stronger & for him to develop more touch on his post routes & Deep throws. Brandon McDuffey Jr. is having the best season I’ve seen at Quarterback since Maurice Alexander. The usually knock would be Miami Extreme level of competition isn’t really tough, but Brandon put that argument to bed with his performance versus Fyfl 12U Super Bowl Champs Miami Gardens Ravens last year in the Orange Bowl Championships. Keep an eye out for this kid on the High School level he has that IT Factor.


Name:   Edwin Rhodes

Team :    Miami Gardens Chiefs 13U      

Class:      2020

Position : Quarterback

Best Attributes : Pocket Presence , Quick Witted , Strong Arm

Rank :        2#


The Skinny : From the Ravens to the Chiefs Edwin Rhodes is still the most heralded Quarterback prospect. Edwin resume speaks for itself where ever there’s competition to see who is the best Quarterback in their class Edwin Rhodes was there from FBU,Future Stars to GenNexXt Skills competition Edwin has finished in 1st place. You want to know what a Quarterback looks like Edwin Rhodes is that guy from his almost 6’0 frame to the how he throws the ball with those big time mechanics , this kid can make all the throws effortlessly even the back shoulder throw he has developed with his big time target The’andris Freeman. Edwin numbers won’t blow you away because he is probably playing in the most loaded backfield in Youth Football for the Miami Gardens Chiefs 13U with the trio Tywan Cash , Darius “Lil Hurt” Chester , James “Poppy” Pierre . Don’t get it twisted though he has nice numbers and they will skyrocket quickly if you load the box to stop the run Edwin Rhodes will make you pay. There’s no better Quarterback when Edwin gets in a rhythm with his Receivers you’re bound to see his whole arsenal of throws when he is in the zone. My Biggest vision is to see this kid in a more pass orientated Offense just to see him put up the numbers that support how he dominates different Quarterback camps or competitions.


Areas of Improvement :  Edwin has a tendency to be too hyped and it shows in the start of the game, he will press too much and make the right read but his accuracy would be off or he would put too much velocity on his throws . These are things I expect Edwin will master in High School and hopefully reach his Max potential. Watching this kid move in the pocket and step in the pocket and keep his head up field and unleash a barrage of different passes is a show worth watching. There’s no secret that this kid potential & ceiling is thru the roof if he puts it all together.


Name:  Nicholas Vattiato

Team :   Ppo Bengals 12U

Class:      2021

Position : Quarterback

Best Attributes : Field General , High Football IQ , Accurate

Rank :        3#

 The Skinny : You could tell at a very young age Nicholas Vattiato was born to be a Quarterback by how he carried his self and performed as a 9 year old. Under the tutelage of Chris McGongial one of Youth Footballs bright offensive minds since a young age, Nick has been trusted to run not your average Offensive systems but a complex system where he makes the reads at 12 yrs old. Call him the Field General because he is leading the most explosive Offense in Youth Football averaging almost 50 points a game. Nick is putting up impressive numbers for his age making all the proper reads & check downs and audible, amazing how he can connect with his 3rd & 4th read because he can read defenses like a wildly old veteran. Watching Nick put in work on the field will leave anyone amazed he throws one of the best slant routes & Deep balls hitting his Receivers in stride racking up Touchdown after Touchdown. If this season is any indication, quarterback NickVattiato will develop into one of the top passers in South Florida.



Areas of Improvement :  At 12 years old there’s plenty things a kid Nick can improve on, but this is not your ordinary 12 year old quarterback this kid has the mental makeup of a kid much older kid. At times Nick will get impatient and forced the ball into coverage which is never good idea. Nick is such a fighter that instead of moving on to the next play he gets caught trying to do to much making some situations go from bad to worse. With the Coaching this kid is getting and his High Football IQ I’m very confident any area of concerned will be cleaned up. Nick Vattiato is a Young Phenom with a bright future if he continues to grow to prototypical Quarterback height.


Name:   Cody Hallman

Team :    Davie Broncos 13U      

Class:      2020

Position : Quarterback

Best Attributes :   Accurate , Strong Arm, Pocket Presence 

Rank :    4#


The Skinny : Virtually unknown to South Florida outside the Ayfl , Cody Hallman has size ( 6’0 ) and also the pedigree, having been schooled in a offense built around him. Cody stands tall in the pocket and with his height he can see the entire field, which helps him stare down the blitz and unleash his rocket of an arm. Judging by his delivery and how he steps into his throws also squaring his shoulders up to deliver a dart to his receivers, you can tell this kid has a very good quarterback Coach. Call this year Cody Hallman’s coming out party he is the big reason his Davie Broncos 13U team won the 1# seed entering the Ayfl playoffs upsetting the Plantation Wildcats 13U Preseason favorite to win it all. Cody is  if nothing else resilient he will not be denied, so his team is never out of it  : Davie 13U quarterback is playing his best ball leading up to the playoffs. Cody Hallman has as high ceiling as any quarterback in his class with more on the job training.


Areas of Improvement :  Cody is a typical pocket passer he isn’t the most athletic kid , so he stays in the pocket when he should bail out taking a unnecessary sack or turnover. Outside the pocket is also a part of Cody’s game he can get better at like throwing on the run and keeping a play alive. I would like to also see Cody come out and compete at various Camps & competitions, All Star teams. Cody Hallman is a prospect you would love to see connect with some of the Elite Receivers in South Florida to see how much better he could be. Keep an eye for this Sleeper he will be creeping up the rankings.



Name:   Derhon King

Team :    FTL Canes 14U   

Class:      2020

Position : Quarterback

Best Attributes : Athleticism , Big-time Arm

Rank :        5#


The Skinny : Here is a kid that came to the GenNexXt Skills competition and put on a show throwing the ball as well as finishing 1st or 2nd in each individual quarterback drill from accuracy to arm strength, footwork . Not only did he test well as a top quarterback Derhon King looks the part standing 6’1 with freakish athleticism. Derhon is still raw as a quarterback but he has showed big-time glimpses into his future if put into the right situation. Watching this kid sometimes improvise when the pocket breaks down and launching a deep ball down field to his receivers is something that will leave you in awe because of his arm strength. It’s no secret this kid is mobile as well and isn’t afraid to pull it down and take off. Derhon hasn’t been in an offense to completely showcase his skills and what he does best throwing the ball, but you can bet when he is put in a position to throw the ball he can throw with the best of them.



Areas of Improvement :  Derhon has issues with being accurate, he believes in his arm so much he usually throws it so hard without aiming and the ball gets away from him. Consistency is also a area Derhon can work on, he at times gets inconsistent rushing his throws and not waiting for the route to develop. But to Derhon defense his O.C doesn’t stick to the passing game long enough for him to get into any type of rhythm. The right High School choice will go along way for Derhon King developing into a big time quarterback prospect because he possesses all the physical tools to be one.


The Best Of The Rest : 

Ryle Aguila - Tamiami Colts 155's,  2020 -

Ryle is the most Fierce Competitor on this board stay tuned for his Exclusive story 

Vamir Cadet -  Miami Gardens  Ravens 13U, 2020 -

Has been a top QB, depending on the day and situation Vamir Can torch defenses with an accurate deep Ball 

Tyous Taylor - Liberty City Warriors 130’s, 2021

Tyous is just the typical do it all Quaterback can heat it up with the pass or cool it down with the run, and fun to watch.

Taron “Tyger” Dickens -  Gwen Cherry Bulls 115’s, 2022

Labeled the most Complete Quarterback in his class for a reason. Tyger has the natural raw skill to make every throw, and has been trained, under Teddy Bridgewater so he has the mechanics to make every throw efficiently.

Kejon Jenkins - Miami Gardens Ravens 10U, 2023 - his an amazing talent, he is futuristic athlete in his level of play, he plays football, and basketball, at the highest level imaginable, can put the ball where he wants.

Isaiah Scott - NW Boys & Girls Club Falcons 100’s, 2023- Athletically Isaiah is second to nobody, he murdered our skills challenge this summer and just continued to dominate his competition. his team has 3 peated, I dont think this kid know what losing is. 

Blake Murphy - Davie Broncos 10U, 2023

Give you what your looking for he went toe to toe with Isiah Scott at our skills challenge making the 2023 class the most Quarterback rich recruiting class we have seen in very long out of south florida, Gifted is not the word for Blake, he has taken his team to the AYFL superbowl, and leads in passing yardage and touchdowns in his league

Jalen Brown - South Miami Greyghost 10U, 2023 

Top talent Jalen Brow doesn't throw much but when he does its a thing of beauty, and when he runs he hurts teams and its ugly he gets around the edge extremely fast. and makes people miss with ease. 

Colin Hurst  - Davie Broncos 10U, 2023

Colin is a very interesting Player, because we saw true Quarterback potential at our Skills challenge, and during 7 on 7 events in the off season he CHOSE to go to compete with Blake Murphy who most considered the top QB at the age group. Colin went in and competed so well that he almost got his coaches to run a 2 quarterback system. In the end Collin did not win the Quarterback battle, but what he did next was a marvel and a slight peak into his humble nature. Colin chose to congratulate his Teammate on earning the position, and looked to help his team where he could, so he ended up on the receiving end of passes this season. But Colin Said " I LOVE MY TEAM, AND MY COACHES WE ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL, I AM A MUCH BETTER FOOTBALL PLAYER NOW THAN I EVER WAS"

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