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Name: Demarius Jackson , "Street Sweeper"

Height & Weight:  5’7’235    

Position:  Defensive Tackle / Offensive Lineman

Team: Cedar Grove Middle School

CLASS: 2021

Gpa: 3.0


February 2,2016 ,

Let me introduce you to Demarius Jackson a small town kid from Ellenwood, Georgia with a overwhelming love for the game of Football & drive to be the best. Jackson is a quiet, unassuming sort off the field, but turns into a disruptive force when he is in his element at the center of the defensive line. The ultimate "Clean up man,". What gives Demarius the edge is his ability to defeat double-team which allows his teammates on defensive to have major success getting to the quarterback, and having clear lanes to the ball carrier. While he may lack the ideal size to play in a two-gap system, his explosiveness off the snap to create movement has drawn favorable comparisons to University of Georgia’s true Freshman 5 star recruit Trenton Thompson from nearby Albany.

Getting to know Demarius Jackson

Darrien : What College or Pro athlete that you can say you're game is similar to?

Demarius Jackson : I like Suh's attitude he dominates on the field, but I see myself more like Aaron McDonald.. People tell me I remind them of Warren Sapp which is a huge compliment anytime your game reminds someone of a hall of famer..

Darrien : What High Schools are you interested in ?

Demarius Jackson : #1st pick is Cedar Grove they have a great program and coaches, lineman like Marcus McNeil, Antwuan Jackson (committed to Auburn 4star all American) Netori Johnson (Committed to Alabama 4star) all came from there plus a lot of my family graduated from there.. 2nd choice would be Stephenson they keep good program always in the playoffs and play in big games.

Darrien : What profession are you interested in outside sports ?

Demarius Jackson : Architecture I like designing buildings learning how different shapes work together.

Darrien : What's your most memorable game ?

Demarius Jackson : Jamboree game versus Young Middle it was my first middle school game, I started both ways was excited to be tasting the next level..

Darrien : What are some of your strengths as a Football player ?

Demarius Jackson : I believe my biggest strength is my football I.Q.. Good feet and my skills. But I need to improve in all of those areas.

Darrien : What are the areas of your game you feel you can improve on ?

Demarius Jackson : EVERYTHING I need to get better in all phases

Darrien : Has anyone ever trash talked you on the field & made you show them up ?

Demarius Jackson : Yes.. All the the time

Darrien : What did he say ?

 Demarius Jackson : 1 sticks out to me when a guy started downing my skills as a player that really made me mad. That game I had 2 FF 1FR and 6 tackles he had nothing else to say after that..

Darrien : Who is your biggest supporter ?

Demarius Jackson : My family as a whole they all support me, but my mom and dad are always there.. My dad has never missed not one of my games he always pushes me..

Darrien : What is something you would want people to know about you?

Demarius Jackson : I am a student athlete student first, family is very big 2 me.. And I always put god & family first then everything else. I'm a laid back guy till the pads are on..

Darrien : What's your favorite song to get you ready on game day ?

Demarius Jackson : I have a playlist but my favorite is Drake 0 to 100 real quick, I also listen to a lot of Eric Thomas motivational clips..

Darrien : What's your favorite subject & why ?

Demarius Jackson : Science, I like learning about the brain, cells, the different systems and how the body works.

Darrien : Did you set any personal goals for the season ?

Demarius Jackson : Yes it was my first year playing middle school I wanted to find my way on the field that's it.. I ended up playing both ways. On offense starting at C it was crazy cause I never played it before and we ran spread offense but we went 9-0 won ship 2nd year in a row, it wasn't easy but I did it.

Darrien : What does your workout regime consistent of ?

Demarius Jackson : Me and my dad do a lot of hand and footwork drills with resistance and cardio, I have a great trainer Ivory Dennard at Team 3 Sports great facility top notch training his history shows he can help me reach my goals..

Darrien : Who's the best player you've played against ?

 Demarius Jackson : I don't know his name but I played in FBU National Championships a couple weeks ago and the Center from Gwinnet All Star team was legit very fundamental. He would be the best.

Darrien : If you had to pick a play that describes you as a player, what would it be ?

Demarius Jackson : 21 or 22 power lead because there running behind me and its a power run play be more physical than the man in front of you..Physical!!

Darrien : I notice from you're film you play with an edge. What goes on in your mind before a Snap ?

Demarius Jackson : Dominate and play in the backfield that's real big to me If I make the tackle or not. If i stay in the backfield good things will happen #1 rule is and will always be to DOMINATE.

Check out some of Demarius Highlight to see what makes him one of the top interior linemen in the class of 2021.

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