Star on the Rise Presents National Spotlight the Dynamic Duo. Jordyn Potts (2023), Tommy Winton (2022)

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Name: Jordyn Potts                                

Height & Weight:  5’0’’ 110  

Position:  QB

Team: Farragut Admirals 11U

CLASS: 2021

Gpa: 4.2

December 17,2015

Knoxville Tennessee home of the Rocky top and famed college campus of the Tennessee Volunteers, who stadium holds more than a 100,000 and rocks when the crowd is roaring. But Knoxville best kept secret is the Farragut Admirals 11u Quarterback & Athlete connection sure to get your money’s worth when there on fire. Jordyn Potts AKA The Future is a 11 year old flame thrower who’s favorite subject is Math, he also brings home straight A’s with a hunger for knowledge that he carries on and off the field. The only c**** in this kids armor is he has severe food allergies to milk, egg, and peanuts, Jordyn’s Mom does an amazing job of making and preparing foods for him to make sure he avoids any allergic reactions. While those allergies might slow most 11 year olds down this kid still manage to throw for more than 1,500 yards and 30 touchdown passes and just 4 interceptions leading his team to a 20-4 record.. Watching Jordyn go to work early this summer you quickly notice his quick release also his ability to know just what type of passes to throw to his Receivers rather it’s a spiral or a deep ball with just enough air under it. The Farrgut Admirals Head Coach happens to be Jeff Potts who is Jordyn’s dad, he has a Hudl system set up just to make sure his team is studying there playbook talking about next level Coaching they have it in the Admirals Staff. Quarterback Coach Dunstain Kendrick of DBlock trains Jordyn 3 times a week and this kid loves putting in work and getting better sharpening his skills. You’d be hard pressed to find a 11 year old who can read defenses & dictate coverage’s with his reads, last but not least he has the ability to call his own audibles depending on the coverage. You name it and this kid is coached up to adjust to pretty much anything thrown at him. The Future is a perfect nickname for this kid because he is prepared to be one of the top Quarterbacks in the near future, but as in the present Jordyn Potts is one the top QB’s in the Class of 2023 in the Nation remember you heard it here 1st on GenNexXt.




Name: Tommy Winton

Height & Weight:  5’2’’ 115  

Position:  WR/ATH

Team: Farragut Admirals 11U

CLASS: 2022

Gpa: 4.2


Let me introduce you to the spark plug of the Farragut Admirals 11U Offense Tommy Winton AKA The Franchise. At the age of 5 Tommy was diagnosed with an irregular heart valve the Doctors inserted 2 heart stints in his heart. Tommy is also a straight A student who’s favorite subject is Math. While the odds may be against any other kid Tommy’s age this kid still managed to perform at an Elite Level. Tommy is what we call a Football player with no defined position because any where you put him on the field he is sure to make his presence felt. Many may make the mistake of labeling him with a position but his stats with over 25 touchdowns, from Runningback to Receiver to Kick or Punt Return begs to difer. What makes Tommy so special is his elite speed and excellent footwork allowing him to change directions at the drop of a dime, not to mention he explodes out his cuts going zero to a hundred real quick. The Franchise is a deadly weapon who can strike from anywhere on the field with the ball in his hands. Tommy lead his team in total yards from scrimmage & return yards, here’s the kicker this kid also led his team in tackles trust you don’t want to get caught up in his crosshairs. DBlock football training works Tommy out 3 times a week on his speed, agility, footwork & technique. His nickname is the Franchise and after watching him play he lives up to that exact hype. Tommy Winton is among the elite athletes in the Class of 2022 in the Country if you think otherwise check out his Highlights link below.

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