Star On The Rise Presents : The Midwest Class of 2022 Top Ranked All-Purpose Back


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Name: Isaiah Broadway

Position:: Running-Back/Athlete

Measurables: 5’11”-177 labs

Team: Polk Middle School /DFW Ravens

Class: 2022

GPA : 4.0



Getting To Know Isaiah Broadway:

March 21,2018

Miami, Fl- Star on the Rise ventures out to the Midwest bringing you an exclusive look at this Class of 2022 phenom out of the big state of Texas. Isaiah Broadway has something in common with fellow Texan Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, you see Isaiah is also an Arkansas native born in Little Rock. First and foremost, before I start to rave about how elite of an athlete Isaiah is, I will do him the honor of speaking how some day this kid can be a Rhodes Scholars because he is a student first. Isaiah made sure to breakdown how he strives to not be the stereotype of young African American athletes being all sports and an average student. You see were looking at a young man with aspirations of being a Marine biologist, Isaiah wants to study Sharks and explore the ocean being his biggest passion. Now, were also talking bout a kid who studies Astronomy with a 4.0 GPA also a member of the National Junior Honor Society. Not so fast I’m not done telling you about this young mans glowing academic resume, Isaiah currently enrolled in all Pre-Ap classes passing with 93% average even posting higher percentages in other classes. Which is easily preparing him for a career outside of sports, by being apart of the AVID-Advancement Via Individual Determination, which is a college readiness program designed to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in college. With a path that could scare away people twice Isaiah's age, this humble mature kid gets it and attacks his schedule of working out and extra-curricular activities daily passing with flying colors. He still manages to hang around family & friends and do kid stuff like playing video games & watching movies. Oh yeah one more thing Isaiah is a classical music lover call it an old soul, but he is also apart of his schools Symphonic Orchestra (Top Level) where he plays the Cello. As you can see after giving you a glimpse into Isaiah Broadway’s demanding schedule, this kid is set up to be a leader in life in whatever direction he decides to take as far as his career and goals.

You’re looking at a supreme well-built physical specimen only an 8th grader standing 5’11”-177 lbs and get this runs a 4.52 in the 40-yard dash and has a 38- inch vertical leap now that’s expulsion. With combine numbers like Isaiah probably easy to guess Saquon Barkley is a one of his favorite players. Like Barkley Isaiah has a flare for the dramatics when his team needs a big play. From All American & All-Star games to 15u 7v7 games to Fbu one thing is consistent from my first time ever watching this kid ball, and that was he was always one of the best on the field no matter the talent level. Isaiah is a flat-out football player and is an impact player that makes plays in all three phases of the game. If you need to line him up out wide he will make those plays in the passing game aside from being an walking touchdown taking handoffs from his Running-back position. When I said he was a Football Player I meant it, Isaiah is a very talented defender he can run with your best Receivers and level your top back when he is in pursuit. Being Isaiah was ranked number 22# on our GenNexXt top 100 Class of 2022 Watchlist, I can emphatically say he is top 10 Nationally after his 2017 season. Here’s some of Isaiah’s numbers from Polk Middle School 25 rushing touchdowns 4 touchdown passes with over 1,700 yards rushing & 370 passing yards. You don’t have to be impressed by those numbers alone Isaiah got off as a Dallas Fort Worth Ravens one of the top 13/14u's in the country, he was instrumental in a controversial win over the Nationally ranked Atlanta Ducks. Isaiah made some clutch plays down the stretch for the Ravens including the game clinching touchdown run, just doing what he always does which is rise to the occasion when his team needs him the most. It is currently almost Spring so 7v7 & combines are in full swing, with that being said it is just another playground for Isaiah to prove how elite he is. Always never not working this kid is proving his value in the passing game thru 7v7 running circles around the competition. One more tidbit on this phenom he is also a standout in track posting some impressive times. If I had to put my stamp on any kid on panning out Isaiah would be among the tops on the list, based on academics, frame, athleticism, talent alone Isaiah Broadway has all the tools to make a smooth transition to the NexXt Level.The Skinny:


Isaiah has speed and lateral agility to be awesome when out in space, but it’s his ability as an inside runner that smashes the stereotype that is put on taller running backs.

He packs power to go with great feet and vision that help him excel wherever he is handed or catches the football. He’s one of the most exciting prospects to watch out of Texas along with Myzell Miller. There is no denying that Broadway has an impressive frame compared to a lot of other 8tth graders, but he plays with strength that is bigger than his size. He can probably add a little more weight before High school, but he already has a strong base with his lower body. His lateral agility is outstanding, and he has explosive acceleration and great top end speed. He’s an elite athlete with great feet. Broadway shines in multiple areas in multiple positions on the field. Wherever he is lined up, he is a threat to gain big chunk yards every time he touches the football.

He runs with surprising power for his age and frequently breaks arm tackles. He’ll even lower his shoulder to run over defensive back if he gets the chance. He doesn’t go down easy and forces defenders to wrap up. He’s also incredibly elusive and can make people miss. His ability to stop and start, then get back to full speed quickly is exceptional. That combined with his vision makes him an extremely dangerous player in the open field.

His vision as an inside runner is also impressive. He reads off his lead block extremely well and, with his outstanding feet that allow him to avoid and explode like he can, he is a very effective player on inside runs. It reminds me a little bit of former USC standout Ronald Jones, who had elite size as well, but a very good inside runner.

He catches the ball well and is someone that can be used out of the slot as well as out of the backfield. He isn’t the strongest route runner right now but shows good hands and has the physical tools to be tough to cover out of his breaks.

I actually loved what I saw from him at Defensive-back as well. His physical style also translated to him as a tackler. With his fluid athleticism, speed, and ball skills, he probably would have a lot more people projecting him at defensive-back if he decided to switch positions. I love the toughness Broadway plays with. That toughness combined with his explosive athleticism is going to be exciting to watch develop. His skill set is different than some of the other players in the Class of 2022 who are on there way to High school as well and that should help him separate himself and eventually find a role as a valuable contributor in High school system & offense

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