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May 25, 2016 Tampa, Fl

When you hear the names Ray Ray McCloud, Deon Cain, Artavis Scott, George Campbell, James Wilder, Ryan Green you think of big time former highly recruited prospects. But all those prospects have one thing in common and that’s their Tampa area products. The state of Florida is the most fertile state for recruiting big time prospects. The Tampa area doesn’t get the same attention as South Florida or Jacksonville but after watching the Extreme Suncoast Select Spring Youth All star game they should be mention in the same breathe. Suncoast Select All Star games for different age groups simply showed that Tampa area is a sleeping giant that deserves some notoriety. Observing the talent pool on the Youth level made me realize this area needs more coverage and the kids need more exposure. While attending the Extreme Suncoast Select Spring All Star game’s, I quickly noticed the atmosphere was electric the talent was thru the roof and the seats were filled. With what this event had to offer there was no secret we at GenNexXt knew it was time for the rest of the nation to see what Tampa had to offer.
One thing I can tell you about Tampa from the Extreme Suncoast Select All Star games the talent is spread evenly from the East to the West. No need for me to drag this on any longer with what I saw on May 14, in Tampa. I’m going to give the nation insight on the different standout performers from the Extreme Suncoast Select Spring Youth All Star game.

Tampa’s Youth Spring All Star Game Top Performers

Mekhi Anderson, RB , 5”1- 84 lbs ( Brandon Ravens ) 10u East All Star
When summing up this 10u guy’s performance it was nothing short of spectacular. Mekhi is a speedster that you can’t give a crease or the edge to because once he kicks into gear you can kiss the baby. Once Mekhi got in the open field he turned simple 10 yard gains into a 75 & 95 yard touchdown run. With touchdown runs of 40, 75 & 95 Mekhi took home Offensive Mvp honors leading the East to victory.

Ramon McCollugh Jr, DT, 5’5- 153 lbs ( Fair Oaks Rattlers ) 10u East All Stars.

You will be hard pressed to find a better 10u Defensive Tackle in the nation, R.J is in the discussion of the best in the nation. One thing you quickly learn about this kid is he not only looks the part he plays it to a science. This kid didn’t just overpower offensive lineman but he timed the snap and beat the double team regularly. R.J accounted for 5 sacks and near 10 tackles for loss. Call this kid the one man wrecking crew he stopped plays before they even started taking home Defensive Mvp honors while doing it.

Xavier Townsend , 5”4-108 lbs ( WestChase Colts ) 12u West All Star

This kid was the X-factor for his West Team any time they needed a play Xavier made it. One of the first things that come to mind while watching this kid take a hand off is homerun threat. When the game got tight Xavier made an Espn top 10 play breaking tackles & shaking defenders while turning on the burners for the 66 yard touchdown run. Remember you heard it here first Xavier Townsend is one of the top 12u backs in the state of Florida.

James Smiley , 5”8- 165 lbs ( WestChase Colts ) 13u West All Stars

James , a downhill back who draws his strength from a powerful lower body, His explosiveness is evident in his running style. He is a decisive back who plants his lead foot in the turf before he identifies an open lane. He embraces his raw power and doesn't spend time dancing or stutter stepping. It's an all-out aggressive approach that eschews wasted motion, much in the mold of Alex Collins. Although, James West team lost this kid left it all on the field with tons of impressive runs.

Charles Montgomery, Ath, 5”10-170 lbs ( Brandon Ravens ) 13u East All Stars

Charles Montgomery is a problem rather he is on the offensive side of the ball or the defensive side of the ball. First play of the game this kid attacked the ball at its highest point and showed off his vertical leap as well as his hands. Just when I thought this kid couldn’t get any better he shows a great nose for the football on the defensive side of the ball with some attitude as well. Charles has the skill set, frame and physical attributes to be a big time National Prospect book it.

Ryan Redfield , LB 6”0-162 lbs ( Tampa Bay Jaguars ) 13u East All Stars

At 6'0" and 162 pounds, Redfield is an exceptional athlete who moves like a high school player already. He's a versatile 'backer who can play across the second level, as well as the 3-4 outside linebacker position. Ryan made some huge stops shooting the gap & tracking down ball carriers while forcing a fumble. With this kids frame and pension for making tackles in a bundle this kid has a bright future.

Edward Williams, 5”11-170 lbs. ( Tampa Saints ) East All Stars

Just an seventh grader, Williams has solid size. He combines his lean frame with incredible agility. He isn't the most explosive wideout, but he moves smoothly and catches most balls thrown his way. Williams has a ton of potential and could see offers arrive down the road.

Jose Batista, RB 5”8-180 lbs ( Lutz Chiefs ) East All Stars

Batista broke by any linebacker that he matched up against. He showed just enough patience reading blocks and coming up with some tough yards when his number was called. Batista is a nuisance out of the backfield and plays with great intensity.

Jalil Core, RB, 5”9-175 lbs ( WestChase Colts ) West All Stars

There is nothing so-so about Jalil skill set -- the Tampa area product is already one of 2016's most coveted Youth running back’s. Jalil has a leaping slide cut that allows him to break diving arm tackles in the open field, turning medium-length gains into monster plays. He also has nice lateral movement that allows him to quickly bounce runs outside the tackles, where he seems the most comfortable. Finally, a jump cut gives him some elusiveness in the backfield and is impressive for his size. If you’re looking for Florida’s 2020 best kept secret look no further.

Tim Williams, ATH, 6”1- 189 lbs ( Greenwood Panthers ) West All Stars

Talking about a kid that passes the eye ball test Tim Williams is the kid you allow to get off the bus first. This physical specimen was the most feared kid on the field, even running away from him didn’t stop this kid from making a play’s. Williams attacks downhill in a hurry and really gets after the ball carrier. He is adept at quickly reading the play and shooting through the gap before the blocker has a chance to get after him. On the flip side Tim took a handoff 38 yards for the score and showed he has the breakaway speed to also be a top notch Running-back on the High school level. With the edge and dog this kid plays with the Tampa area will no doubt be producing some nationally rated recruits down the line.

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