The Next Wave of Youth Footballs Top Quarterbacks in the Nation.

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October 12,2016,

The very things you’re seeing before your very eyes in Youth Football is really happening. If you’re wondering where I’m getting at let me elaborate and speed the ones in the dark on what’s going on. The Class of 2020 Quarterbacks set a standard for the kids coming up behind them that may never be matched. Let me get on with what was so special, seven 8th grade Quarterbacks received College offers before even playing a High School game. Some might say let kids be kids and how the media and colleges are ruining Youth Football. But if you’ve ever known anybody that didn’t receive a College offer because of lack of exposure, then you would disagree with anybody knocking early offers. They saying goes as “The earlier you get yourself on the recruiting board the more likely you are to receive a free College education. With so many Youth Football Coaches running High School system’s, you see more kids transitioning to High school faster and headed straight to varsity. No need for me to beat a dead horse just check out our GenNexXt Class of 2020 National Hot 200 rankings and count the prospects with offers already. Class of 2020 is behind us now so sit back button your seat-belt, as I introduce you to the Next Wave of top Youth Quarterbacks around the country.


Class of 2021 top QB’S

Name : Aaron Mclaughlin

Height & Weight : 6’4- 190 pounds

Team : North Gwinnett ( Georgia )




Aaron is the prototypical dual-threat quarterback prospect thanks to his size, athleticism and mechanics. Though he needs to tighten some things up, like every young 8th grade signal caller, he has shown flashes of his extremely high potential in both regular season and his combine & camp performances. That included his ability to throw the deep ball with touch, and his poise in the pocket to complete a pass with traffic in his face. Don’t get it twisted by no stretch of the imagination this kid is no statue in the pocket he will tuck it and make you pay with his legs. Aaron has already received a verbal offer from Ole Miss so he is already on most college recruiter’s radar which speaks to his potential & ceiling.


Name : Torey “Scooter” Morrison

Height & Weight : 5”9 150 pounds

Team : Keys Gate Charter Film:


Those fantastic feet, with the way Morrison dances around a football field, A plus-plus athlete at the quarterback position who is nearly impossible to line up for a clean shot. Scooter feet allow him to mystify defenses on a consistent basis. If you didn’t know this 8th grader is the starting QB on the varsity level for his Private School. What makes Morrison special is how he anticipates and reacts better to defenses than some Saturday signal-callers. His ability to digest defensive dogs, stunts and blitzes in real-time and instantly go to the voided space in order to create big plays is mind-blowing for a player of his age. Phenomenal feel for the game is what separates Morrison from the rest; yeah its true big things come in small packages.


Name : Paolo Banchero

Height & Weight : 6’4-185 pounds

Team : Rainier Ravens ( Wash )



Banchero is a good athlete and has very good speed. Paolo shows good mobility to avoid pass rushers and can make plays with his feet. He’s not a threat to break off frequent long runs, but if he is not contained, he can burn a defense. He flashes elite arm strength on intermediate throws over the middle and a quick release when delivering the ball to his first read. When he is balanced and uses his legs, he can deliver the ball accurately to his receivers anywhere on the field. He shows nice touch on the deep ball. When he steps into his throws the ball arrives in the perfect spot for the receiver to make a play. Paolo is capable of making almost every throw and is ahead of the curve and the next big time Qb to come out of the state of Washington. Freakishly athletic and is also a big time highly ranked hoops player. I would argue Paolo is in the conversation for the top Qb in his class.


Name : Nicholas Vattiato

Height & Weight : 5”7-135 pounds

Team : Ft Lauderdale Hurricanes 13/14u ( FL )




Vattiato is a 5”7 quarterback who can work from under center or out of the shotgun. He shows good mechanics, holds the ball high at times during his drops and can set up quickly. He makes most of his decisions in the pre-snap phase. By the time he reaches the top of his drop and plants his back foot, Vattiato knows where he wants to go with the ball. He displays great quickness in his delivery, can change ball speeds and has good judgement when throwing. Vattiato can pitch accurately with touch. Throwing his receivers open is not a problem for him. He has above-average arm strength that could improve that on the High school level with added strength from weight training. If Vattiato were 6'0", he may be a considered the top Qb in the class of 2021. He grades out high in several critical position categories, has good intelligence and his ceiling could be higher than initially thought because he is a born leader.


Name : Preston Stone

Height & Weight : 6”1-170 pounds

Team : Highland Park Middle School ( TX )



Stone needs to add weight, but everything else is there in terms of a quarterback from a physical standpoint. He is a very good athlete that with solid agility and light feet. Preston flashes big time arm strength. He can zip the ball into tight windows and get the ball downfield. It jumps off the screen when watching his film. He can make every throw asked of him. He can take something off of his fast ball as well and displays nice touch on some throws. He shows the ability to deliver the ball accurately and put it where only his receiver can catch it. Does a nice job of keeping his eyes down the field when scrambling. He gets his shoulders square and throws a nice ball when he’s rolling out. How good can Preston be? About as good as he wants to be.


Name : Cole Boop

Height & Weight : 6”3-170

Team : Upland Hurricanes ( Cali )




What’s scary about Cole is that he already possesses a very strong arm. Boop your classic, drop-back, pocket passer. He stands tall in the pocket and can deliver the football anywhere on the field. Watching Boop you notice he will attack more down field, using the seam, the middle of the field and routes deeper down the sideline. He is accurate and decisive and has serious arm talent. Boop  is calm, cool and in command. Remember, this is still a very young quarterback that’s only 14 years old. He plays with poise and with moxy. To think that Boop hasn’t even scratched the surface of how good he has a chance to be. I think his upside is enormous and he could develop into one of the better pro-style quarterbacks we have seen in his state over the past few seasons.


Name : Chayden Peery

Height & Weight : 5”10-155 Pounds

Team : Baldwin Bruins 13u ( Cali )




Peery has good feet and has the arm to make all the throws. You could see a significant jump on the zip on his ball from a year to year basis. Peery has shown so much growth with going through his progressions and finding the right receiver. I could see him scanning the field and then delivering the ball to the proper read rather than locking in on one guy. Peery is accurate with the football and is at his best when throwing off play-action when he can simply sling it to his first read. The ball hums out of his hand and is delivered while in-stride to his receiver. He does a good job of squaring his shoulders up to throw on the run as well. Peery has tremendous potential, but like any quarterback prospect, it’s all about opportunity on the next level. He’s got all the tools for him to develop into a top High School prospect by the time his High school career is complete.


Name : Caleb Williams

Height & Weight : 5”10-163 pounds

Team : Bowie Elite



Williams is a fantastic prospect. He has adequate size to succeed at the highest levels of High School football. He's a bright guy, who really has an advanced understanding of football for a Middle school player. Arm strength is overrated unless a player doesn't have it. Williams definitely has arm strength. But that's not what makes him a special prospect. That would be his accuracy and ball placement. Williams makes a really high percentage of his throws not only to the correct receiver, but to a spot that allows the receiver to run with the football after the catch. There's accuracy, and then there is accuracy within the target. Williams also does a great job of using the right amount of velocity on each throw, putting it into tight windows, both horizontal and vertical, particularly over defenders in the second level. Watching Caleb operate versus the Maryland Heat was nothing short of special this kid has a bright future ahead of him.


Name : Donovan Smith

Height & Weight : 6”2-152

Team : Alta Loma Warriors ( cali )




The best way I can describe Smith as a football player is by telling you that he's a natural. He has an extremely fluid passing motion, which looks almost effortless, as well as great downhill speed and a long stride as a runner, which make him the perfect duel-threat quarterback. Smith already stands 6”2, which adds a different element to his game, and he's got a very strong arm. Smith easily has one of the strongest arms out of any of the quarterbacks the 2021 class and his fluid motion allows him to throw a very pretty football. What really sticks out to me are his fundamentals as a quarterback. His eyes are always up field, both as a passer and a runner, and his footwork is impressive. He can cut on a dime, throw on the run or just outrun a defender through the gap and into the second level. As you can probably tell, I think very highly of Smith.  Not just as a quarterback, but as an all-around football player.

One glimpse @ the 1# 2022 top QB


Name : Chad Mascoe Jr.

Height & Weight : 6”0-175

Team : Thomasville Middle/ CFAA mustangs



There’s no denying that Mascoe does have the measurables you are looking for in your starting quarterback as a 7th grader who is playing with the 8thy graders. Mascoe has the patience of a seasoned vet incredible quickness and an ability to accelerate that is impressive. He’s got elite athleticism. Mascoe looks more like a 5 star running back than a quarterback whenever he tucks the ball and runs. He’s dangerous whenever he gets into the open field. I was extremely impressed by Mascoe presence in the pocket as well. He’s patient and does a good job of going through his progressions. When there is pressure, he isn’t always looking to run like you would assume with someone who is as athletic as he is. His eyes are always downfield and he is looking to buy time to make a play through the air first. His arm strength can best be described as a cannon he can sling it with the best of them regardless of class.  He can fit the ball in accurately on the run or in the pocket, Chad shows the poise & discipline of someone twice his age. His leadership qualities are impeccable along with the ability to always keep himself composed in pressure situations. Chad Mascoe is the number 1# prospect in his class, because no matter if the kids were older he was always the best player on the field bar none.

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